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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
5p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Unity Center, 3918 San Juan Ave., Port Townsend

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Join us on June 2
Pippa's Real Tea at 636 Water Street - 3 to 4:30
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Hello Washington Indivisible Groups!


Just a friendly reminder to sign up for the June National Activist Call! The call will take place on Thursday, June 6th, at 5 p.m. Pacific. You can register for the call with this address


Remember that any members of your group can join the call, so be sure to share the link with everyone in your group! I’ll see you on the call!


We are excited about our huddle taking over the Indivisible Port Townsend Facebook page! We are working on turning this page back into a community conversation. To that end, we are starting slow and our first step will be monitoring posts and posting everything we possibly can as soon as we see it. The topic remains HOW TO RESIST THE TRUMP AGENDA and we are moving forward with re-opening this conversation.

It's time to submit posts again Indivisible Port Townsend!

  If you want to be a part of the group, go to Indivisible Port Townsend and ask to be a member.

include meeting dates, time, place and contacts

Environmental Team
Mission:  The Environmental Team’s primary focus is Climate Change education, political action, and mitigating our current national emphasis on increasing carbon usage.

New Washington State law signed into law by Gov. Inslee addressing Climate Change:

Electricity: 100% clean: The strongest 100% clean energy requirement in the nation,
transitioning the state’s electrical grid off coal by 2025, carbon neutral by 2030, and completely free of fossil fuels by 2045. The bill also includes innovative approaches to protect low-income communities and ties clean energy incentives to strong labor standards.

Clean buildings standards: Also requires electric vehicle charging readiness in new buildings.
Super pollutants: Phases out hydrofluorocarbons, a highly potent greenhouse gas mostly used in industrial refrigeration equipment.
Green transportation: Invests in clean transportation including electric vehicle incentives and transit electrification.
Appliance efficiency standards: Sets energy and water efficiency standards for appliances solid in Washington.

Solar Fairness Act: Protects net metering, utility customers ability to sell the solar energy they produce back to their utility.
And More: Gov. Inslee also signed a bill, May 8, banning hydraulic fracking for oil and natural gas within Washington state.
He also stated: “I cannot in good conscience support continued construction of a liquefied natural gas plant in Tacoma or a methanol production facility in Kalama.”

Orca and Salmon recovery
Protecting habitat: Supports chinook salmon and forage fish populations by protecting habitat and reducing invasive predatory species.
Preventing oil spills: Extends proven safeguards to all vessels carrying crude oil by establishing zone-based tug escort requirements for oil-laden vessels in the waters around the San Juan Islands. Reducing vessel noise and disturbance Reduces vessel speed to 7 knots within half nautical mile and increases the vessel buffer zone around orcas.
Reducing sources of toxic pollution: Prevents toxic pollution by addressing the use of classes of chemicals that are of particular concern to sensitive

Our Indivisible Team will continue to work on behalf of Climate Change issues.  Please join us for the next meeting at 4:00-5:30, June 18; Unity Church.  Contact Cherri Mann,,  for more information.

Climate on Tap – Create a Climate for Change! - Mon June 3rd 
 Finnriver Farm and Cidery in Chimacum is hosting a monthly series, “Climate on Tap”, to provide information as well as actions you can take to create a climate for change. The series is co-sponsored by Local 20/20 Climate Action and Jefferson County Public Health. The series is free and open to all.  The series will feature discussions facilitated by community climate educators and cover topics relevant to Jefferson County citizens. This will not be a lecture series, but conducted in a book club/discussion format with each session including information to get the conversation started, followed by group discussions that include what locals think and what locals plan to do. Participants will receive a summary of the group discussions and suggested actions to take. Session topic for June 3rd is Carbon offsets, and on July 1st- Shopping for change. For further information email Laura Tucker or call 360-379-4491; 
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Location: Finnriver Farm and Cidery; 124 Center Road, Chimacum
"Reproductive justice activists treat abortion and other reproductive health services as akin to the resources all human beings are entitled to—such as health care, education, housing, and food—in an equitable, democratic society."  Dorothy Roberts
Raging Warriors for Universal Healthcare

The group had a very lively meeting on May 26 and has several new ideas in the works.  Although they will be taking the summer off from team meetings, they will be doing several events during the next few months.  We will continue to send relevant info on  our issues and alerts Inviting you to participate in our events or other activities.  For more info contact  
Stay tuned! 
Mission Statement: We are an action-focused group of advocates providing information and leadership to the greater Indivisible community on a broad range of healthcare issues. Our areas of focus: healthcare costs and access to reproductive health, and public health-related issues linked to sexual assaults, intimate partner violence, and gun-related violence. We seek allies and partners across the political spectrum to improve all aspects of healthcare through large and small, state and national, legislative actions.
Pride in the Park 2019
Celebrating 50 Years Stonewall

Jefferson County Pride (JCP) a newly formed 501(c)3 is hosting the Pride
celebration again.
Mark your calendars Saturday July 13, 2019 Noon to 5pm Pope Marine Park.
Participants needed
Do you sing or perform then you need to sign up for our
Variety show
Please sign up at:
Volunteers needed:
Please sign up at:
Our ‘Fund a Need’ is a youth center for LGBTQ youth and their allies
We need a safe place for our LGBTQ youth and their allies
to be their authentic selves.

Please send your questions to
Thanks again from your JCP Board of directors.
Jefferson County Immigrant Rights Advocates (JCIRA)

Our mission is to support the rights of immigrants through legal services, standing witness, advocacy and community education.

1.  PASSED and FULLY FUNDED the Keep Washington Working Act. This will not only keep families together by limiting law enforcement from working with out-of-control federal immigration forces but also provide a safer environment for immigrants in our community.
2.  EXTENDED Dual Language Program grants and capacity in early learning and K-12 to 2021. This means students will continue to benefit from dual language learning. During the next session, more funds will be proposed. 
3.  FULLY FUNDED the Washington New Americans Program. This supports FREE clinics through special Citizenship Days across the state.
4.  PASSED language access requirements for parents in schools, ensuring students and parents will have access to interpreting services that encourage them to become actively involved in their family's education. 
5.  FUNDED census outreach in under counted communities to the tune of $15 million, and increased legal services funding for low-income immigrants to $3 million over two years.

ACTION ITEM - HELP PASS THE The American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, H.R. 6 
This bill offers a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers as well as immigrants eligible for TPS and DED. An estimated 
2.5 million immigrants could be permanently protected under the bill. The current version of the bill is strong.  We have to make sure it stays strong. Write to the House Judiciary Committee and urge them ti keep the bill strong! A list of House Judiciary Committee members can be found at   Click to get their email addresses.

Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, 16 years old, is the fifth child to die in U.S. government custody since December 2018. It is also the second such death in one week. Can we stop this?  
Abolish ICE.
Urge Congress to defund ICE.  
Hold Customs and Border Patrol totally accountable for the conditions responsible for these deaths. 
Contact:  Senator Patty Murray  202-224-2621 
              Senator Maria Cantwell  202-224-3441 
              Representative Derek Kilmer  202-225-5916  
The Aberdeen/Long Beach area is famous for shellfish growing, cranberry farming and salal gathering - providing jobs for hardworking taxpaying immigrants whose families have lived there for decades and whose children attend public schools.  The detentions have disrupted community life and left many families in financial stress.  You can help.  Visit the website of Pacific County Immigrant Support, the local non-profit group helping to raise money.
Rosewind Commons House 
Newcomers and friends are always welcome
for dates and times:
Office phone 360-232-6070
Hotline phone  360-531-2656
Foreign Policy Team
Jefferson County Citizens for Sound Foreign Policy
The Mueller Report, Barr Hearing:  negotiations are underway for Mueller to testify in the House meeting perhaps May 15. We are concerned that and other house actions will be tied up in the courts beyond the 2020 elections.
Election security: The “Honest Ads Act” has been reintroduced by Klobuchar, Graham and Warner in the Senate and again Derek Kilmer and Stefanik introducing it in the House. Email our senators and Kilmer.
Middle East: Resolution against support of Yemeni war passed the House and Senate; Trump vetoed it. Attempt to override failed. What now?
Here is the piece as a follow-up to our discussion:
This article urged reform of the 1973  War Powers Act as a long-term goal and in the short term supporting the Saudi Arabia Accountability and Yemen Act of 2019. We can call and email our guys and the Foreign Relations committee, especially those on the Mideast subcommittee.
The House Foreign Affairs subcommittee held a hearing May 8 called  “Opportunities and Challenges in U.S. Relations in the Gulf. The subcommittee members present ( mostly Dems) sharply questioned Tim Lenderking, a career diplomat who is a State Dept. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Arab Gulf Affairs (not a Trump appointee) re. various issues. Beside an acknowledgement that Iran is a destabilizing factor, senators were concerned about the administration's lack of insistence on respect for human rights. Among other topics relevant to our previous discussions, the senators brought up the understaffing of the State Dept. and ambassadorships in the region, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the lack of admin response in accord with the Global Magnitsky Act, the Qatar blockade, and the U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war. Representatives Deutch, Allred, Malinowski, Lieu, Trone and Connolly, for whom Khashoggi was a constituent.(“He's entitled to justice and I want my government to insist on it!”) deserve thank you postcards.

Relations with Europe: Polls show the falling U.S. reputation in Europe and the lessening inclination of our allies to engage as closely with us.
China: The Chinese Belt and Road Infrastructure Development represents threats to American relationships abroad. We should monitor these developments.
North Korea: North Korea's recent missile testing and the administration is woefully lacking in preparation for high level negotiations.
Other resources: A good selection of relevant articles can be found at Just Security website.

The next quarterly team leader meeting will take place at 41 Vista Blvd, PT at 3-4:30 PM on Monday, 1 July 2019. Please submit suggestions for agenda items in advance.
The next meeting of the Elections Committee will be held on June 4th at the home of Norton Couron.  For further information or directions to Norton’s home, please contact Cheryl Bentley at (360) 344-2512 or 

The 2020 Candidate Pledge.
Make the primary constructive. I’ll respect the other candidates and make the primary election about inspiring voters with my vision for the future.

Rally behind the winner. I’ll support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whomever it is — period. No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats. Immediately after there’s a nominee, I’ll endorse.

Do the work to beat Trump. I will do everything in my power to make the Democratic Nominee the next President of the United States. As soon as there is a nominee, I will put myself at the disposal of the campaign.

Go to the Indivisible page to take the grassroots pledge!
Call your representatives today!
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