Yoga is Essential

This morning, my husband, read off the list of essential businesses that should stay open during the Shelter in Place order. Liquor stores was one of them and so was places of worship. Why? These places keep people from going crazy. So does Yoga. I have practiced Yoga for 20 years and can say that it has been the rock that got me through all my major setbacks, let downs, break downs, injuries and illnesses. I am not the only one. I know many people who, without hesitation, will say that Yoga is the reason they are alive. It is the reason they beat addiction and eating disorders. It is the reason they recovered from diseases that dispatched others to the afterlife. The science of Yoga is mentally, physically and spiritually essential…or at least as essential as a fifth of Henny or vodka on the rocks.

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True Community on Social Media

This is about making sure that your social media accounts are serving you. If everything in your feed is either educating you, entertaining you or building with you, you will love Instagram and FB because they are fun and positive spaces to hang out. You won’t feel as bad when you are on them a lot because you are learning, growing and building connection.

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Mysore Style Private Instruction

60 min, $35. Book at your convenience using the scheduling link below. 

Perfect for people who want help with specific segments of their practice, private instruction or who are just starting the practice.

Mysore Style Group Instruction

2 Hours. $10 per person. Tues & Thurs 7:30AM-9:30AM

Must already have a previous Mysore style practice. If you are new to Mysore, please sign up for a private first and then you can do this class.

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Ashtanga Yoga is the original Vinyasa Yoga. If you understand Ashtanga, you can easily understand all other forms of Vinyasa, Rocket Yoga and Power Yoga. Ashtanga is an 8 limbed method designed to physically and mentally cleanse the body and nervous system and prepare the practitioner to powerfully face what the world has to offer. Ashtanga’s physicality is matched by the power of its philosophy. This weekend is a journey that will give you a complete yoga practice that can be molded to match every phase of your life.

Ashtanga: Primary Series Immersion

September 11-13, 2020



  • 8 Limbed System of Ashtanga Yoga

  • Tristana Method

  • Daily Ashtanga Primary Series Practice

  • Break Down of Primary Series Poses

  • Sanskrit counting method

  • Ashtanga Assisting


Friday, September 11th 8am-6pm

Saturday, September 12th 8am-6pm

Sunday, September 13th 8am-6pm

$350 early bird: register by July 1, 2020
$425 after July 1, 2020


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