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Talia's Cyborg is back from the beta readers. Now we will be reviewing the suggested edits, and  hope to completed them in time for an April release date.

 Preparations for the April Showers Bargain Book Fair and Giveaway April 4-7 are on schedule. March 18-22 my Aledan Series Box Set is  on sale for 99c exclusively at Amazon. That's the Kindle Edition entire series of six books plus the prequel for just 99c during the Art of the Arcane March Bargain Sale. However, if you have Kindle Unlimited the prequel and first book of the series are free, and the rest are in Kindle Unlimited.

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One lonely night two scared psion children reach out to each other with their minds and forge a bond that will last a lifetime. The boy is a Hankura Narcaza from Aledus and the girl is Michelle Marlow. Over time and distance the memory fades until Hankura is grown. Then Michelle's feelings and thoughts come to him in his dreams, and he realizes he must go back to Earth to find her.

The Aledan Series is romance set in space opera, part science fiction, part adventure and part family saga. It starts with Hankura and Chelle whose love story is carried through the series with a new romance between central characters in each subsequent book of the series.

Revised with new content.

Books included in this box set: Psion Mates Prequel, The Aledan Psion, Oltarin The Horse Clans Colony, Surviving Zevus Mar, Psion Factor, Psion's Children, Calan the Psion Factor Son

Author Warning: **Mild Language**Graphic Sex Scenes**Intended for Adults Only**Possible Triggers (Surviving Zevus Mar)** 

99c this week only (March 18-22)
While this book is no longer on sale, I read and enjoyed the book. I will probably go on to the next book in the series as it is in Kindle Unlimited.
~A Crescent City Arcana short story~

A lethal stranger hunted Bethany Hayes down and nearly killed her. But without uttering a single word, he spared her life and vanished, turning her world upside down. Left with newfound abilities and visions of her attacker, Beth tried to make the most of this second chance.

Lucius Sempronius Asper learned to kill in the amphitheaters of ancient Rome. Enslaved and bound by the dark magic of a powerful witch, he spent centuries eradicating innocent witches at her command. Though made immortal by her enchantment, he was as good as dead inside.

All Lucius knew, what he thought he’d become, changed with Bethany. His one impulsive act of salvation linked them in ways they never could have imagined.

Will Beth be strong enough to free him, or will the hunter become the hunted?

~This short story chronicles how Beth and Lucius learned of the existence of magic, and of each other.~

"Barakiel is a fantastic hero – weird, complex, enigmatic, but also compassionate and sensitive. . . . Zan is an amazingly strong heroine and so easily relatable that readers will just love her too.” – InD’tale Magazine

For centuries, Lucifer’s son paid for the sins of his father. Now, he’s had enough.

Barakiel came to accept his solitude after the rulers of his homeworld banished him to Earth. He takes solace in his duty and enjoys slaughtering the demons his father sends against him at every change of seasons. When someone murders a helpless man and leaves his spleen in the bushes of a Philadelphia park, Barakiel suspects his father is behind it. He offers to consult for the FBI, selling them on his knowledge of the daggers found at the crime scene. Then, Special Agent Zan O’Gara shows up at his door and everything changes.

Although Zan has put her painful experiences with men behind her, she’s perfectly content to be alone. Until she meets Barakiel. She knows something’s not quite right with him, but the stronger part of her thinks he’s worth the gamble.

As Zan’s investigation brings her closer to the truth about Barakiel, his duty compels him to protect the innocent. He’ll risk his life to stop Lucifer from claiming another victim, even as Zan gives him more reasons to live than he’s ever had before.

“One of the best sci-fi suspense romances I’ve ever read.” – Amazon Reviewer

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, explicit sex, and sexual violence. Adults only! This is not a stand-alone novel, but the first in a five-part series. The romantic science fantasy continues in The Pain Season, Book II of the Covalent Series, available now.


When gruesome animals slip through the gaps between worlds, people call the Beast Extractor for help.

Atley doesn’t do her job for money. She sees it as a way to help. Both the animals who are lost and the people who are terrified of the chaos the beasts cause. But when her job drags her to the one place in Delos sector that she swore never to return to, what will she choose to do?

Does she dare face old wounds and the man who caused them?

Atley must prepare herself to face danger coming in from unexpected directions, complete her assignment and get out with her heart intact.

THE BEAST EXTRACTOR is a science fiction romance novella with a medium heat level and an MF HEA.
Copyright © 2019 Christine Myers Author, All rights reserved.

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