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Welcome new subscribers. Today is Release Day for my new book Joven’s Bride ! Preliminary reviews have been favorable and I am thrilled as I edited it. We are making progress on Axel Rex. The plot is outlined and Clarissa Lake will be doing the bulk of the writing with input from me as we brainstormed the plot together. Since I am getting knee surgery this month, we are shooting for a release date in September.

Also, in this newsletter are some new releases from some very fine fellow authors. If you haven’t read their work before you can follow their buy link and use the look inside apt to read a sample chapter or two of the stories to help you decide.

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Joven's Bride RELEASE DAY! Now Available in Kindle Unlimited.
Selling my body to aliens was bad enough…

… but being in an alien prison is much worse.

The rule is crystal clear: never to say no to a male’s advances… but I did. After that nightmarish evening I find myself in jail with a feeling of impending doom as I hear whispers of the hunt. It’s clear that something much worse than rotting in a cell awaits me.
But one of the prison guards looks familiar. He says his name is Lokahn and though he was silent the night of my arrest, now he’s saying he’ll help me escape.

His reasons for helping me are his own, and though I'm not sure I trust him – I have no choice.

Claimed by the Alien Guard is a standalone but partially connected to the Rebels of Sidyth series. GOOD NEWS! You do not need to read the main series to enjoy this story. Come for the hot alien action and stay for the guaranteed HEA!


The worry stone in Max’s pocket is getting a workout. If it’s not the latest shenanigans of his burglary crew, it’s the bombshell that just exploded in his personal life. Seventeen years after walking out on him, Marianna is back, and she has revelations that will upend his plans for peace and quiet.


The team is salivating to take advantage of her position on an archeological space dig. The backer, an illegal antiquities collector, has long eluded them. Their timeline moves up when they discover that Marianna is the mogul’s chosen fall guy.


Emotionally satisfying with a twist that will leave you shaking your head, Touch of Greed is a fast-paced read you won’t put down.

Sylor refuses to be the typical Valorni warrior. He craves order. Discipline. Certainly not her.

It's simply impossible that one wild, criminal human female could make him forget everything he believes in.

Impossible. And yet...

Nesta hates the surface world and surface dwellers with their stupid rules. Humans or alien warriors, it makes no difference.

The only way to survive is to take what she needs.

When did her needs include a burly green skinned warrior, and his possessive, claiming touch?

They may be able to find a way out of the trapped city. If they can work together that long...

Sylor is the ninth book in the Conquered World science fiction romance series.

Each book features the romance of a new couple, with alpha male alien warriors and women who don't put up with their nonsense. No cheating, no cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!
FREE July 1-5
What if you could share love in its purest form mind to mind all in the span of a thought? What if you could feel what they feel when you touch them and know beyond all doubt that you are loved as well? What if someone took that person from you and did unspeakable things to hurt them---and you felt all that pain as though it were your own? What would you do to make it stop? How do you go on with your life afterward?

Hankura and Chelle are Psion Mates who share a telepathic bond. He is Chief Medical Officer and Chelle is a master Med-tech on the Searching Star exploration ship. The pair are telepaths that share a passionate, loving relationship.

The ship is captured by a Tregan invaders of Zevus Mar when it locks into orbit. The takeover is violent and bloody. Hankura must surrender or watch them kill his wife. He feels her anguish through their telepathic bond when she is raped repeatedly and tortured. He vows revenge, watching and waiting for his chance.

He makes his break forced to kill every Tregan soldier who gets in his way. When it’s over, the memories still haunt them causing them to retreat from each other’s pain.

Is love enough to bring them back together?

Author Warning: **Mild Language**Graphic Sex Scenes**Intended for Adults Only**Possible Triggers**

The war was over, yet the Sargans came and bombed his world to ruin....

Don't forget, Kragyn  is now on Audible.

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