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From hard-working attorneys and doting moms to hopeful job-seekers and struggling addicts, we’re seeing the beginnings of a dramatic change in the perception of pot as people recognize the potential benefits in their daily lives. Ready for your dose of concentrated cannabis news? Read on for top stories, plus find more at Weedguide.

Know Your Lit Lingo

Ever heard the term dabberghasted? Neither had we until recently. These days, it’s hard to keep track of the words used to describe marijuana. Check out The Pot Dictionary and the Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Lingo for a quick cannabis vocabulary lesson to keep you in the know.  Side note: Parents of millennials – if you don’t know what ‘lit‘ means, please look that up as well so you don’t embarrass your kids.


New Products Made for Marijuana Moms

In states where weed is now legal, many moms are fighting back against nausea and postpartum depression with various new cannabis products such as sublingual spray and ingestibles according to an article by The Atlantic. Sublingual sprays are sprayed under the tongue, and the effects generally kick in within a minute. The dosage is small and doesn’t last long, leading many moms to view it as a better option when they need to be productive or around their children.

These new micro-dose products are helping mothers feel more comfortable about their decision to try cannabis and open up to other moms, sharing their experiences and educating others on the benefits. If you’re interested in learning more, check out cannabis education resources or join other marijuana moms at a local event.


Nevada Education Funded by Marijuana?

In just six months since Nevada legalized cannabis they have collected over $30 million in taxes for the state, surpassing Colorado. Nevada plans to use these funds to strengthen their education systems, inspiring other states to consider legalization in order to decrease financial deficits. Will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas when it comes to legalization? Sin city may have just set a new precedent for the cannabis industry letting the numbers speak for themselves.

Getting Rid of Pain without the Pills

Americans consume 80% of the world’s pain killers. Why are we using addictive pills over the healing powers of a natural plant? Recent studies have shown that cannabis was able to reduce opioid use by 77% in patients, and completely replace antidepressants, sleep aides, anti-anxiety, and migraine medicines.

Watch the powerful story of Amy; who became addicted to prescription painkillers while recovering from a car accident, only to struggle with that addiction for over a decade until she turned to cannabis.


Joining the Green Rush

Cannabis job fairs are becoming commonplace in some U.S. cities. Sacramento, CA held a cannabis job fair last Saturday and the budding talent turnout was astounding. Organizers said, “next time we will have to get a larger venue.” These companies aren’t just looking for sales associates, they are looking for accountants and financial analysts to help them track the whirlwind of industry known as the “green rush.” If you’re interested in joining the green rush, several upcoming cannabis job fairs will be held in Denver, CO. The first will be held on May 26 (details at The Hemp & Cannabis) and the second is scheduled in July for Vangst.

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