Symphonia's Serverless Insights - June, 2017
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Welcome to the latest issue of Symphonia’s Serverless Insights newsletter. Our mission is to bring the benefits of Serverless to both our clients and the industry at large, and we're excited to share our latest thoughts with you. 

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News from the Serverless World

It’s been a busy spring! Peak Serverless for the season was reached in late April in Austin, Texas, when Serverlessconf Austin brought together over 400 people from around the world, and featured talks from Austen Collins, Tim Wagner (and his blender!), Charity Majors, and Symphonia’s very own Mike Roberts! Check out the rest of the videos.
Microsoft came to Serverlessconf in full force, and there’s no doubt that they have a strong Serverless vision. But AWS aren’t going to rest on their laurels - we continue to see improvements across their ecosystem large and small. One interesting recent update on the AWS side is that they’ve increased the default Lambda concurrency limit to 1000 which is great news … but be careful not to DoS your downstream services folks!
A couple of interesting and related announcements from Twilio and Auth0. In the former you can now run custom functions within Twilio, using Twilio Functions. In the latter Auth0 (one of our favorite Serverless vendors) are now offering the ability for other SaaS companies to easily offer a similar feature to Twilio Functions, using the new Auth0 Extend product. So SaaS-platform-specific FaaS appears to be a thing.
And finally there’s been more and more chatter in the tweeto-blogo-sphere about ‘multi-cloud’. We have Opinions about this, which you can read in Mike’s article here. (The short-answer? Mostly, don’t use multi-cloud as a portability or resilience hedge. Embrace the higher-value elements of your vendors that aren’t commodity. Multi-cloud abstraction will be expensive and very likely won’t be something you need.)

Read / Watch / Follow

Read: FaaS Measurement Fundamentals, by Clay Smith of New Relic. An interesting under-the-covers investigation of AWS Lambda
Watch: All of the Serverless Conf videos above! 
Follow: Microsoft’s Azure Functions Twitter

News from the Symphonia World

First we’re very excited to announce the availability of our free e-book report, with O’Reilly, titled “What is Serverless?” . This is great for anyone new to Serverless since it covers the basics, benefits, and limitations. But there’s stuff in there for more experienced folk too, especially Chapter 5 - Differentiating Serverless - where we drill into what Serverless really means.
It’s been a frenetic couple of months for us, conference-wise. We spoke at 6 conferences in 6 weeks, closing out the run with a very successful 100+ person training workshop at O’Reilly’s OSCON conference. Apart from the training we gave a number of different talks, including Mike’s on Continuous Experimentation (as he would now title it!) that he gave at Serverlessconf.
Of course we’re not done for the year, and our upcoming conference schedule for speaking and training is as below. If you, or your company, are interested in training but can’t make it to either of the events below then please reply to this newsletter / contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss other options.
QCon — June 26 through June 29, New York, NY . Speaking and full-day training.
ÜberConf — July 19, Denver, CO. Speaking.
O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference — Oct 16 through Oct 19, London, UK . Speaking and 2 day training.
Finally we’ve given a few podcast interviews recently. With The New Stack we went over the basics of Serverless, we chatted with Cloud Technology Partners about Serverless in the Enterprise, and we talked in depth with Stelligent about Serverless + DevOps, Vendor lock-in, and more. We have more podcasts on the calendar, and we’ll link those in future newsletters.

One more thing

A lot of the hype of Serverless has been around Functions-as-a-Service, or Serverless Compute. And that’s not unfair considering what a change it is to how we’ve architected custom server-side software before.
But Serverless is more than just compute - it’s also data. And not just operational data - analytical data too. Lynn Langit presented a great talk at Serverlessconf, digging into Serverless SQL Queries. This is a fascinating area, and we recommend you give this talk a watch.

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