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IT Security News Blast – 2-17-2021

Live Panel Today: 2020 Healthcare Data Breach Report from CI Security
Join us at 12pm PT as we look back at an unprecedented year in healthcare, and review the lessons learned with CI's recently released 2020 Healthcare Data Breach report. Using in-depth analysis from this year's HHS data breach reports, the panel will be discussing the report's findings, including the most pressing risks healthcare security teams need to manage in 2021 to avoid ending up on the HHS 'Wall of Shame.'
CI Security Response to WA State Data Breach
A file transfer system operated by The Washington State Auditor’s Office has been compromised, and materials taken that may present an increased risk to local governments in the state. It is extremely important that our networks are being monitored for signs of this activity, and at this time of heightened risk to us all, CI Security will provide a discounted and abbreviated service contracts for managed detection and response (MDR) to jurisdictions in the state that are at risk. Interested jurisdictions may contact me directly, or
Cyber attacks hit two French hospitals in one week
The two French hospitals were stricken with ransomware attacks, and a third pre-emptively cut connections with an IT provider, in less than a week, prompting the transfer of some patients to other facilities. [...] The attack by the crypto-virus RYUK, a kind of ransomware, "strongly impacts" the Villefranche, Tarare and Trévoux sites of the North-West Hospital, the hospital said in a statement.
North Korea tried to hack Pfizer vaccine data, reports say
Many security observers believe that the cash-strapped nation, which is said to have armies of trained hackers, might be as interested in selling vaccine data on the black market as in developing therapeutic doses for its own people.
$70K OCR Penalty for Sharp Health Over HIPAA Right of Access Failures
The enforcement action is the sixteenth made under the Right of Access Initiative since its launch in 2019. It’s the sixth reported in the last three months and the second reported in the last week. The initiative was established as part of an overall OCR movement to ensure patients’ rights to access their medical records in a timely fashion and in their desired format.
How Deepfakes Can Defeat Video ID Verification Tests
"Nowadays, they have advanced this technology so far that you really don't have to be a computer engineer in order to create videos. So essentially, they give you step-by-step instructions. … Some of them will even dive deeper than that. For example … one individual posted a tutorial of how to commit fraud on one financial institution.”
FERC reliance on ratepayers to fund utility cybersecurity insufficient to meet rising threat, analysts say
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is proceeding with a plan to offer incentives to utilities making cybersecurity investments that exceed mandatory Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards. The commission published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) in the Feb. 5 Federal Register.
Connected Cars Technology Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

  • DDoS attacks on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) could overwhelm connected car communications and represent a high risk.
  • Exposed and vulnerable connected car systems are easily discovered, making them at higher risk of abuse.
  • Over 17% of all attack vectors examined were high risk. These require only a limited understanding of connected car technology and could be accomplished by a low-skilled attacker.
Chatham County rejects $2.4M cyberattack ransom. Sensitive files posted to Internet
The hacker sent a ransom note demanding 50 bitcoins, or about $2.4 million at the current exchange rate, county spokeswoman Kara Dudley said in an email Tuesday. The county refused to pay the ransom, she said. [...] “As we know recently on Feb. 8, I discovered that the cyber actors responsible for the theft of information from our servers posted the information on the dark web, and this investigation remains ongoing.”
Call for more cybercrime emphasis in state and local grants
DOJ manages three cyber-focused grants, but two of the three could be improved, Third Way found. One focuses on preventing intellectual property theft and requires recipients to build IP enforcement task forces. Third Way said these grants could be a springboard to expanded task forces combating “other forms of cybercrime.” Another program, launched in fiscal 2019, partnered with universities to train students as cyber analysts and investigators.
France Just Suffered a SolarWinds-Style Cyberattack
According to ANSSI, a sophisticated hacker group has successfully penetrated the Centreon Systems products, a French IT firm specializing in network and system monitoring that is used by many French government agencies, as well as some of the nation’s biggest companies (Air France, among others).
Myanmar's proposed cybersecurity bill draws wide condemnation
In addition, Article 29 would enable the government to instruct a user account be intercepted, blocked, or removed when identified to incite hate or disrupt peace with "fake news", "disinformation, or comments that violated existing laws. Local authorities also would have access to the data when requested, without the need for a warrant.
The Ongoing March toward Privacy Law in the US – A State Legislative Roundup
Based on what we are already seeing in terms of the impressive volume of state-level proposed privacy legislation in the early days of 2021, it appears that we may see a big year for US privacy law, and yet another developing “crazy quilt” compliance framework challenge for companies.
Malvertiser abused WebKit zero-day to redirect iOS & macOS users to shady sites
According to a report from cyber-security firm Confiant, shared with ZDNet last week, the culprits behind the attacks are a group previously known as ScamClub. Active since 2018, this group operates by buying large quantities of ad slots on multiple platforms in the hope that some of its bad ads make it through security checks.
Unpatched Android App with 1 Billion Downloads Threatens Spying, Malware
The flaws exist in an app called SHAREit, which allows Android app users to share files between friends or devices. They were identified and reported to the app maker three months ago by researchers at Trend Micro. However, the flaws remain unpatched, according to a report posted online Monday.
Compromised Credentials Show That Abuse Happens in Multiple Phases
During the first stage, in the immediate days and weeks following a credential breach, the criminals responsible for the data theft tend to use the stolen information in a stealthy and purposeful manner, says Sander Vinberg, threat research evangelist at F5. [...] The second stage kicks when the original attackers begin sharing the stolen credentials with others in the community.
LastPass to limit fans of free password manager to one device type only – computer or mobile – from next month
Password manager LastPass has changed its terms and conditions to limit the free version of its code work on a single device type only per user, seemingly in an effort to force free folks into paying for its service.

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