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Are You Ben? A Father's Day Message...

Even though Ben was about 30 pounds overweight and didn’t always get the exercise he should, he felt better than ever at his 40th birthday party. Surrounded by family and friends, he helped himself to a big piece of birthday cake, drank some champagne, smoked his favorite cigars, and sat around a bonfire enjoying roasted marshmallows.

Later, Ben awoke in the middle of the night feeling nauseous, anxious, and short of breath. Unfamiliar sharp pains in his chest and back made him wonder if he was suffering a bad case of indigestion. He got up, chewed a couple antacid tablets, and went back to bed. Eventually, the pain and nausea subsided. He felt better in the morning, just a little weak. “I must be getting old,” he joked with his wife. “I can’t handle a simple birthday party anymore!”

Six months later, Ben suffered a heart attack. He survived but discovered what he thought was acid indigestion had been a mild heart attack..


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Reducing Obesity-Induced Inflammation: Men’s Health Month Edition

Most of us know that if we are overweight, we have more joint aches, back problems, and a higher risk for diabetes. But you may not be aware that excess stores of body fat can trigger inflammation throughout the body that complicates a wide range of common illnesses. Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, certain cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease are all linked to inflammation related to obesity.

Fortunately, the key to fighting obesity-induced inflammation is to enlist the help of trillions of tiny soldiers: the microorganisms (including bacteria, fungi and viruses) that make up your gut microbiota. Since June is Men’s Health Month, it is a great time to take a closer look at how we can reduce our risk and symptoms for so many health conditions that diminish our lives by making changes in our gut microbiome.


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Annie goes on Vacation

Annie takes us on a tour of San Diego and shows us around town in this Microbiome Minute!


In this series, we will explore small changes you can make to help you feel better.

Part 5. Avoid Binge Drinking - a little alcohol is okay, but moderation is key. Do you overdo it? It’s very easy to start looking forward to crashing after a hard day or week. So, if you think you might be going overboard, try making a small change.

Before having that first beer, martini, or glass of wine, agree to drink a 16 oz. bottle of water.

The following week, continue your ritual with water and add a healthy fresh veggie appetizer, which will add filling fiber. Sometimes you want to drink simply because your blood sugar has dipped in the afternoon and evening before dinner. Alcohol is basically sugar. You will feel better and save both calories and money if you make this exchange a regular habit!

We want to hear Your Story

Prebiotin is the most stabilizing piece in my health puzzle…

PREBIOTIN IS miracle stuff in my view! I never want to be without it. I never miss taking it!

I would never have thought that from a state of: Diagnosed malnutrition, just skin and bones, losing 40 pounds very quickly–to my lowest weight of just under 100 pounds, and unable to keep anything in my system–

Now with Prebiotin to a state of: Reliable digestion, comfort, good sleep, all good health markers (as checked by my overseeing doctor who does not ask me to take drugs anymore, which I thankfully refused anyway). Ability to do ‘physiotherapist prescribed’ and initially supervised, exercises with weights, able to dance again, able to walk quite long distances regularly and perform rebounder exercising …

grain.png - Jill Frost, New Zealand



"Jackson GI Medical is dedicated to the responsible development and marketing of medically credible nutritional supplements in an all-too-often irresponsible marketplace. We back our product with third-party medical research, and emphasize no-nonsense, no-hype educational materials on our site. A nutritionally-aware customer is our favorite customer, so please contact us if you have any suggestions."

grain.png - Founder, Frank W. Jackson, MD


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