August news from the West Coast Fiction Festival committee!
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Hello dear readers,

There is now less than three months to go until we'll be meeting you all in person at the West Coast Fiction Festival.

Do you have your tickets? Your wishlist finalised? Your shirt? 

Keep for tips on the stuff you may want to think about to get the most out of your West Coast Fiction Festival experience.

We have another prize draw!

First, you need a ticket.

If you buy your ticket by 31 August 2018, you will go into the draw to win this fabulous book pack. Buy link at the bottom of this newsletter.

Already have a ticket? Your name is already in the (imaginary) barrel.

The competition is for VIP ticket holders and day pass holders, but if you are thinking about buying a VIP ticket you need to be quick. VIP tickets are strictly limited and there are less than 10 left. 
Plus, we have things for sale! Specifically, tops and a souvenir box.

You can order a specially made West Coast Fiction Festival book box from Book Nerd Fan Girl. Personalised for the event and personalised for you, then can be uniquely decorated by the authors on the day.

There is also still time to order a West Coast Fiction Festival shirts . With different styles, different colours and different slogans available you have the option of matching your friends or co-ordinating so you show off a selection of the range. 

Books! Books! Books!

And how you can get them. 

Dymocks have a pre-order form for various authors:  and will also have some stock available on the day.

The following indie and hybrid authors have their pre-order forms available!

Amy Andrews:
Athena Daniels:
Beth Prentice:
BJ Harvey:
Cathryn Hein:
CJ Duggan:
Claire Boston:
Demelza Carlton:
DL Gallie:
JA Low:
J.A. Collard:
Lili St Germain:
Kate Sterritt:
Kelly Rimmer:
Kylie Hillman:
KA Last:
KM Golland:
Lesley Jones:
Lily Malone:
Liz Lovelock:
Melissa Jane:
Michelle Diener:
Sasha Wasley:
Shona Husk:
Tania and Ricky Cooper:

Not sure if you need to pre-order? 

Hands up if you’re new to book signings and feeling a little (a lot) overwhelmed?
Don’t worry, we’ve all felt that way, so we thought we would share a few tips and tricks to help you out.

1) Pre-Orders: what are they, and do you have to do one?

Pre-orders help both you and the author. It helps the authors know how many copies of their books to bring along, as well as showing them if a particular series or book is more popular than others.

Do you have to do one? If you love a book/series and desperately need it on your shelf at home then pre-order it, this will mean that the book will be set aside for you and there’s no chance of you missing out.

If you don’t do a pre-order, but still want to buy a book on the day that’s cool too. However, be aware that because a lot of our authors are travelling from interstate, they’ve said they’ll have limited spare copies of their most recent titles, but not their older titles.

If you do plan to buy books on the day please bring cash, and if possible small notes.

2) Which authors are doing pre-orders?

Most (not all) pre-orders will be from our indie authors (these are the self-published authors that you won’t find in the bookstores/Big W/Kmart etc). Check out the links above, but it is also updated regularly on the Facebook in the readers' group under "announcements"

3) How do you do a pre-order?

It’s as easy as finding the document and clicking on the link of the author you’re interested in. Most of the forms are set out the same and they will ask for your name, email and PayPal email address (you might use the same email for PayPal as your normal email address, but still make sure you put the email in both places where it’s asked for). There’ll be a list of books which are available to be ordered, check the box of the book/s you want, push submit and you’re done!

The author will email you with either with a PayPal invoice or their bank details. If you receive a PayPal invoice all you have to do it hit “view and pay invoice”.

Most authors have indicated that they will be sending their invoices about 6 weeks prior to the event (so around mid-September), if you want to pay earlier or change a pre-order please make contact with the author, their email address should be on the form. Posting in the Facebook group, while easy doesn’t necessarily mean the author will see what you’ve written to them (even if you tag them), and we would hate for you to miss out on something, or think that you’re being ignored.

4) What if you already have a book by an author at home, can you bring it, or do you have to do a pre-order.

You can absolutely bring books from home.

If you have any other questions related to pre-orders please contact us and we will help you out. 

Speaking of social media ...

We are now cool enough to be on multiple platforms. You can join our reader group on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and more general information is found at our website. Lots of places to connect and chat to the organising committee, signing authors, and other readers. 

If you're a Facebook user, don't forget you can add a West Coast Fiction Festival frame to your profile picture (see below). Its not just for authors, we'd love to see readers sharing the love too. 

Fun fact: Different committee members are responsible for different social media accounts. So the social content is varied. (Facebook, this newsletter, and the website are the main sources of the Facts, but all our social media accounts are sources of Fun and we'd love you to be a part of it.)

We all have a few things in common though. We love books and we are passionate about supporting Share the Dignity which is why we all volunteered to be a part of this amazing event. We are also all lots of fun and totally amazing, but that is just a happy coincidence. Some of us might be more modest than others ... but they are not the ones in charge of the newsletter! 

... and speaking of awesome people ...

We are thrilled to announce some new signing authors.

We don't just have awesome readers, we have fabulous authors and we are thrilled to welcome Leah Ashton  and Beck Nicholas to the West Coast Fiction Festival family.

Beck Nicholas

Beck Nicholas Author always wanted to write. Since studying science at university, she’s worked as a lab assistant, a pizza delivery driver and a high school teacher, but she always pursued her first dream of creating stories. Now, she lives with her family near Adelaide, halfway between the city and the sea, and she’s lucky to spend her days (and nights) writing young adult fiction. Beck’s first book, Fake, was published in 2014. What I Saw was published in 2016 and Last Days of Us in Jan 2018 in Australia and as Remember The Fun in Germany in June.

When she’s not writing, Beck will most likely be found reading or watching sport (since participating is beyond her coordination levels). In the early morning, before the day of writing, kid wrangling and reading begins, she runs. When it’s just her and the road (and her protesting muscles) she lets the characters in her head share their problems and a story begins.

Find Beck at
on Facebook at Beck Nicholas Author and Twitter @BeckNicholas

Leah Ashton


RITA Award-winning author Leah Ashton writes fast-paced, sexy romantic suspense and smart, modern contemporary romance. All her books feature strong heroines, deliciously heroic heroes and swoon worthy happily ever afters.

Leah lives in Perth, Western Australia with her gorgeous police officer husband, two amazing daughters and the best intentions to meal plan and have an effortlessly tidy home. When she’s not writing, Leah loves all day breakfast, rambling conversations and laughing until she cries. She really hates cucumber. And scary movies.

As a special treat to WCFF attendees the first book in Leah's new romantic suspense series UNDAUNTED (WASP Team Book One) will be available exclusively to West Coast Fiction Festival attendees ahead of its official release in 2019. How awesome is that?!!

See her website at

And in parting ...

Just a few last words and a helpful checklist:
  • Remind your friends to buy tickets so they can join in the party (don't forget about the prize draw on 31 August 2018).
  • Order your books and merchandise.
  • Connect with us on social media.
  • Let us know if there are any questions you would like answered in the next newsletter? (There is no such thing as a silly question and if you email us no-one will know it is you.)
  • Remember that we're not just about books, we're also raising funds for Share the Dignity  and we will be accepting donations of pads and tampons on the day, so start collecting now!

Until next month, stay safe and happy reading.
Love from Tamara, Kathryn, Jennie, Anthea, Rachael, Sasha, Catherine and Tess - your West Coast Fiction Festival volunteer committee xx
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