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A runaway trailer of any type or size has the potential to cause death, severe injuries or catastrophic property damage.

The patented Bartlett Bare Knuckle (BK) Safety Chain System range has been specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the heavy vehicle industry. It is the latest safety innovation from Bartlett designed to reliably protect against accidental trailer separation.

During trailer coupling separation, the ADR62/02 compliant Bare Knuckle system is designed to immediately take hold and maintain the truck and trailer combination, providing the best opportunity for a safe, controlled, emergency stop.

Australia leads the world with high productivity heavy vehicle combinations under the innovative Performance Based Standards scheme. The Bartlett BK Safety Chain innovations also ensure the heaviest vehicles on our roads meet the highest road and occupational safety standards.

The Bartlett BK range is optimised for maximum strength, while minimizing the mass and footprint of the system. Importantly, the range of safety chain attachments can be readily retrofitted to vehicles by a qualified welder.

NOTE: Bartlett is committed to maintaining ongoing support for the original ADR62/02 compliant Bartlett SC62 Safety Chain Range kits in all sizes as well as supplying replacement parts to help fleets maintain compliance and functionality.

Brisbane Truck Show Success

36,921 People attended the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, exceeding last year’s attendance by ten per cent! Once again, it was a fantastic experience for the Bartlett team to meet, talk, demonstrate and listen to you the transport industry, customers and suppliers.

We want to thank everyone for the fantastic support, stories and feedback we received during the show. We are still working our way through all the new contacts and follow-ups from the show. If you have been contacted and want to learn more about any of our products or services, please email

ABOVE: Geoff Bartlett and Sarah Bartlett manning the stand at the show.
LEFT: Allan Bartlett and Richard Bartlett at the Truck Show

Recent Owner Driver Magazine Feature

“Amid the accessory and ancillary stands on the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre's plaza level, Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions was making its third appearance at the Brisbane Truck Show with a range of truck towing systems.”

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