86th Federalist Paper  2/2017
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The 86th Federalist Paper:
To the people of the State of New York ...

(the official newsletter of Move Forward New York - Powered by Citizens of the 19th Congressional District)
February, 2017

Editors: Glenn Geher and Amy Mosbacher

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In solidarity,
Glenn Geher, Amy Mosbacher and all of us at Move Forward New York

Welcome to the first edition of The 86th Federalist Paper.

                 If you actually retained what you learned in your US history class, then you know what the Federalist Papers were and how they helped shape the democracy that we are now fortunate to call home today. Largely under the leadership of Alexander Hamilton, the Federalist Papers were a series of anonymously presented essays printed in various newspapers. The Federalist Papers had the primary mission of describing key issues that surrounded the US Constitution and, with an eye toward helping to unify and mobilize our young nation. 85 such papers were created. Given the goals of Move Forward New York, we thought it would be appropriate to title our newsletter “The 86th Federalist Paper!”


Note also that as luck would have it, Alexander Hamilton, who wrote the lion’s share of these renowned essays, lived in the empire state. As such, most of the Federalist Papers started with this salutation: To the people of the state of New York …


Under the leadership of Debra Clinton, Move Forward New York is highly organized and action-focused group that includes a diverse group of citizens. Individuals who are dedicated to maintaining the true fabric of the United States of America during these trying times. We hope that the 86th Federalist Paper helps advance the goals of our organization as we work on this critical cause. We hope you like it!

As a way to tell the world, “Here we are!”, we wrote an open letter that was published in the New Paltz Times on 12/29/2016 - here is the content of that letter:


Meet Move Forward New York

Move Forward New York is a local citizen action group committed to promoting economic and social justice, preserving civil rights and ensuring environmental conservation by encouraging participation in the political process on all levels through education, collaboration and activism. This organization is concerned about the path of our nation in light of the recent election.

The members of this group are alarmed by the agenda and decision-making style and fascist nature of the current president elect and his nominees for numerous cabinet positions. Their disregard of human rights violations, views toward immigrants, proposed anti-Muslim policies, issues of misogyny, actions that have increased global tensions, poor fiscal policies, attempts at dismantling the health care system, intent on reversing environmental protections, and potentially devastating changes to the public education system represent some of our many concerns. We want to ensure that the United States continues to be a nation for ALL people.

We have many members who are newly motivated, first-time activists, to others who are seasoned in social policies as well as the political arena. A few examples of our recent actions include participating in relevant local meetings, contacting our elected officials, joining important state and national organizations, uniting with other action oriented groups throughout New York, and coordinating a protest in New Paltz this past Monday, December 12th. We are working toward creating and supporting “sanctuary” towns, cities and churches locally. Additionally, Move Forward New York will be participating in the Womens’ March in Washington DC and NYC on January 21st.


Further, we would like to find ways to bridge the great ideological divide that has taken hold in our country. We are interested in fostering opportunities for open dialogue with others who represent all political and philosophical perspectives. Moving forward is only possible when we work together. With this in mind, we have a specific interest in connecting with others (from across the political spectrum) in the 19th Congressional District. We plan to closely monitor the decision making of our newly elected Representative and want to make sure that he is a voice for all of us.

For more information, visit us at: If you are interested in joining this dynamic, forward-thinking, positive, and progressive group we would love to hear from you. Email us at


Move Forward New York

Including, but not limited to:

Miryam Antunez De Mayolo

Tina Barry

Sue Barthel

Lina Gingold Fd Berg

James Beukelman

Liz Bonhag

Tricia Bowen

Kristen Brown

Franco Carucci

Rebecca Marchesin Carucci

Steve Casa

Barbara Chatr-aryamontri

Debra Clinton

Jason Clinton

Fabio Danisi

Margaret Zappavigna DeCicco

Jessica Decker

Seana Skye Eileen

Amy Fall

Maryann Fallek

Jodi Friedman

Sheila Isenberg

Glenn Geher

Kathleen Bauman Geher

Aimee Gertler Hemminger

Meghan O Gill

Beth Glace

Nicki Goin

Iris Goliger

Renee Hack

Cheri Horn

Sheila Isenberg

Adam Kane

Peter Kaufman

Drew Kochis

Lynne Lamoree

Cecilia Leonardo

Lisa Lindsley

Cynthia Listort

Azeem Mallick

Tali Mallick

Amy Dooley Mosbacher

Debra Federman Murphy

Ruth Nelson

Michael Pardus

Robin Roberts Perls

James Pidel

Sharon Randolph

Judy Reischler

Anne Rhoads

Arlene Santaniello

Stacey Schaffer

Darryl Schoonmaker

Allyson Brown Shannon

Dianna Smith

Leslie Wayne-Catanzaro

Dina White

Fran Wishnick

Meet the Tin Horn Uprising! (Interview with Jason Clinton and Lisa Lindsley by Glenn Geher)


GG: The Tin Horn Uprising is essentially the marching band of Move Forward New York – providing energy, music, and inspiration for many of our activities. Whose idea was this and where did it come from?


LL:  Musicians throughout the Hudson Valley who were experienced with activism came together to start the band.  The founders had been tossing the idea around for a long time, and with the inauguration a few weeks away, the time was right to start a marching band that would support actions throughout the Hudson Valley.  Some of the founders had experience with similar activist marching bands in NYC, and some are members of the Rosendale Improvement Association Brass Band (RIABB).  Thirty-five musicians – many of whom had never met - attended the first rehearsal in a church in downtown Kingston on a cold Sunday night in early January.  It was a very powerful gathering and has only gained force since that time.


GG: The “Tin Horn Uprising” is a pretty sinister name for a band! What’s the story behind this one?


JC: In 1839, Hudson Valley farmers organizing for land rights picked up their tin dinner horns and blew them as a call to political action; when a dinner horn was sounded the community gathered in support of whichever neighbor was under siege. And thus the Tin Horn Rebellion was born.  


GG: How many member of the band do you have? What instruments do they play – and, in general terms, just who are these rogue musicians?


JC: The band is comprised of about 30-50 musicians from the Mid-Hudson Valley who all want to use music as a vehicle to inspire and support others who have our same political and social views.  We have marched for the ACA, the Women's March at the Mid-Hudson Bridge, protest at both of John Faso's local offices and the March

in Poughkeepsie against the Muslim Ban to name a few.  In the next two weeks we will be marching to defend Planned Parenthood, the EPA and for the "Not My President" parade on President's Day.


GG: Lisa, I know that you have helped develop several chants to go along with the work of The Uprising. Are there any that have been particularly powerful – please give an example or two.


LL:  The philosophy of Tin Horn Uprising is that the band is there to support the organizers of the action.  We try to work with organizers ahead of time to craft lyrics to some of our songs that go with the theme of the protest.  So for example, in John Faso’s front yard we sang “Wade in the Water” with the lyrics “Hey John Faso, better watch what you do.  People gonna trouble the water.”  We also sing an Italian anti-fascist song called “Bella Ciao” and our lyrics at the Muslim Solidarity Rally in Poughkeepsie were “We are immigrants and we are marching…we are marching for our freedom.”


In terms of chants, the members of Tin Horn Uprising try not to upstage or drown out the message of the organization or cause that is organizing the event.  So we don’t always lead chants, but if the event organizers are unfamiliar with keeping a crowd energized, we try to help out!


GG: Thanks so much for all of your work – and I think I speak for many when I say that I am looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!

You can find out more about Tin Horn Uprising on their website.

photos: Lisa Lindsley

Interview with Hope Nitza and Hanna Wynters - The Next Generation of Move Forward Marches on Washington!

 I am so impressed by you both for making a point to stand up for human rights during what many of us feel is a difficult time in American history.  What got you inspired to join the Women’s march and to make a statement?

HN: Everything from the results of the election to seeing Donald Trump inaugurated inspired me to go to the march. I was ready to start making a statement and this was the perfect way to do it.

HW:  I was inspired to go to this march because of racist , sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic actions made by Donald Trump and Mike Pence. I also wanted to stand up for my own rights and many others who are not white, straight, cis, rich, Christian men. 

GG:  Washington, D.C. is not exactly around the corner from New Paltz!  Tell us a little about your travels to and from the Women’s march.

HN & HW: The experience began as we bought all the supplies we would need for the next 24 hours, including ponchos, fanny packs, metro cards, and many snacks. As we pulled up to the bus at 2:00 a.m., even the sight of hundreds of people just from around our area getting together for the same purpose was an unbelievable feeling. After the 6-hour bus ride, we started our way toward the subway. The number of people with pink hats and signs was empowering.  Then we noticed that people were walking back away from the metro and we learned that there was a 3-hour wait just to get on! This made us feel even more determined rather than bringing us down. We called a Lyft and met our driver, Syed. He told us his motivating story about being an immigrant from Pakistan who fully believes in women’s rights because of his love and pride for his wife and daughters. Hearing his story made our trip even more meaningful.

GG: What was the highlight of the trip for each of you?

HN: I cannot choose one highlight because the whole experience was amazing, but one of the many highlights was the enormous sea of pink hats. Everyone was wearing them: men, women and children. Then on the bus ride back, news articles started pouring in with pictures of enormous pink masses around the world on all seven continents.

HW: The whole march was amazing but the highlights were the inspiring people who spoke and the amazing signs.

GG:  The Women’s march has become known for having absolutely awesome signs held by protesters.  Did you have signs that you brought?  If so, what did they say?  And were there any other signs you saw that you think would be worth mentioning here?

HN & HW: We decided to make shirts rather than signs. Our shirts had multiple images of Hillary Clinton in different colored pantsuits – a Hillary Pantsuit Rainbow Flag. The signs were one of the many powerful elements of the march. Reading them reminded us of what and who we were there for.  One very inspiring sign was “In this house we believe… Love is love. Black lives matter. Science is real. Women’s rights are human rights. No human is illegal.  Water is life. And kindness is everything.” Another one of our other favorites was “We are not going back to the kitchen, closet, alley ways, back of the bus, or YOUR great America.” One funny one had pictures of Obama, the Dalai Lama, and Trump, with the phrase “Obama-Lama-Ding-Dong”.

GG: The members of Move Forward New York are fond of the idea of having the next generation be politically active – you are fighting the good fight!  What advice do you have for other kids around the country to help save our nation?

HN:  One important thing to remember is that you are never by yourself. It might seem like it when you are surrounded by hate and negativity, but this protest showed everyone the unbelievable number of people around the world fighting the good fight, and just how powerful we can all be.

HW:  My advice to others is to participate in protests and talk to your local congressmen and women about issues that are important to you and your values.


Upcoming Events:

Fri, February 24, 6pm – 7pm
George Washington Elementary, 67 Wall St, Kingston, NY 12401, USA (map)

Advocacy and Activism Under the Trump Administration
Sat, February 25, 9:00am – 6:30pm
Albany Law School - 80 New Scotland Avenue - Albany, NY 12208 (map)
For details, link here: This full-day symposium will consist of several panels designed to address the legal world under a Trump administration. Panels: Using the State Constitution and International Law to Fight Injustice Protecting the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees Creative Representation of Activists in Criminal Cases AND Is There Still a 1st Amendment? Zealous Representation Voter Rights and Suppression The symposium is free and open to the public. Donations are encouraged and appreciated.
Poughkeepsie - Legislative / Educational Breakfast & Panel
Sat, February 25, 10am – 1pm
Dutchess Community College 53 Pendell Rd, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601 (map)
Keynote Speaker: Marcus Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive Including representatives from: Senator Sue Serino Kevin Cahill, NY Assemblyman, District 103 John Faso, US Representative, 19th District Followed by a moderated Q & A session with YOUR legislators & education representatives. This is your opportunity to hear from YOUR legislators and education representatives about topics affecting the education and safety of our children. Voice your concerns and raise questions about the issues that matter to YOU as a parent and PTA member. More info:

Albany - Training: KEEP CALM and RUN for local office!
Sat, February 25, 11am – 5pm
Albany, NY, USA (map)
Register here: ** EXACT TIME AND LOCATION TBA. ** The Working Families Party is excited to bring our Running to Win training to Albany! Running to Win is part of the WFP's program to arm progressives with the strategies, tools, and skills needed to win elections for local office. Topics include fundraising, canvassing, budgeting, speeches, planning, and targeting voters; recruiting volunteers; field activities; message development; persuasion; and Election Day plans. We are seeking progressive champions willing to challenge the status quo and fight for a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected. If you are ready to join the fight, and are interested in running for office yourself — or helping out a friend — please join us! *** Space is limited and registration is required. *** Please apply using this link ASAP:

Delhi - Protect Health Care Rally
Sat, February 25, 12pm – 1pm
111 Main Street, Delhi, NY, United States (in front of Congressman Faso's Delhi District Office) (map)
Sponsored by the Delaware County Electoral Action (Working Title) Facebook page coming soon. For more info contact Jehed Diamond • • 607 746 2351

Faso Rally/Protest Indivisible CD19NY
Sat, February 25, 2pm – 4pm
2 Hudson St, Kinderhook, NY (map)
We are all on for a VERY large non-violent protest/rally on Saturday 2/25 at 2pm in Kinderhook Village. We will be focusing on demanding a Town Hall Meeting, ACA, of course, and Faso's voting record. As always, the energy will be high, smart and passionate, yet respectful and attentive.
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