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How Prebiotin® Prebiotic Fiber Benefits Your Child-At Every Stage of Life

By Gabriele Amersbach, Prebiotin Science Writer

While you are thrilled with your new baby, your joy may quickly turn to worry if your infant is suffering from gassy cries, painful constipation, an uncomfortable extended belly, and other signs of gastrointestinal distress.

With your doctor’s support, an easy solution may be the addition of Prebiotin® Prebiotic Fiber to your baby’s formula. This is especially important if you are not breastfeeding or have delivered with a C-section.

As your child grows, you can be comforted that by supplementing with Prebiotin, you have started your infant on a healthy path to a balanced microbiome (the collection of bacteria living in the gut). This can lead to lifelong health benefits including:

  • An improved immune system
  • Improved bowel regularity and decreased constipation
  • Increased calcium absorption for strong bones
  • Better appetite control and less obesity
  • Improvements in heart and brain health
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Healthy Holidays Message from Prebiotin
CEO Ron Walborn Jr.
Wishing you many holiday blessings and a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2020!


It’s the time to gather with family and friends, celebrate all that has blessed us throughout this past year, and give back to those we love and care for.

As we especially think about the children and young adults in our lives, we wish for good health for them. We have created a special Post titled How Prebiotin Prebiotic Fiber Benefits Your Child… at Every Stage of Life.

What would the holidays be without those special people in our lives, young, “seasoned” and in between? There is no better way to express our love for those closest to us, than to offer something that will truly benefit their lives. Your microbiome health affects everything in your life…your work, your family, your favorite activities.

Prebiotin prebiotic fiber’s number one benefit is a boost to your immune system as well as digestive health. Imagine sending your kids off to school each day, knowing you have done all that you can to help minimize colds and flu, and those nasty bugs being passed around by their classmates!

So many young people struggle in today’s world with not eating healthy food, and then dealing with the myriad of consequences this brings, such as the surge in childhood (and adult) obesity.. Prebiotin can help. Proper weight management that comes from getting adequate fiber in the diet is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your children. Prebiotin prebiotic fiber for weight management, helps with hunger suppression and appetite control, in a most simple fashion. Just add it to your child’s food or drink. Remember to read our Post to find out recommended dosage and benefits. Always check with your pediatrician or trusted health professional. In fact, taking a copy of our Post with you or emailing it to them will help you all be “on the same page.”
Our gift to you this holiday season is a free box of our 2 gram stick packs with a purchase of 2 products at the regular price. A perfect companion to our plain Prebiotin fiber options, great for travel, going out to dinner, or just the convenience of having your Prebiotin with you wherever you might go. Use our free gift yourself, or share with friends and family. We provide the gift of great gut health, you decide how to benefit best. It’s “Your story, Your solution!"
As we approach the end of the second decade of the new millennial, Prebiotin is poised to continue advancing knowledge and understanding about prebiotic fiber. What sets us apart in the increasingly crowded world of prebiotics? Easy to understand ingredients that are scientifically proven to work by third-party research. We are the chosen prebiotic supplement for numerous university and government studies for good reason. Prebiotin has ongoing and growing relationships with some of the most accredited university and research institutions across the US and Canada, who continue to recognize the benefits of our prebiotic fiber for good gut health.

Whether it’s diabetes, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, the myriad of gut related diseases and conditions, or just the understanding of the importance of the gut-brain connection, Prebiotin is leading the charge in growing awareness of how prebiotics can improve your health and wellbeing.

The acceptance of Prebiotin as the “go-to” choice for prebiotic fiber in the marketplace, makes us extremely proud to know that we are helping provide you with all-natural, highest quality choices for gut health. Prebiotin continues our quest to eliminate gut microbial imbalance with the help of our full-spectrum prebiotic chicory root fiber.

Our guiding value is to treat our customers and affiliates as we would want to be treated, with honesty, compassion, respect and transparency. We treat each customer as if they are our only customer, with personal attention. As CEO, I continue to respond personally to almost 90% of the customer communications we receive here at Prebiotin, and find it satisfying to know we are helping benefit so many people’s health.

Maybe it’s Susan, who has IBS and wants to know how much Prebiotin to take. Or Victoria, a c-diff sufferer, who has regained control of her life with Prebiotin every day. Or Regina, who likewise has discovered the benefits of Prebiotin, completely changing her health, and now recommends Prebiotin to everyone in her life. I could go on and on about the numerous interactions we have every day at Prebiotin, and the positive affect those have on all who work with us.

But the best thing I could do is encourage you to go to our store, and see for yourself. In the past year, we have added customer reviews and feedback to our product pages. There you will find so many wonderful words of encouragement from our customers. Praise for our products, praise for our customer service as well.  Listening to
Your Story and helping you find Your Solution with the best prebiotic supplement on the market is maybe unusual for someone in my position, but you are worth every minute. Yes, it is a business. But knowing that we are helping improve and change lives for the better is what encourages us to keep going. There is nothing more satisfying than helping others in the way that we do. I am grateful for all who take the time to provide that positive feedback, and motivate us to continue every day.

Now as we look forward to the new decade ahead, we anticipate huge growth in the awareness and understanding of prebiotic fiber and its importance. Please continue to contact us with your stories, and let us help you “
Feel Better and Do More”. We at Prebiotin will continue to do everything in our power to advance great gut health for all in the coming year and beyond.

With many well wishes for a lifetime of great gut health,
Ron Walborn Jr, CEO
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"Jackson GI Medical is dedicated to the responsible development and marketing of medically credible nutritional supplements in an all-too-often irresponsible marketplace. We back our product with third-party medical research, and emphasize no-nonsense, no-hype educational materials on our site. A nutritionally-aware customer is our favorite customer, so please contact us if you have any suggestions."

grain.png - Founder, Frank W. Jackson, MD


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