December 3, 2020
And now Georgia
... with thanks to Adelia Moore

Get in the mood with this video of Ray Charles singing Georgia on my Mind. Then down to business.  

A. Donation opportunities: 

DONATE and attend these events (for registration and GOTV)

1. will host both candidates, Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, for a no-mininum Zoom fundraiser on Thursday, December 3rd at 8PM.   RSVP and donate here.

2. A Magic Show fundraiser on December 6 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET:   Email to sign up for the show. Indicate that you donated jointly to Ossoff and Warnock, which you can do HERE

3. The New Georgia Project is a nonpartisan voter engagement project focusing on registration of voters of color, unmarried women and voters under 30. Donate here

4. Field Team 6 also focuses on voter registration. In Georgia, 23,000 young people who were not old enough to vote in the recent presidential election will come of voting age by election day. Donate here.

5. Reclaim Our Vote is another non-partisan group that works against voter suppression, largely in the south. They run phone banks and postcard writing efforts to ensure that potential voters have the information they need to exercise their right to vote. Donate here

 6. Walk the Walk collaborates with the Movement Voter Project to identify grassroots organizations which register, organize, and turn out voters of color and younger voters. They are seeking to raise $400,000 for the Georgia runoff.

B. Volunteer with the Candidates Campaigns

C.  Volunteer With Organizations

Volunteer for Registration until Dec. 7, and then GOTV until January 5th.

1.  New Georgia Project (see above) 

Here are the links: 
If you want to send text messages, go HERE
If you want to make calls, go HERE
And if you want to come to Georgia, be ready to work hard, go HERE

2. Volunteer with Reclaim Our Vote  (see above).

3. Volunteer with People's Action.  Like Changing the Conversation Together is a deep canvassing group that uses longer, more personal conversations with voters than the typical phone bank. They have trainings and phonebanks several evenings a week. Training is thorough and phonebanks include an ongoing zoom call for support and debriefing afterward.

4. For Spanish phonebanking volunteer with Galeo (Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials)  

5. I'm sure many of you will continue to WRITE POSTCARDS OR LETTERS.  ICNY's Tobby Cassuto and Valerie Wallin have been coordinating this activity all year.  Contact them if you would like to help.
Columbia County Police Reform

100 Women Making a Difference
Nominations Open for 100 Women Making a Difference in Columbia County 

How Many Amazing Women Do YOU Know Who Have Made a Difference?

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote at the federal level, the Columbia County Women’s Alliance would like to acknowledge and celebrate 100 Women Making a Difference in Columbia County.  

Nominees should reside in Columbia County, include women across all generations, and areas of expertise, be it a grandmother raising her grandchildren or a woman at the top of her field.  These women impact our community through their passion, their foresight, their bravery, and their simple determination to make life better for their families and their neighbors.

Nominations begin on November 30, 2020 and end on December 14, 2020.  Honorees will be announced on December 18, 2020.  This is the link for nominations:

The CCWA aims to be a countywide, non-partisan, diverse, and collaborative alliance of women and community organizations committed to a just, humane, and equitable society, working to elect women to positions of power, and supporting alliance members in their work for social justice.


Who's Afraid of The Truth
This sure looks like art to us. The town board of Kinderhook, however, disagrees. Everyone's a critic these days and Kinderhook officials argue that these words are a "sign" not an artwork; they want Nick Cave's piece removed.  Might the artist's chosen words have something to do with this kerfuffle? Nick Cave says he intended the work to provoke conversation about racism and politics: "It's about admitting the truth that one might otherwise lie about.”

We know what Cave is talking about. And we stand with gallerist Jack Shaiman and Cave who are refusing to take the piece down until January 31st, the slated end of the show.  
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