Turning Failure Into Compassion



Sometimes, I feel failure when my practice does not look the way I want it.  From the first to the last samastitihi, I want stability and ease in each asana. I want audible breath and a feeling of reassuring improvement. When my practice does not go the way I want it, I feel anger and judgment towards myself and inevitably towards others. It took me a while to realize that dialing my practice down and lessening the pressure I put on myself to be perfect, creates space for friends and trips, exciting new work experiences, and compassion. 

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Ashtanga Yoga is the original Vinyasa Yoga. If you understand Ashtanga, you can easily understand all other forms of Vinyasa, Rocket Yoga and Power Yoga. Ashtanga is an 8 limbed method designed to physically and mentally cleanse the body and nervous system and prepare the practitioner to powerfully face what the world has to offer. Ashtanga’s physicality is matched by the power of its philosophy. This weekend is a journey that will give you a complete yoga practice that can be molded to match every phase of your life.

Ashtanga: Primary Series Immersion
April 17-19, 2020


  • 8 Limbed System of Ashtanga Yoga

  • Tristana Method

  • Daily Ashtanga Primary Series Practice

  • Break Down of Primary Series Poses

  • Sanskrit counting method

  • Ashtanga Assisting


Friday, April 17th 8am-6pm

Saturday, April 18th 8am-6pm

Sunday, April 19th 8am-6pm

$350 early bird: register by March 1, 2020
$425 after March 1, 2020


Ashtanga: Second/Intermediate Series Immersion

September 11-13, 2020

Ashtanga Second/Intermediate series is all about the nervous system. Our nervous system regulates how we respond to stress and trauma. Unresolved trauma shows up in the body as sickness and tightness and in the mind as anxiety, fear, anger and sadness.   Over time and when done safely, Intermediate series helps to release “stuckness" in the tissues the mind and around the heart. ​


  • Daily Ashtanga Second Series Practice

  • Detailed breakdown of the poses of Second Series

  • Study of the Kleshas, the 4 Attitudes and other obstacles on the Yogic path from the Yoga Sutras

  • Second Series Assists and Adjustments


Prerequisite: Experience practicing Ashtanga Primary Series


Friday, September 11th 8am-6pm

Saturday, September 12th 8am-6pm

Sunday, September 13th 8am-6pm

$350 early bird: register by July 1, 2020
$425 after July 1, 2020


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