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Dear Readers

We bet one of your New Year's resolutions is to become better informed about trends and startups in the Travel & Mobility Tech sector?! Yes, that's what we thought and we're here to help you.

We are kicking off the new year with a special edition as we take a look back at 2018 and present you the ten most-read blog posts we published over the previous year. Enjoy.

Lennart Dobravsky
Trend & Market Research Analyst

Culture Trip – Where content is king

In 1996 Bill Gates famously declared: “content is king”. He predicted that once the Internet had fully emerged, real money would be made with content. However, almost all players in the travel industry – both travel media publisher as well as OTAs – have struggled to provide meaningful content that positively impacts their business. 

London-based startup Culture Trip shows how it's done. It has built a flourishing travel content platform attracting 8 million unique visits to its website every month and is now taking concrete steps to challenge the OTA industry.

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The airline industry has to recognize that the needs of its customers are increasingly being met by the “Ubers of this world”. One of these digital high-flyers, named Kiwi, comes from the Czech Republic and takes airline networking to a new level.
When two airlines join forces to expand their route network, they sign an interline agreement. This makes it possible for one airline to accept tickets from a joint partner and check passenger bags through to the final destination.

Kiwi is breaking away from this industry standard by linking airlines without such interline agreements and by doing so is challenging the legality of the industry by undermining existing, hard-fought interlining agreements. If flight legs are suddenly joined together without any restriction, then the Czech company could theoretically implement “virtual hubs” everywhere and redirect streams of passengers.

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Five reasons why we are going to Asia

Be it travel and mobility in general or the underlying tech layer in particular, there are many reasons to remain excited about the opportunity in Asia.

Our very own Lufthansa Innovation Hub Managing Director Gleb Tritus underlines five reasons why we are going to Asia.

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Flio – Creating the digital future for airports

Airports worldwide share one and the same problem: they fail to build meaningful, engaging digital touchpoints. Declining aeronautical revenue in combination with growing revenues from retail and concessions urge airports to adjust their monetization schemes.

This results in a need to increase direct engagement with an increasingly mobile-savvy audience: the connected traveler. We took a closer look at FLIO, the world's first airport-agnostic app for the connected traveler.

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The 20 most-funded Travel & Mobility Tech startups in Asia

VC funding into Travel & Mobility Tech players from Asia has been going through the roof in recent years.

We want to make sure you are aware of the leading ventures innovating the travel & mobility space from far East and mapped the 20 most well-funded startups in an infographic.

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Quantifying the Flix-Buzz

Between January and August 2018, nearly 900,000 visitors to FlixBus' website also visited the Eurowings website within a 24-hour time window. Additionally, around 4 million FlixBus visitors landed on carpooling platform BlaBlaCar in the same time frame.

It seems that our view on the competitive landscape in mobility must be re-evaluated, particularly across transportation modes in the air and on the ground. Using web traffic data, we dove right into the dynamics of intercity travel in Germany and assessed the rise of digital mobility platforms FlixBus and BlaBlaCar in their face-off with incumbent travel providers such as Deutsche Bahn.

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It's time to re-think airline pricing

Back in 1980, it seemed like a bold move when American Airlines left their approach of selling flight tickets for a fixed, pre-determined price and switched to what became widely known as “Dynamic Pricing”. Airlines have arguably become the ultimate masters in the practice of tailor-made pricing. 

At the same time, digital players such as Amazon, Spotify and Netflix have disrupted their sector by conditioning the end consumer towards a world of bundles, vouchers, flatrates and subscription models.

Some airlines like Eurowings, Swiss and Air France have already opened up and tested new pricing models. We believe such experimenting shall go much further. 

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The current state of the airline check-in

We are used to order food and taxis via apps. However, the vast majority of travelers still checks in face-to-face at the airport counter or via self-service terminals.

We highlighted some of the reasons explaining the surprisingly small share of online check-ins and show how the check-in-process might change within the next few years.

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The air taxi hype is real – time to focus on regulation

The eVTOL hype has become an ongoing hot topic in mainstream media for more than 1.5 years, with articles mostly focusing on technological breakthroughs, new prototypes and successful test flights.
However, major challenges around these air taxis including much needed regulation of air traffic are rarely discussed. Already in the early 2020s, air taxis are supposed to become an urban reality in major cities around the world. It's high time to focus on regulation. A few ideas to kick off the discussion.

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Travel & Mobility Tech around the globe

The Travel & Mobility Tech sector is changing dramatically. Thousands of startups around the globe are working on disruptive solutions that make travel more efficient, frictionless and interconnected.

The speed of innovation accelerated within the last couple of years resulting in record fundings of Travel & Mobility Tech startups.

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