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Down The Drain

In the past two weeks our President was laughed out of the NATO summit, while back in Washington witness after witness testified courageously to the tawdry scheme of intimidation and bribery he foisted upon a vulnerable ally solely for his personal electoral advantage.   Now, as the House of Representatives moves forward with the solemn task of adopting articles of impeachment, President Trump has in fact spoken out about the national crisis –- wait for it -- that is our toilets.   Yes, the President, it seems, believes we must flush 10 to 15 times to get the job done, a situation, he assures us, is being looked into for a possible roll-back of water conservation standards that have been in effect for decades.  No surprise from an administration that has already eliminated more than 85 environmental regulations and withdrawn our country from the Paris Accord, but then, perhaps even President Trump is coming to grips with the fact that despite his best efforts, it is actually difficult to get our democracy, the rule of law, the Constitution and truth itself all down the drain in just one flush. 

Impeachment Rally

The impeachment vote is coming. As soon as that date is announced, ICNY will join the nation-wide movement of impeachment rallies coordinated by Move On. We will be congregating in front of Rep. Antonio Delgado’s office at 420 Warren Street in Hudson.


A Special Update will be released with more information as soon as the date is announced. 

You can find a Rally closer to you, or sign up for more information  HERE.
Does Anyone Honestly
Need More Stuff?

Why not forego this holiday’s overindulgence in gimmicky electronics, extraneous kitchen paraphernalia, and, of course, the dreaded fruitcake and make at least one of your gifts be a donation to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight? Designed to promote fair elections locally, regionally, and nationally, Fair Fight will play a crucial role in determining how 2020 turns out. You can donate here.


ICNY Events

Postcards to Voters
The ICNY Postcard to Voters team will meet on the regular schedule, Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 - 4:00 at the CCDC HQ, 3 Railroad Avenue, Chatham.

Want to write postcards from home?  Go to the Postcards to Voters main site for more information.  The effort consists of over 61,000 volunteers in every state, and have written over 4 million postcards to voters in 177 key, targeted elections.  

Our own team of 30 volunteers (thanks to each of you!) has sent out over 1200 postcards to date!

Helpful (and appreciated) tip: Bring some pre-stamped postcards (available at the post office) along with you. 

Contact us at IndivisibleColumbiaNY@gmail if you have an event you think the community should be aware of.

Information about community events is provided as a service to our readers. This should not be construed as endorsement of any event, organization, or political candidate and was not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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Columbia County Board of Elections.  Download an application for an absentee ballot or voter registration here.

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