August 31, 2020
Countdown to Election Day 2020

In this issue:
  • Malcolm Nance joins a Special Zoom Event
  • Team Delgado - Weekend of Action
  • Columbia County Democratic Committee - Blue Wave Virtual Brunch
  • VOTING - What's new
  • ICNY Billboard
So now we know

So now we know.  Not that it was much of a surprise.  The only question that remained regarding  Trump's racism was how far he would go in wielding it as a weapon for his re-election.   We have already been told that the tens of thousands of demonstrators across the country, peacefully protesting against police abuse and proclaiming that black lives matter, are "thugs" and "anarchists."  But now we are being told that the white-supremist self-styled militias, the vigilantes armed with assault weapons, and the camouflaged troops in unmarked cars are patriots, defenders of "law and order," and nothing short of heros. 

There is of course no excuse for the looting, burning and destruction at some of the protests this summer, but evidence continues to emerge of far-right activisits flocking to the scenes of demonstrations, often supported if not enabled by the police, for the sole purpose of inciting this very upheaval -- and not incidentally, for generating made-for-television footage of frightening turbulence.  Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, brandishing his illegal assault weapon, was one of them, traveling from his home in Illinois to the streets of Kenosha, with tragic results.  Vice President Biden said this week that President Trump, by "pouring gasoline on racial flames" is fomenting the chaos and cheering on the violent protests to benefit himself politically.  Now, who could ever imagine such a thing?? 

From the "good people on both sides" in Charlottesville, to the provocations that dominate his rallies -- one of which was recently attended by Kyle Rittenhouse -- to the stage of the Republican convention which honored and gave voice to the gun-toting couple from St. Louis, it is yet again abundantly clear that Donald Trump has neither concern nor care for our citizens, is prepared to do whatever it takes to remain in power, and intends to use BLM as a springboard to prevail in November.  We cannot let this happen.  We cannot abide his destroying of our once-proud nation.  We must do everything within our power over the next two months to banish this national nightmare from our collective memory.  Don't agonize.  Organize!
Presents a Special Zoom Event

September 2nd 7:30pm


We are pleased and honored to present the nationally recognized MSNBC commentator on terrorism, intelligence, insurgency, and torture.   He is a former United States Navy senior chief petty officer specializing in naval cryptology. Nance is author of The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West (2018) and The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It. (2019). A question-and-answer period will be included.

Join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 853 1416 4027
Passcode: 082630

Or dial in: 929 205 6099

We also appreciate an RSVP to
Join the Delgado Campaign to celebrate Labor Day with a 
Weekend of Action! 

All across NY-19, we'll be mobilizing volunteers to call Democrats and supporters and give them crucial information to request their absentee ballots and vote safely in November!
CLICK HERE to sign up!!!

We'll join the phone bank through Zoom on our computers and make calls using our phones.

All volunteers will have the necessary resource guide and conversation script available as they make calls, and we can answer more questions during our Zoom meeting. For those who are new to phone banking or to phone banking virtually, we will make sure to walk you through the process step by step!

The Columbia County Democratic Committee
cordially invites you to the


Blue Wave Virtual Brunch

with host
 Julianna Margulies

and special guest
Rep. Antonio Delgado
“In my lifetime, I’ve never known a moment when the possibility of real change lay so close, and the peril of falling short felt so dire. Now is the time for everyone to come off the sidelines. Antonio is a dear friend and an embodiment of the pragmatic and inclusive leadership we need to mend our divisions. I’m excited by this opportunity to support candidates like him across Columbia County.”
- Julianna Margulies

Join fellow Democrats at their premiere fundraising event. Money raised directly supports our Democratic candidates and Get Out the Vote efforts.
November 2020 will be the most important election of our lifetime, and we must do all that we can to ensure a Blue Wave all the way up to the White House.
Blue Wave Virtual Brunch
Saturday, September 12
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Event tickets can be purchased online at
Columbia Blue Sponsor - $5,000*
Midnight Blue Sponsor $2,500*
Sapphire Blue Sponsor - $1,000*
Ocean Blue Sponsor - $750*
Turquoise Blue Sponsor - $500*
Aqua Blue Ticket - $250
Sky Blue Ticket - $125
True Blue Ticket - $50**

* Host Committee - Name(s) listed in future invitations and event program
** Young Dems
To pay by check, please respond to and mail the RSVP form to Columbia County Democratic Committee, PO Box 507, Ghent, NY 12075. You can download the RSVP form at
All attendees and guests must be registered in advance. Logon credentials will be emailed to ticket holders closer to the event.
For more information, please contact Claire Ackerman at
The Latest Updates

The Governor signed a bill that allows anyone to to get an absentee ballot based on fear of Covid by checking “Temporary Illness” as their reason in the absentee ballot application. Click HERE for the application. Do not delay!  When you get your absentee ballot, complete, and return it to your Board of Election as soon as possible. In addition to mailing it, you can also hand deliver it, or elect to have someone else hand deliver it, to your Board of Elections.


If you have any questions, call your local Board of Election. Columbia County residents can call 518-828-3115.


Even though we applaud the new laws making it easier to vote by absentee ballot, we strongly urge voters to take advantage of EARLY VOTING if you can do so. Early voting is from Saturday October 24 – Sunday November 3. In Columbia County early voting is at 401 State Street, Hudson, NY

  • Early voting tends to be less crowded than Election Day.
  • Early voting sites are open at different times to make voting easier for your schedule
  • Absentee ballots might be rejected due to a completion error.
  • Partisan battles over ballots can delay election results especially if the election is close

When voting in person, you should bring your own PPE, but PPE will also be available on site. Mask-wearing is mandatory and poll workers and voters will abide by social distancing regulations.

If you have any questions, call your local Board of Election. Columbia County residents can call 518-828-3115. 

If you do not live in Columbia County, call your local Board of Elections and ask them about their plan to keep people safe at the polling sites.


You are also welcome to vote on Election Day, November 3 at your usual polling site.
ICNY Billboard
IndivisibleColumbiaNY has designed and will display this billboard beginning in late September through the election.  If you'd like to support this effort contact
Tom Toles @ The Washington Post 2020
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