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Except for work on Axel Rex, I am taking most of the summer to recover from knee replacement surgery. I really didn't want to do it, because it didn't sound like much more fun than a broken leg. The best part is that I have had a chance to read some great books this summer including T.J.Quinn's newest upcoming release Elmina's Cyborgs. This is a sequel to Luciana's Warriors. Elminia's Cyborgs can be read as a stand alone. Both are reverse harem romances. The book is on pre-order until July 29. Committed to the Alien is also on pre-order until July 26.

Clarissa Lake's Narovian Mates Box Set at a special low price to give new readers just coming on board the chance to catch up on Narovian Feline lore.

Work came to a halt on our next Cyborg Awakenings book when our laptop died with our combined version of Axel Rex trapped on the hard drive. And no, it was not backed up. we are waiting to see if the file could be recovered, but we’re going back to work while the computer is in the shop. We know where the story is going and where we left off. We could even begin again and probably make the projected September release.

I have not had a chance to read the other new releases, but they are going on my books to read list. Don’t forget to checkout the special collections at the bottom.
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Cyborgs invaded her world and captured her heart. 

A female warrior, four make cyborg and the chance to change a world. 

A military coup ripped Elmina’s mother from the throne and made Elmina an outcast. Now, she leads a rebel group hidden out in the woods, fighting for justice and to reinstall her mother.

She wasn’t prepared for the four male strangers who invaded her world. Nor was she prepared for the storm of feelings and pleasure they brought into her life. 
Elmina must choose between duty and love. 
The worry stone in Max’s pocket is getting a workout. If it’s not the latest shenanigans of his burglary crew, it’s the bombshell that just exploded in his personal life. Seventeen years after walking out on him, Marianna is back, and she has revelations that will upend his plans for peace and quiet.

The team is salivating to take advantage of her position on an archeological space dig. The backer, an illegal antiquities collector, has long eluded them. Their timeline moves up when they discover that Marianna is the mogul’s chosen fall guy.

Emotionally satisfying with a twist that will leave you shaking your head, Touch of Greed is a fast-paced read you won’t put down.

There’s no way she can have him …

… but she can’t leave him alone.

Celeste’s always been interested in the sexy, sensitive Glykoran but it’s complicated. This alien has a wife back home. And a kid. She’s accepted her role as his friend, so when Glykoran becomes a widower, she refuses to leave his side. Love may be the last thing he’s looking for, but she’s in too deep to let him suffer.

Glykoran knows he made the right decision to leave his family behind when offered exile. But when news arrives that he’s lost his mate and daughter, he doesn’t know if he’ll recover. Or if he even wants to. Celeste won’t give up on him, but is Glykoran capable of feeling anything now that he’s lost everything?

If you love steamy science fiction romance, you will love Committed to the Alien. Come for the hot alien action, and stay for the guaranteed HEA!

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An archangel born without emotion is sent to patrol the fallen ... 

…and finds love. 

Devastated when his happiness is destroyed, Zander vows to protect those he has left—his children. 

For the next fourteen years that’s his only goal.
Until he meets his sexy neighbor. 

Zander resists the attraction. Chloe’s human and his world is dangerous—a new enemy has arisen. As he prepares for this latest threat, it becomes clear there may be more to Chloe than he first believed. 

Yet if he accepts what's between them, he could lose everything he holds dear. 

Dare he take the leap?

Join Zander and his quirky family in this dark, magical romance full of twists and turns that'll leave you craving more.

Get it now. 

*Can be read as a standalone.

For fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, JR. Ward, Nalini Singh, Faith Hunter and Patricia Briggs.

He’s given her a reason to live –If he doesn’t get her killed first.

For years, Kaydia Voss served as a psychic assassin –known as Scarlet– for a criminal cartel, bound to them through a drug addiction they forced upon her. Now, she’s broken free of her chains, and has turned her well developed skills back on those who made her into a killer.

Quinn Hale is a for hire mercenary, looking for work on the distant planet of Miruta. Working with Kaydia is lucrative, but what he doesn’t expect is to fall for the mysterious assassin. Or that she might share his attraction. A steamy night spent together awakens exciting new feelings in both of them.

Quinn is the first person who gives Kaydia something to live for, beyond mere vengeance. But secrets both carry threaten their future together, and even their very lives.

Contains explicit content, reader discretion is advised.
Copyright © 2019 Christine Myers Author, All rights reserved.

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