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Excerpt: I have a message for you. Love, promise yourself that in 2021, you won’t let people treat you as their second string, fall back, c list celebrity. Don’t treat people like a forethought when they treat you like an afterthought. If they are not giddy with excitement when they talk about you, don’t deal with them! Your name on their lips should be like a child talking about Christmas; wonderous, joyful and full of anticipation.

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BIPOC Yoga Studies Program &  200HR Teacher Training

BIPOC Teachers for BIPOC Students


Study Yoga with BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) teachers who celebrate and uplift the unique voices and perspectives of BIPOC people. Progress on the yoga journey requires honesty, deep listening, and an open heart. This only happens when we are in an environment where others understand us and we can freely be ourselves. Most yoga studios and yoga training centers around the “White” experience. Taking these trainings leaves many BIPOC folks feeling alone, misunderstood, and constantly having to explain their point of view.  Many BIPOC people, “code-switch” during their training, change their behavior to make White people feel more comfortable. Your teachers at Chakra Flow University understand how tiring, stressful, and toxic these environments can be so we created a space just for us.  


Whether your goal is to become a certified yoga teacher or a well-versed yogi, Chakra Flow University will give you the tools to take the next step on your yoga journey.  Take a deep dive into yoga poses, philosophies and practices. This program is virtual but not pre-recorded. Your teachers will be with you live and you will be assigned mentors and homework buddies to lock arms with you during this sacred journey. Your teachers will be available for private sessions and mentorship during and after the program.  


This 200-hour training program is registered by Yoga Alliance and meets or exceeds Yoga Alliance standards. It will prepare participants to instruct classes typically offered to the general adult population. The full program must be completed in order to receive your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Students who complete this training will be eligible to register as RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.



Accessibility goes beyond using a block and strap. Tips for bigger bodies, older bodies, creative transitions, variations for shoulder injuries & more. Learn how to work with your own body and make Ashtanga accessible for your students. 
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I designed this program to help BIPOC teachers thrive in the current yoga environment.  Every day, I hear from BIPOC teachers who feel that their yoga teacher training programs did not provide them with the information they needed to be successful yoga teachers. This offering will fill in the gaps.  Each pillar lasts for 6 weeks and is conducted one on one with me via zoom. You can pick your own schedule! 

 I will provide a recording of each session for future study and a list of resources. Assignments will be given each week

This mentorship is not meant to replace a Yoga Teacher Training program or lineage-based learning. This program is for people who have already completed teacher training or instruction in their lineage on teaching.  

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