Thank you for helping us progress towards our mission of empowering people on 1,000,000 occasions by 2025, using tailored exercise and health education!


Why 1,000,000 occasions? "I'm glad you asked."

The reason is 4 fold. To make an:

  1. Impact on our community, helping a large number of people to reach a greater level of health and by doing so, raising the health and lowering the stress of their respective loved ones.
  2. Impact on wider community giving back to charities close to our heart, assisting those outside of our direct contact to live an empowered, healthier life.
  3. Impact on the Exercise Physiology (EP) industry, providing fulfilling careers for EPs along with making us the most highly sort after Allied Health profession for health education and tailored exercise.
  4. Impact on our families, allowing us to provide and take care of loved ones for future generations, including support whether that be with our own time or other resources

How will you keep track? "Good question."

How do you achieve anything, big or small? Taking repeated small actions, day in day out.

We have a Tailored Health bean bag which is big enough to house 1,000,000 polystyrene balls. To amplify focus and accountability, driving a mission based health business, the client (or practitioner) will place 1 ball per visit into a monthly jar. The 1 ball signifying a time of empowered healthier living (EHL). Each month, we will draw a name from the hat of people who have achieved amazing health results with the guidance of their Exercise Physiologist at Tailored Health, who will not only get to pour the month of EHL occasions into the Tailored Health bean bag, but receive a prize from us at Tailored Health!

Watch Video Here

How will you achieve the 1 million occasions? "3 in a're on fire!"

We will achieve this mission by staying on the front edge with both healthcare and technology. We will build communities in the areas that we excel at (see below), use technology to improve how health services are delivered and provide online options for people to improve their health world wide, in addition to face to face consults.

A current list of things that will help a lot of people in future years are:

  • Online Tailored Golf (T.G.) Services
  • Online T.G. Live Webinars
  • Back Moving Course (online available)
  • Keep Moving Course (online available)
  • We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) Events
  • WGYB Online Membership
  • Online WGYB Live Webinars

What counts as an occasion of Empowering Healthier Living? "Wow, you should replace Andrew Denton!"

A number of categories will be counted towards our total, with the number updated monthly and visible in the clinic and on the website. At this point in time, the main areas include:
  1. Total visits to Tailored Health, both individual and group appointments (calculated via our practice management software)
  2. Face to face visits with referrers, hosting of workshops, seminars, events and presentations
  3. Total number of golfers helped at Yarrabend Golf Club, including individuals and Junior Golf program.

So are you on track? "Great question"

At the end of 2018/19 financial year we were slightly behind target, however, we are confident with Phil onboard and the direction we are headed we can get on track and achieve 30,000+ occasions of EHL this financial year.

Thanks again for your continued trust in us at Tailored Health to assist you with your health goals. If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear it!

Best regards,

Ben Taylor
Director of Tailored Health

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