Where does the time go?

Hello everyone,

I can’t quite believe we are in May already….who stole the first four months of the year? As ever this time of year is delightful as we start to see all the hard work of the last few months coming to fruition. The Spring flowers are in full bloom and although the narcissi are going over, the tulips are still flowering and the ranunculus are in their prime. I have lots in the tunnel and more about to open outside along with other late Spring/early Summer flowers. Every Autumn I wonder about the ranunculus and all the effort that goes into growing them but then we get to May and I reaslise it really is worth all the hard work. It is the same with the tulips….they are not a cheap crop and realistically you can only get one flower per bulb. But when you see the home grown ones compared with the sad little things sold in the shops you know it’s worth while. I have not completely thwarted the vermin eating the tulips. I lost some to mice this year and will note the varities they particularly liked and not order them again. The squirrels were kept off with chicken wire although they totally emptied a trough I had planted up.

May brings four weddings. Having already done four in April I am back in the swing of it. The top picture is last Saturday’s bridal bouquet. Hannah asked for a wild look with lots of foliage. I love it when brides are prepared to go big and wild….the bouquets always look wonderful in the pictures afterwards.

Next weekend, once I have delivered wedding flowers, I am off to the Malvern Spring Show. I will be in the Bloom Tent doing talks and demonstrations on Sunday. I love this show. It is my local RHS event and full of old friends and wonderful nurseries. Meeting up with colleagues from Flowers from the Farm, many of whom I have only seen on screen for the last two years will be a highlight.

There have already been courses run this year and more to come….see the list below. I shall be holding a Sustainable Flower Arranging Workshop in July. I get asked a lot about how to make arrangements without using floral foam so I thought a day teaching the different techniques would be good. We will look at different containers and shapes and see all sorts of methods and you get to take home a lovely arrangement with you at the end of the day.

Tuesday 12th July - Sustainable Flower Arranging Workshop, 10.30am - 4pm

Sunday 7th August - Open Day, 10.30am - 3pm

Tuesday 15th November - Grow Your Own Cut Flowers, 10.30am - 4.30pm

Tuesday 22nd November - Flower Farming for Beginners, 10.30am - 4.30pm

Saturday 3rd December - Christmas Wreath Workshop, 10am - 1pm

Sunday 4th December - Christmas Wreath Workshop, 10am - 1pm

As you can see, we are hosting an Open Day again after two years. Come along and see what we grow and how we grow it. Wander among the beds and enjoy the scents of lots of different flowers. Then take a turn around the house garden (don’t look too closely….it always gets neglected) and enjoy tea and cake on the terrace. Call 07881504088 to book tickets.

Now, back to planting out and praying for rain!