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When Chubby Checker recorded “The Limbo Rock” in 1987, the refrain repeatedly asked, “How loooow can you go?”  Republicans who consistently contort to the dictates of our crooked president – or fail to speak out even in the face of egregious assaults on our values and our institutions – provide our answer.   Silence when our President, who for more than two years ballyhooed his assertion of “no collusion,” blithely welcomed the prospect of foreign intervention into our elections?  No comment as the White House stonewalls legitimate congressional inquiry with sweeping and baseless claims of “absolute immunity?”  Nothing at all when our foreign policy is forged on Twitter and brings us to the brink of war -- or when the Senate Majority leader delightedly dubs himself “the Grim Reaper” and rules over the Senate as a “graveyard?”  And where is the outrage when a Justice Department attorney argues in federal court that detained children are not entitled to soap, toothbrushes, or even beds??   Just when we thought they could not stoop any further, we find the GOP hitting rock bottom, consistently dancing in Trumpian lockstep.  But with the polls showing their vulnerability and a long list of our qualified candidates waiting in the wings, the day is fast approaching when – at long last – our nation will be able to change the music. 
Legislator Watch

It was former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill who famously observed that all politics is local.  Whether in the face of recent abortion legislation, voter suppression, or gerrymandering, we have learned that lesson the hard way.  In the belief that renewed focus on the record of those representing us in Albany is essential to an informed electorate – and to insure that we act on that information in the voting booth – the ICNY Newsletter introduces Legislator Watch, tracking legislation of significance and votes cast by our State Senator and Assembly representatives. 
New York State Assembly
6/13 – A 2371 –
Requires documentation of various immunization for students as a precondition to school admission and prohibits any exemption from vaccinations based on religious-based objections. 
JAKE ASHBY (NY 107- Republican) voted NO
DIDI BARRETT (NY 106 – Democrat) voted YES
New York State Senate
DAPHNE JORDAN (District 43 – Republican)
6/11 – S 1637 –

Prohibits the possession of certain flamethrowers, with exceptions for various agricultural and construction uses
6/13 – A 2371
Companion to Assembly Bill requiring vaccinations and prohibiting religious-based exemptions
By Dutch artist Rob Jacobs, posted on Facebook

ICNY Events

ANNOUNCEMENT: The ICNY Book Club read of ONE PERSON, NO VOTE, scheduled for July 11th, will be moved to September due to the hectic summer schedule and the fact that a number of our book club participants are continuing to read the Mueller Report. We will be back to you with a September date shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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Adult Activism Summer Camp
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Where: High Falls, NY

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