July 7, 2020
Countdown to Election Day 2020

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

D’ja notice how whenever our president is met with stories that are bad for him, his MO is to invariably cry “hoax?”   Russian interference in our 2016 election?  A “hoax” – “no collusion!” – even though the Mueller report found significant evidence of obstruction of justice that garnered 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas and 5 prison sentences.  Stormy Daniels’ allegation of being paid off to conceal his adultery with the porn star?  A “political hoax,” despite his former lawyer’s conviction and the indictment of unnamed “Individual One” by the SDNY.  The entire impeachment inquiry?   A “complete hoax,” even though his attempt to blackmail Ukraine into launching an investigation into his political rival was overwhelmingly established in sworn testimony and documentary evidence.   Video of his faltering walk down the ramp at West Point?    “A media hoax.“  Climate change?  A “Chinese hoax.”  Bad poll numbers?  A Fox News “hoax,” for crying out loud. 

Even the coronavirus, ignored for months to our national peril, was “the Democrats’ latest hoax” – a “hoax” that has cost some 130,000 deaths, upended the economy, forced Republicans into retreat and left the US a pariah on the international stage, our citizens barred from entry into Europe because the pandemic is spiraling out of control in our nation. 

And now we have the shocking story of Russia paying bounties to the Taliban for the murder of American troops, a story that was significant enough to have been included months ago in the daily presidential briefing document, been the subject of high-level discussions within the National Security Council, and shared with the British.  It is a story serious enough for the White House to call in members of Congress and for a bipartisan call for further information.  And Trump’s response?  “Just another hoax!” was his tweet, which puts our president right in lockstep with the Taliban and the Russians, the only others offering complete denials.   Perhaps, as the details emerge, we will be told that the president was actually only joking, as he was about Clorox or when he called on Russia to find the emails or when he was caught on tape on Access Hollywood.  Or that “briefing” only means face-to-face and he meets with so many people that he cannot possibly recall them, like, say, Giuliani’s pals Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, despite the many photos of them together at Mar-A-Lago.   After 3 ½ long years, it is clear that our “reality television” president has no grip on reality whatsoever.  Well, guess what?  Reality is going to come crashing down on him, like a veritable blue wave, on November 3rd, -- and that is no hoax! 
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Criminal Justice:
How will CD-19 Respond to the National Conversation

Wednesday July 15 , 7:30pm
Cheryl Roberts - Cheryl Roberts is Executive Director of the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice. She also serves as the Corporation Council to the city of Hudson and is the first woman to hold this position. Roberts was a former town judge in Columbia County.

Bill Hughes - Bill Hughes is the former 4th Ward Supervisor of Hudson. He was a City Council member for four years, serving as Minority Leader for part of that term. He was also a member of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors for ten years, where he also served a Minority Leader for six of those years. He has been working with the New York State Democratic Committee since 2010.

Peter Volkman - Peter Volkmann, MSW, the Chatham Police Chief, is a nationally recognized crisis interventionist and trainer for rescue departments, government municipalities, schools, and corporate organizations around the United States who have experienced traumatic events. He also developed the “Chatham Cares 4 U” (CC4U) Initiative, in which any person can request help for opioid addiction and a treatment bed will be arranged with transportation. He has received the 2018 Police Assisted and Recovery Initiative (PAARI) Leadership Award for his work with CC4U.

There will be an ample Q & A period for this event, which is scheduled to last for 1 hour.

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Topic: Criminal Justice on CD-19
Time: Jul 15, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 818 1899 8917
Password: 082630

Joe Biden for President
Volunteer Leadership Team

The official Volunteer Leadership Team for the Joe Biden for President campaign in New York State, organized by the campaign, has written a letter to the Columbia County Democrats about their efforts and need for volunteers. Click here to read the letter. 

To learn more about Joe Biden's campaign and to make a donation, visit his website at


What is CCRP’s Election Direction?

The Coalition of Capital Region Progressive's Election Direction is a new easy-to-access website designed to help connect people and volunteers to political campaigns - and to maximize our goals on election night:

  • Elect Joe Biden President
  • Maintain a Democratic Majority in the House
  • Flip the Senate BLUE
  • Expand Democratic Leadership in NY

Volunteer actions are posted by candidate and by type of event: fundraising, canvassing, letter/postcard writing and phone/text banking.

What can Election Direction do to help you?

You'll find a centralized resource to help you:

Candidate Directory

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Visit now and take a look - Election Direction

Note: Candidates are still being added, and candidates in primaries will not be added until the primary is over.


The Coalition of Capital Region Progressives is a volunteer, grassroots association of progressive activist groups in Upstate New York.  Leaders and representatives from these groups meet regularly to learn about current issues, governmental actions and candidates for office; and to support, plan and execute activities of mutual interest to foster community participation and impact. IndivisibleColumbiaNY is a member of CCRP.

We hope our efforts promote a fairer, kinder and healthier America.

When: Saturday and Sunday, July 25 & 26; multiple times available
Where: Virtual Event, Join from Anywhere. Hosted from Kingston.

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About this event

Join us to celebrate 100 days from Election Day with a Weekend of Action! All across NY-19, we'll be mobilizing volunteers to call voters and get the word out about this crucial election!

If possible, please join the Zoom meeting using your computer and have your phone to make calls. You do not need to download Zoom or make a Zoom account to participate, although you can.

All volunteers will have the necessary resource guide and conversation script available as they make calls, and we can answer more questions about that during our Zoom meeting. For those who are new to phone banking or to phone banking virtually, we will make sure to walk you through the process step by step!
Scott Stantis - Chicago Tribune and Counterpoint

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