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Stressed Brain, Stressed Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: How To Get Your Life Back

A college student misses classes because she is stuck in her room with nausea, pain, and gas.

A 46-year-old man doesn’t make it to the bathroom at a football game and now worries about “close calls” or “disasters” every time he leaves the house for an event or travel—which he does less and less.

A 50-year-old women with IBS constipation worries about having a bowel movement anywhere except her home because of the time she requires—and the noise from gas and odor.

All these people have learned to live with the embarrassment, pain, and social limitations that accompany irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. While there are many reasons for their symptoms, many have an extraordinary reaction to stressful situations. They are not alone.

What is IBS?

Do any of these scenarios describe your life? Most people reading this know at least one person with this common condition—at any given time, 10 to 20 percent of a population may have IBS.


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Your Story. Your Solution


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In this series, we will explore small changes you can make to help you feel better.

3. Get regular exercise — moving the body burns excess calories. How many times have we all heard that? How many unused gym memberships have you paid for? Or is the exercise equipment at home collecting dust or now serving as a clothes rack? For one week just do one thing you don’t normally do, such as parking a distance away from your office building or grocery store entrance and walking. You will feel better and burn a few calories. Increased circulation is important for your brain, heart, and entire microbiome. They will thank you by giving you their best efforts back to you!

We want to hear Your Story

I just can’t believe it and so badly hope I don’t jinx it by talking about it, lol but prebiotin is the best thing to happen to me ever!! I am 80 years young and have had IBS since about age 12. As my husband used to say, “you know where every bathroom is” and truly so. I had begun to think there was something really wrong with my gut but holy cow it’s so much better it’s unbelievable! I only wish I had found you years ago, I could have been “normal”! My gut is so much more “quiet” now. Sorry to rave on and on but just want to thank you for helping me.

grain.png - Carol, SC



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