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The History Of The Spring Wreath In A Nutshell
Just like the cousin of Christmas, the spring Wreath is a joyful way to decorate your home with seasonal flowers.  But also, historically, the spring wreath actually came about before the Christmas version when the Ancient Greeks and Romans used to weave together corn to celebrate the harvest.

Wreaths are said to represent the wheel of the year and this is why some people choose to hang a wreath outside in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The first day of May, also known as May Day, has for a very long time been a great cause for celebration in Britain; people gather to celebrate the onset of summer and the abundance of the growing time. Still to this day in many towns and villages, a May Queen is  crowned with a flower crown, people dance around a maypole, and decorate with all of the new spring flowers. Young men clamber up the maypole to retrieve a ceremonial wreath in a display of virility and Morris Men, Women and Mummers also perform traditional folk dances wearing bells around their ankles. 

Another nice way that people celebrate the occasion is by arranging little posies in jam jars or paper cones and then hang them on neighbour's doors or give to friends as gifts.

May Day is a holiday rich in history and folklore with many traditions, from May Day baskets to dancing around the maypole and M.Y.O thought we would give you eight that you could try at home this May Bank Holiday weekend. 

We've also taken this milestone to look back at the first quarter of 2022 at M.Y.O. Have a read of our blog to see what we got up to! 
A Look Back At The First Quarter Of 2022
Here are our eight favourite, fun ideas for celebrating May 1st:
  • Traditionally, on May 1st people in Britain welcome spring by 'Bringing In The May'. This involves bringing home spring flowers and branches to decorate.  You could make a spring wreath or paper flowers to also do this. Don't forget, you can book onto one of our Spring Wreath or Paper Flower making workshops this springtime. Or you could order a kit to make them at home. 
  • You could make a flower basket as a gift for someone, this would make a great family activity too.
  • In Hawaii, May 1st is called 'Lei Day' where people make Leis. A Lei is a ring of flowers, wreath or garland often made with native Hawaiian flowers and leaves and given as a symbol of greeting, farewell, affection, celebration or honour, all in the spirit of Aloha.  
  • It is traditional for people to stop wearing socks and walk barefoot from May 1st, and to especially walk barefoot in the morning dew. So how about flinging off those socks and walking bare foot across the grass on May 1st.
  • In parts of Ireland, it is traditional for people to make a May bush; typically a thorn bush or branch decorated with colourful ribbons or flowers. You could decorate your own branch or tree at home with pretty ribbons.
  • Beekeepers traditionally move bees on May 1st. You could get involved with a local bee keeping group to find out more about bees and conservation. Or how about making your own bee house for solitary bees.
  • May 1st is traditionally seen as one of the best days for fishing where fishermen expect to have a good catch. You could make your own fishing or crabbing line and have some fun seeing what you catch. Or how about doing some rock pool spotting if you visit the seaside or seeing what you can spot in the pond at the local park.
  • Traditionally, farmers plant turnips on May 1st. You could have a go at growing your own in a pot or in your garden at home. 
All in all, we think that May 1st is a great excuse to get creative and especially if the sun is shining, to get outdoors and have some fun. And of course it's a great time to start a new hobby or have a go at something you have never tried before to see if you like it.  Check out our workshops and kits on our website. 
We Hope You Have A Lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and May 1st
At the start of spring we launched our spring version of the wreath making workshops that had been so popular at christmas. Some people have also booked in with us to make flower crowns.

Here are a few photos from one of our recent workshops. It's great fun and the smell of lavender and flowers in the air is heavenly.
Spring Workshops at M.Y.O
We've got lots of great workshops for you here at M.Y.O; How about making a gift for someone rather than buying something mass produced. Or even make something for yourself.

We'll guide you through creating your own lino printed tote bag or tea towel in a variety of colours.

You'll be shown how to carve into lino to create the stamp, which you'll then use to print your design in your choice of coloured printing inks. 

You'll leave with your very own creation and get to take the stamp home with you too so that you can make more if you choose. You can also buy extra totes or tea towels on the day.

Create your own everlasting flowers which will never die and stay in bloom all year round!

You can make a whole colourful bouquet with the variety of colours of crepe paper that we'll provide. We'll show you how to make the flowers and you'll go home with a pretty bunch in whatever colours you choose.

Perfect for your own home, or as a gift to someone special or a birthday. 

View All Of Our Workshops
Don't Forget The Kits!
We have a wide range of wonderful kits that are brilliant for giving as a gift or even for having a go at making something yourself at home. The full range can be found on our website.

Learn how to create a beautiful piece of fabric art with one of the best hand embroidery kits for beginners!

Guided by pre-recorded video instructions, you'll discover new embroidery techniques and tackle different stitches before working on and finishing your beautiful embroidered wall art.

Unleash your inner Matisse and learn how to paint with watercolours with this craft kit.

You will create a beautiful picture using a selection of vibrant watercolours. All of the brushes, paint and paper you need along with the guidance of our pre-recorded video are included.

View All Of Our Kits

That's all for now you creative legends!

from all of us in the M.Y.O Team 
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