Unfeigned Expressions in an Ancient Craft
Urushi by Hashizume Yasuo and Reiko

I have always been enamored by negoro-nuri. It is a much sought-after antique urushiware that was originally produced by the monks from Negoro-ji temple in Wakayama prefecture beginning in the 12th Century. In negoro-nuri, the monks made their own utensils by applying many layers of black urushi onto the wood base that was followed by a top-coat of red urushi. The vermillion color has a distinctive depth because of the dark layers underneath, and as the surface becomes polished with use, the black is gradually revealed. It is a unique kind of ‘aged-dignification’ that the Japanese have grown to admire in their crafts....

Negoro-nuri bowl by Hashizume Yasuo. These days you can find many negoro-nuri style urushi that are already polished to deliberately show the black, but Hashizume Yasuo makes them just as the monks at Negoro-ji did centuries ago
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