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Antarctica, Alabama, Australia—just some of the places where Bartlett products are used for their reliability, flexibility and safety.


Bartlett Ball Sleighs Antarctica

The Bartlett 127 Ball trailer coupling recently played a crucial role in supplying fuel and other equipment to a European Antarctic Research Base.

The client required a slack-free, articulating coupling that would remain functional in an environment where temperatures can reach -40ºC. The idea to use the Bartlett 127 Ball to connect this most unusual snow train was devised by specialised heavy Antarctic equipment engineering firm Travtech based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Towing a sled loaded with supplies and two 15 000 litre fuel bladders through challenging and dangerous terrain, the coupling was ice cool under pressure and performed admirably.

Source: Patrice Godon Polar Engineering

The Bartlett Ball has now been in production and operation for over 50 years. It has proved itself in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. For further information about Bartlett couplings, click here.

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Bartlett gets it done in the USA

In Alabama USA a regional city council has chosen to use a customised Bartlett Towbar Solution that is fit-for-purpose for their heavy industrial municipal applications. With growing interest from the USA we look forward to providing towing solutions and products to the USA market.

Feedback from the USA: "Allan, I can not believe how easy it was to install. It went perfectly. Only took about 2–3 hours to install and ready to try out. All measurements were right on the money. I have one picture I’m sending now. Your company is the only one I was able to find that makes a plug-and-play item that I needed and without a doubt It was just that. Thanks for everything."
Fleet Superintendent, Alabama, USA"

For further information about customised towing solutions, click here. Home

Werribee Open Range Zoo Train.               Source:

At home, Bartlett products are proven performers in our extreme and harsh conditions and across a variety of industries. From the Victorian snowfields to outback Australia. 
At Melbourne's Werribee Open Range Zoo, complete towbars, 127mm ball trailer couplings and safety chain systems provide a safe, smooth ride for train passengers as they're towed through the open range zoo. 

Bartlett specialises in fleet solutions whether it be be road transport, defence, agriculture or any other heavy vehicle towing application.
If you have a challenging fleet or individual towing need, please contact our experienced staff HERE



Meet the Bartlett team


Candice Adolphe

Bartlett Customer Support

Candice has been a member of the Bartlett customer support team for seven years, providing detailed responses to client inquiries and processing sales.

During this time, Candice has gathered a wealth of product knowledge and has a can-do attitude that results in speedy delivery of products and services.

Candice says, “Bartlett customers are down-to-earth, and provide honest feedback whenever required, this keeps us on our toes and helps us to improve.”

When asked what she could see in store for Bartlett, Candice responded,
“I think that the great product development work that I can see happening combined with a genuine industry need for safe and compliant towing solutions, our jobs will only get busier, which is good because we get to deal with more and more great Bartlett customers”

“Truck driving is considered the deadliest profession in the country”

NEWS.COM.AU: "Workers in one Australian profession are far more likely to die on the job than any other workers, a Melbourne University study has found. Truck driving is considered the deadliest profession in the country, with drivers being 13 times more likely to die on the job than any work, Monash University researchers found. The university analysed more than 120,000 compensation claims lodged and accepted between 2004 and 2015. The study found truck drivers have a 13-fold higher risk of fatal injury compared with other professions." 


Driver and vehicle safety is a huge part of our focus

At Bartlett, we pride ourselves on pulling our weight when it comes to the safety of drivers, trucks and trailers. Not only are our products professionally engineered, tested and made to above industry standard, we are actively involved at all industry levels as a business and individually. We use our experience and knowledge to advocate for safety measures and standards across the industry. 
Bartlett’s Managing Director Allan Bartlett is an active member of the VACC Industry Policy Council and chair of the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association Victoria (CVIAV). Through his role with VACC and CVIAV he directly advocates and promotes safety and compliance within the industry.



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