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Isn’t This a Time?
"There is nothing certain but the uncertain,goes the old proverb. A pandemic may be waiting in the wings, thanks to COVID-19 (a.k.a ‘caronavirus’ to our Fearless Leader). Should we stockpile canned beans and face masks? Must we cancel our vacations? And what about the stock market? Do we buy or sell? And will this weekend’s resurgence of Joe Biden presage a brokered convention, such as we have not seen since 1984, when Walter Mondale came to San Francisco 40 delegates short of securing the nomination? On the other hand, perhaps COVID-19 will mean the end of Trump’s rallies, for even his loyalists may avoid public gatherings. And if Trump continues to try to gaslight the American people about something as monumental as a pandemic, it might even mean the end of him. So, let’s all remember to wash our hands frequently (at least 20 seconds’ worth; sing two full choruses of ‘Happy Birthday’ while you lather up) and do something to advance the cause of democracy. This too shall pass.
“Take Action. Any action. It's not big things that will save us. It's persistent small actions carried out by one individual, and another, and another and another across the nation.”

Walter Shaub, the former Director of Office of Government Ethics
Congressman Delgado's Claverack Town Hall
NY19 Congressman Delgado held a town meeting in Claverack on 2/22/20.  The building was filled to capacity, standing room only, which proves that Town Meetings are working!

The diverse audience was supportive; there was plenty of approval clapping & head bobbing.

Mr. Delgado was articulate, well-informed, and listened attentively.  

Topics included farming, community colleges, electoral college, clean water, EPA regulations, health care, opioids, vaccines, bail reform, technology, & social media.  There was a small, respectful group of anti-vaccination folks with signs.

One hour wasn’t enough time to get to all the people who had their hands raised.

Overheard:  “Well, if I can’t march in D.C., at least I know I can clamor at home.”
From Indivisible National


This is our life on offense. We remind the House Democrats to use their power. Indivisible has new resources for you to share with your groups regarding the coronavirus and strategic asks of your Representativess and Senators.


What to tell your Member of Congress to do about Coronovirus

House Representative Call Script 

Senate Call Script
Meeting with Senator Schumer
Columbia County Votes
A group of local activists including our own Columbia County Votes met with Senator Schumer recently.  He spoke about his three near-term priorities: climate change, income and wealth inequality, and protecting democracy (Citizens United and Electoral College). He listed his priorities in flipping Senate seats:

Theresa Greenfield v. Joni Ernst in IOWA
Raphael Warnock v. Kelly Loeffler in GEORGIA
Cal Cunningham v. Thom Tillis in NORTH CAROLINA
Barbara Bollier v. (maybe) Chris Koback in KANSAS
Mark Kelly v. Martha McSally in ARIZONA
Sara Gideon v. Susan Collins in MAINE
MJ Hegar v. John Cornyn in TEXAS
Amy McGrath v. Mitch McConnell in KENTUCKY
John Hickenlooper v. Cory Gardner in COLORADO
Jaime Harrison v. Lindsey Graham in SOUTH CAROLINA
Steve Bullock is also being courted to run in MONTANA 

Senator Schumer asked that we activists do whatever we can for any of these candidates: send money, help with mailings, and whatever else.  He suggested that we select states where we know people and contact them to ask that they vote for the Democrat and that, in turn, they each contact ten people to ask them to join in voting for Democrats. If they seem interested, ask them to be active in getting out the vote.
The concern was raised as to whether candidates who did not win the primary would support the eventual candidate.  The Senator said that his leadership committee of ten senators has been working on this already and he believes all candidates will work together to support the primary winner.  
Chatham Dems Chili Fest

ICNY Events

Postcards to Voters
The ICNY Postcard to Voters team continues its work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2-4 pm 
at the CCDC HQ, 3 Railroad Avenue, Chatham.

Want to write postcards from home?  Go to the Postcards to Voters main site for more information.  The effort consists of over 61,000 volunteers in every state, and have written over
4 million postcards to voters in 177 key, targeted elections.  

Our own team of 30 volunteers (thanks to each of you!) has sent out thousands and thousands* of postcards to date!

*We can't keep up, but it's over 3600
Community Events

Chatham Dems Chili Fest
When: Tuesday, March 24. 6-9pm
Where: Chatham Brewing, 59 Main St. Chatham

Join the 15th Annual Chili Fest.  Support the local Dems and the Chatham Area Food Pantry.  (see flyer above)

Blue Wave Brunch
Special Guest Representative Antonio Delgado
When: Saturday, May 2nd from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Helsinki Hudson, 405 Columbia Street

Help support our democratic candidates.
Hosted by Columbia County Democratic Committee


Contact us at IndivisibleColumbiaNY@gmail if you have an event you think the community should be aware of.

Information about community events is provided as a service to our readers. This should not be construed as endorsement of any event, organization, or political candidate and was not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
Internet Meme
By Drew Sheneman, The Star-Ledger

Columbia County Board of Elections.  Download an application for an absentee ballot or voter registration here.

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