Government Shutdown Updates
January 25, 2019

Northern Illinois Food Bank has continued to monitor the ongoing partial government shutdown. Today marks the 35th day of the shutdown, and the second missed paycheck for 800,000 federal workers.

We have sent a couple Advocacy Alerts this month in order to keep you informed of the impact to our network and those in our community.
You can read the previous alerts here: NEW: February SNAP benefits were loaded early; the Food Bank has launched a Shutdown page on our website

In order to ensure funding for February, SNAP benefits was distributed early. In Illinois, benefits were uploaded to individual’s accounts as early as Thursday, January 17. The early disbursement may be causing confusion and misunderstanding among SNAP recipients. Our SNAP Outreach team has been working hard to answer any questions and quell any concerns they encounter.

To help inform our neighbors, we have also created an FAQ document to share:
Government Shutdown SNAP FAQ

Northern Illinois Food Bank’s Response:
Yesterday afternoon, the Food Bank launched a Government Shutdown resource page on our website. We know that federal employees may not have had to rely on the Food Bank or a food pantry before, so it’s important to provide them with details including what to expect when using our services, myths and facts about visiting a food pantry, how to find their local pantries, and how to find a mobile pantry in order to make them feel comfortable and confident in receiving help from us and our network.

On this page, anyone will be able to:
  • Get Help
    • Find their local pantries
    • View the mobile pantry schedule
    • Learn about SNAP and connect with our SNAP Outreach team
  • Give Help
    • Share information to those that may need help
    • See volunteer opportunities at the Food Bank
    • Donate food and funds
In addition to this work, the Food Bank has:
  • Created a cross-functional government shutdown team, consisting of key staff members and advocacy team members
  • Increased our SNAP team hours to field increased calls
  • Connected with like-minded organizations striving to help the community
  • Reached out to unions and organizations that support federal employees to determine if we can provide more help in any way (ie: TSA unions, etc.)
  • Worked with Feeding America, sister food banks and member agencies
  • Participated in continued conversations with elected officials; participated in numerous roundtables and public forums
  • Continued to collaborate with media
  • Solicited food donations; fielded donor and volunteer calls
We want to hear from you!

We appreciate your support and feedback as we continue to field this unprecedented partial government shutdown. To help us collect information from our network, we have created a Government Shutdown Survey for our network members to fill-out. There are just a few questions about what you are currently seeing and how we can better support you during this time. Please take a few minutes to fill it out, it will help us immensely.
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