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What is Samadhi?


In our yoga studies we know it’s the 8th limb of the eight limb path and the culmination of meditation. I have heard it described as an ecstatic union, a merging into oneness. A state where our individual awareness dissolves into the great whole. I have also heard it described as bliss or enlightenment. B.K.S. Iyengar goes on to say Samadhi cannot be described and if we think we have experienced it and can describe it, it is not Samadhi, as this state can not be explained by words (Light on Life).


How mysterious, no? Yet as yogis we are on this path with the resolution to stay in practice to achieve these higher states of consciousness, which we often don’t understand very well at all. 

In this 25hr module we will go deep into the understanding of the Yoga Sutras definition of Samadhi and the different levels of Samadhi that may be available to the yogi with consistent practice, over a long period of time, and in all earnest (Yoga Sutra 1.14.)


We will have time for extended practice of Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana, alongside learning the theory and philosophy behind these upper limbs of the eight limb path. We will look much closer at Books 3 & 4 of the Yoga Sutras, these more esoteric chapters will be broken down and explained by Shanna Small, who has been studying the Sutras for over 20 years.

We will ask the question and explore the answers to:

  • Is Samadhi available in this life, as opposed to death, Jiva Mukta, liberation in this life?

  • Can Samadhi be experienced in our everyday lives through the practice of Vipassana Meditation?

  • Can this mindful moment to moment experience of the senses that brings us to the “NOW” present moment also bring us into Bliss?


We will have extended time to practice this type of concentration and meditation with Brian Stahine, who has more than 10 years experience living Vipassana as a lifestyle. We will also explore a more classical approach to concentration and meditation as described by the Yoga Sutras. 

Finally intermixed into our time together, the theory and experience of sound, delivered by the one and only Austin Shook, a mystical musician who has made sound his modality of healing. We will be deepening our relationship with sound and learning how it influences our lives on a daily basis.


Some of the facets of sound that we will be integrating into this teacher training are:

  • What is sound?

  • What is silence?

  • The power of the sound of Om

  • Sound and Music

  • How can sound be healing?

  • How can sound be harmful?

  • Different types of sound/instruments

  • Measurements of sound and Vibration - frequency and hz

  • The art of listening/receiving

  • The honesty of sound

There will many opportunities to experience sound healing so you can explore everything we learn directly.

Additionally we have a special guest demonstrating water cymatics (Geometries that exist within sound) live for you all!


Victoria Martinez

Austin Shook

Shanna Small

Brian Strahine


$375 Drive in for class time only

$450 Stay at Casa Chakra Flow for the weekend,

modest & comfortable accommodations provided


Friday May 21 4-8pm

Saturday May 22 8am - 6pm

Saturday May 22 7pm

***Optional Tribe dinner at Oh My Soul with Live Music

Sunday May 23 8am -6pm

Sunday May 23 7pm

***Optional Potluck and Kirtan at Casa Chakra Flow 



Casa Chakra Flow

4304 Bowline Drive

Charlotte, NC 28269

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Greg Nardi, Anisha Durve, Kim Colletti, Shanna Small,
Nzingah Oniwosan, Amanda Palermo, Elaine Gallagher
Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide 300 hr Teacher Training

This 300 hr training will guide those who wanted to deepen their practice and teaching skills. It is geared towards experienced practitioners and yoga professionals and has an eye towards standards that support the forward growth of yoga as a profession. The training focuses on a student centered approach to Ashtanga Yoga.  You will have the option to meet online or in-person for some of the sessions.

You will learn:

Ashtanga Yoga Techniques and Practice



APAF Practice and Teaching Methodology

Equity, Consent, and Power Dynamics for Yoga Teachers

Yogic Models of Wellness as an Assessment tool


Yoga subtle Anatomy

Foundational Yoga Cikitsa

Understanding asana through Physiology and Biomechanics

The Practitioners Guide to the History of Yoga Philosophy

Yoganatomy 300 hr Anatomy of Yoga Course

Teacher trainees can expect a depth of experience that will give them confidence to pursue a specialization in ashtanga yoga. They will be provided support from teachers who are knowledgeable and recognized for their expertise. All trainees can expect support from staff in meeting the course requirements. We will also provide forums for peer to peer support.

This training will also have a significant focus on yoga philosophy. We will present a historical and cultural survey of the development of yogic thought and practice through various ages. By showing a clear evolution of yoga, we intend to ground teachers in tradition while empowering them to innovate and support the future growth of yoga.


The course runs for 8 months and will include 16 weekends of live meetings  in a hybrid online/in-person format.  (All sessions will be available online for those who can't be physically present) plus approx 3 hours of video to watch in your own time to prepare for the online meetings. The first weekend meeting will be June 12/13, 2021 and meet on alternating weekends. The weekend Live online meetings will be recorded for those who can’t attend live. You will have access to your very own course dashboard to track your progress and access all course materials.

The cost of the program is $3700.

Early Bird registration before 5/15/21 is $3500

After you submit your application, you will be contacted to set up a phone interview. When you are accepted into the program a $500 dollar deposit will hold your spot. The full amount is due in order to begin your course work.

The application process will favor those who plan to become yoga professionals and there will be writing assignments and competency assessments throughout the training process.

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