New Blog Post: Performative Love

Excerpt: The fight for gender non-binary equality is not the same as equality for Black people. However, the inclination to dehumanize someone for the purpose of being able to treat them with hate is shared. In those commenters’ eyes, “They/Them” transformed a fragile White female, worthy of protection and mourning to someone for whom abuse was okay and expected. People want to believe that, if they lived during slavery or the holocaust, they would have been a part of the underground railroad that helped slaves escape or the network of people who hid Jews in their homes. However, if you can cut your love off that quickly and with that much hatred, you would have been a part of the problem and not the solution, exactly like you are now.

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New Virtual Yoga Philosophy Class!!!!
I am starting a Free Virtual Yoga Philosophy class on Wednesday at 6PM. Sign up via my calendar!
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Your body is an Ashtanga body and this practice can work for you! Learn how to make Ashtanga Accessible with this virtual yoga workshop.

About this Event

Making Ashtanga Accessible - Virtual Weekend Intensive $130 for all or $50 per session.  Need-Based discount available upon request.

Prereq: Familiarity w/ Ashtanga Primary Series required. No memorization needed. Suggested Supplies: Armless chair (folding or kitchen table chair), two blankets, 2 Blocks, strap, access to a wall, yoga mat

Please set yourself up in a well lit area, preferably where your whole body can be seen from standing or sitting

Your body is an Ashtanga body and this practice can work for you and every one of your students. This workshop goes beyond blocks and straps and into the realm of adaptability and possibility. It is for:

- Anyone who wants to learn how to make Ashtanga work for their body

- Teachers or students who want more knowledge on working with older bodies, limited mobility, bodies that cannot get up and down from the floor and bigger bodies

- Teachers who want more tools for teaching a true All Levels Ashtanga class for all bodies

- Students who want to learn how to flow with a group with their unique bodies


Friday: 9:30AM-11:30AM Using the Chair and Wall for Accessibility 

Learn how to use a wall or chair to make the practice stable and safe.


Saturday: 9:30AM-11:30AM Drop It Low

Learn how to practice or help your Ashtanga students when getting up and down from the floor is a challenge and mobility is restricted.


Sunday 9:30AM-11:30AM All Bodies Can Flow

You can still flow in a Led Ashtanga class even when you need to flow different. We will look at variations that can be integrated into a Led Ashtanga class without losing the flow.

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New Led 1/2 Primary Class at MLC starting July 10

I will be teaching a weekly Virtual Led Ashtanga Yoga 1/2 Primary Series class at Miami Life Center.  This class will be using the traditional count. 

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60 min Mysore Private
$35, Pick your time

This is great for people who want one on one attention and those new to a Mysore style practice. I will help you with your practice, point out the blind spots and teach you new tricks and techniques.

If you currently have a practice that is longer than 60 min, feel free to start your practice before you log on and then we will begin the private in the place where you need help.

You can share this private with someone in your home. however, you will only have one link so you both must practice in the same room using the same device.

Yoga Philosophy Private
$35 Pick Your Time

Take a deep dive into the Yoga sutras. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes how to be successful on the yogic path. After each session, you will leave with a new technique to apply to your life based on the Yoga Sutras

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