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                  Fr Barrett's office:  Office is located on the side at the Glebe

                             Contact information:   902-755-3688

                                            Call or text 1-902-304-2140 or


 OLOL Parish Office:

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                                           Fax:  902-752-4826               

Office Hours:   Monday: 12 pm - 3 pm      Wednesday:  10:30 am - 4 pm
                                                   Thursday:  10:30 am - 4 pm


 **Bulletin Notices** must be submitted to the parish office

by Wednesday at 4:00 pm

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November 25, 2018
  Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Celebration of the Eucharist
    Pastor: Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson
    ph 902-755-3688 (glebe)  1-902-304-2140 (cell)
             Sat     Nov    24     5:30 pm   Karen Cullen   (deceased)                                 
             Sun     Nov    25      9:00 am    Parishioners
                                                       11:15 am   Theresa (Fitzgerald) Aoss (deceased)

                                            ***There will be one Mass this week.
                             Consider this final week before Advent as your time in the desert with God
                                                 with the Mass on November 30th as reaching an Oasis****

                   Fri      Nov 30    9:00 am  Cyril Fitt (deceased)  Feast of St Andrew

                                                      ADVENT  MASS  SCHEDULE                      

Sat      Dec  1     5:30 pm  Members of the Morgan Family (deceased)                                            
Sun     Dec   2    9:00 am   Parishioners
                         11:15 am  John Cullen  (deceased)
Mon    Dec   3    9:00 am  Eleanor Cameron (deceased)
Tues   Dec   4   10 am  @ Valley View Villa                                                                                                                        
Wed    Dec   5    9:00 am  Gena Dwyer (living)  followed by   Eucharistic Adoration until 10 am (each week)
Thurs  Dec   6   6:00 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation and 6:30 pm Mass
                                Fred Momberquette (deceased)                                                                          
 Fri      Dec   7    9:00 am  Alex & Betty Skoke (living)                                                                         
                                             followed by First Friday Communion calls  
Sat     Dec   8  9:00 am  Rosary for Vocations to the Priesthood
                          Mass at 9:30 am  Theresa (Fitzgerald) Aoss (deceased)
Please Note:  In the event of a funeral, weekday Mass will be held


                   NEW ----PLEASE NOTE:
                The (2018-2019)  Sunday Missal

                Sunday Missal for Young Catholics
are now available at both entrances of the church.
The cost for each edition is $ 5.00


          Divine Mercy Prayer Group
From the diary of a Polish nun (St Faustina), a special devotion to the Mercy of God is spreading throughout the world.  This devotion calls people to a deeper understanding that God's love is unlimited and available to all.  The main elements of this devotion are trust and deeds of mercy.  Anyone wishing to join a Divine Mercy Prayer Group in our parish, please call Sharon at 902-752-5608 or 902-755-6081 for more details



 Saint Spotlight:                                                               

   :                Saint Andrew – Andrew came from Bethsaida in Galilee.  Like his father and his brother Simon, he was a  fisherman.  A disciple of John the Baptist, Andrew was present at Jesus’ baptism.  When John stated, “Behold the Lamb of God,” Andrew understood and followed Jesus.  Going to his brother Simon Peter, Andrew told him that he had found the Messiah.  Thus, Andrew is known as the first disciple of Jesus.  Later, when Jesus chose his apostles, Andrew was among the twelve.  It is uncertain where Andrew preached or where he died, but ancient tradition associates him with Greece.  Another tradition links him with Scotland, where his memory is said to have inspired the first bishop.
The cross of Saint Andrew, which represents Scotland on the Union Jack, was first associated with Andrew in the 10th century.  He is patron saint of Scotland and Russia, of the Greek Church and of the fishing industry (November 2018, Living with Christ, Vol 24 NO 11, p. 168).


From the Pastor’s Desk:


November – Over the weeks of November, the Church’s liturgy turns more and more toward what theologians call Eschatology – reflections on the ultimate outcome of living in this world.  What we mean by ultimate outcome, of course, is the way we will enjoy the fullness of God’s Kingdom.  John calls this same mystery our participation in life everlasting.  Paul describes it as being “in Christ.”  These images of the perfection of the life that is promised by God are not just about life after death but are about life here and now.  The three images – God’s Kingdom, participation in, and in Christ – offer us different ways to approach the mystery of God’s Kingdom, but they are rich in the expectation of the way we will respond to Christ’s call made visible in the Sacrament of Baptism.  As we passed through the waters of life and death, we were transformed utterly – we took on the Divine Life of Jesus Christ and can now participate in the Life of Christ as members of his Body, the Church.  For this reason, as Pope Francis reminds us frequently, we are people of joy.  The victory is won for us – and now God enables us to participate in making it real for ourselves and those we encounter.  God’s Kingdom, everlasting life, and being in Christ are all descriptions here and now of our cooperation with God’s invitation to live the Christ Life.  Mysteriously, that promise, and gift, was realized in Mary of Nazareth, from her conception.  The Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary invites us to consider Mary as an image for the whole Church.  What is given to her is given to us, also.  What was given her in her conception is granted to us in our birth in the waters of Baptism.  This invitation and perfection was realized in Mary when her parents brought her to the Woman’s Gate of the Temple and presented her to God.  Her parents were graced to understand that Mary would play a unique role in God’s Plan of Salvation – thus even as a little child she was dedicated to God’s service.  We the Church are likewise called to play a unique role in God’s Plan.  We are called to give ourselves intentionally and concretely to living the virtues of the Gospel.  For many years, we thought that those in professional religious life and priesthood were to do that for us, but baptism calls every member of Christ’s Body to this task and this glory.  Luke 19:11-28 warns that those who are given gifts for the sake of the Kingdom must use them or lose them.  Whether given ten, or five or one opportunity, we are to use it for God’s glory.  Revelation 4:1-11 is a rich vision of the Glory of God that will be revealed in the wonder, magnificence and beauty of all creation, when we truly recognize that God is God (The “I am who I am” in Exodus 3:14).  What serves our imagination to consider the magnificence where God fully dwells?  All creation reveals God’s glory, and that all of us throughout the world are called to share in God’s glory.  By cooperating with others and God, we help realize today the promise satisfied by Jesus: that every human being can live in hope, and we can stop relating to our world as a trash heap and allow it to be the footstool of God that the Divine Majesty created it to be.  As the Mother of the Church celebrates her presentation to God, and we sons and daughters are rededicated to God’s glory, we pray with all the Holy Ones through the centuries: “Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God the Almighty, who was and is and is to come.  Amen.” (Revelation 4:8).





2018-19 Religious Ed Program

Classes for grades 1 to 7 are held in the S.C.S.C. 

Sundays,   from 10 am to 11:00 am

Classes for grade 8 & up are held in the S.C.S.C

from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday evening classes  Mass at 6:30 pm.

Grade 8 and up includes Confirmation

Religious Education Coordinator

Laurena Greencorn

phone 902-921-1972    email


Children’s Liturgy:

Beginning the First Sunday of Advent (Dec. 2, 2018) and continuing through out the Advent Season we are happy to announce Children’s Liturgy will be happening here at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish at our 9 a.m. celebration of Eucharist.  This is an opportunity for our young people to engage in God’s Word, to reflect and explore the scriptures in an age appropriate manner.   Children will gather in the Church for the Introductory rites and the welcome then proceed to the glebe house with a Catechist to pray with the Scriptures.  They will be warmly welcomed back to the assembly during the offertory.  Please spread the word to parishioners with young children and invite them to attend.  We ask for your continued prayers for our catechists and the children for an openness to God’s Word to be lived out in our lives.



The family of Helen MacRae (past CWL President) is celebrating her 90th birthday   
November 25th
  Location:      Sister Catherine Steele Centre
  Time:      2 to 4 pm 
Refreshments served
Best wishes only 

Antigonish Youth Rally:    You Can Change the World
When: Sunday,   November 25th     Time: 12 pm – 4 pm
Where:    St. Ninian Place,  Antigonish
Register by e-mailing
We all have dreams, we want good things for ourselves,
and we are called to make the world a better place.
This gathering is about learning practical ways to make our influence felt.
Come find out how you can make a difference!


Prayer Corner:    Please pray for Cecilia Greencorn,
Jaime Legresley, Ashley Legresley, Myla MacDonald,
 Patricia Jerrett, Vickie MacLeod, Mary Dyer, Herbert Henderson, Stephen Henderson Marjorie Humphrey (Boudreau), Sarah Jane Boudreau, Ian McKeen, Alma Kyle, Ed MacArthur, Vera Pettipas and for all the sick

Sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Christina Juurlink
If there is someone sick who would like his/her name added to the prayer corner, or if someone who is listed in the prayer corner recovers or dies, please contact Fr. Barrett at 902-755-3688 or 1-902-304-2140
or e-mail
Thank You



Parish News and Notes

Weekend Collection:  for November  18th, 2018

               Weekend  Collection Envelopes        $ 2,921.00
                                   E-transfers                     160.00
                                  Loose  Offerings               323.55
                                                   Other Receipts              288.30          
                     Total  Collection  Income     $  3,692.85
# of envelopes used:  126

Other Receipts

                                       Missals         $   130.00                
   Votives & Literature         $    158.30
           Total  Other  Receipts       $ 288.30       
Cemetery Maintenance:   $55


Hospitality Office Team
New Job Title:

Hospitality Office Team members act as receptionists
for  Our Lady of Lourdes Parish supporting the Church’s mission to serve one another.
He or she will represent our parish to fellow members and to the public who visit our office Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.   This is a volunteer position.     

The Hospitality Office Team works in the parish office area of  the
                              Sister Catherine Steele Center

Overall Commitment:
The Hospitality Team member serves one day per week and works in conjunction
with three other Hospitality Team members.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Time Commitment:
One day per week (T, W, T or F)
     for four hours (10 am until 2 pm).  

                   Communication, some computer skills,
                    problem-solving ability,
dependability, patience
                     pleasant manner.                                                                                                                                                   
Diocesan protocol and training for this position will be provided.
                         If interested, please contact Fr. Barrett


Finance Committee: Membership

For more information please contact
The Finance Committee is looking for two replacements to fill the seats for Financial member and Fund Raiser member...
Fr. Barrett (755-3688) or Russ Oehmen  (752-3045) about taking on this vital role.
  • Catholics presently registered in the parish who have a sense of faith and who are aware of their responsibility of providing financially for the needs of the Church.
  • Well acquainted, or willing to be acquainted, with the civil, canonical and diocesan regulations relating to the temporal administration of the parishes.
  • Thoroughly acquainted, or willing to be acquainted, with business, financial, and administrative procedures. 
  • Selected for a three-year term, renewal once

Parish Census:    
The Parish Census Committee wishes to thank the Parish families who have completed their registration forms.  The committee would also like to thank the volunteers who assisted with the census forms prior to and after each Mass.
The Census Committee was established, by the Parish Pastoral Council, in September of this year and given a mandate of comprising a current, accurate and up to date parish registration list.  Phase 1 of this process was to develop a census form for our parish and to distribute the form to our parishioners.   On November 4th and 5th census forms were provided to our parish families who attended our Saturday and Sunday Masses.  The committee have collected most of the forms that were distributed and will follow up with those not yet returned to a committee member.  Phase 1 of the process is in the final stage of completion.
Phase 2 of the parish wide census is presently underway by the committee members. The committee is reviewing archived parish registration lists and parish boundaries.  The committee expect this phase will be completed in the Spring of 2019.
The committee then expects to transition into Phase 3 of the process which will be going into our church community and providing and completing census forms with our Catholic families who haven’t completed the form and would like to have their family added to our parish registry. This part of the process is expected to be labour intensive and a request will be asked of our parishioners to assist the committee members with these community visits.  Once the committee reaches this point in the process, a request for volunteers will be published in the church bulletin.  

Census Committee Members:   Robert Cullen
                                                Brenda Duffy
                                                Alex MacInnis
                                                 Fr. Barrett

Capital Projects Funds as of November 18th,2018   
 Total: $193,002.60
  Debits: -$93,088.58
  True Bank Balance: $99,914.02

Our parish is now offering - "In Memory Plates"-
to be attached to the church pews.
With a minimum donation of $300,
an engraved plate will be installed with a prayer intention,
the name of the person remembered and the donor's name (see samples
   below).   Details and order forms are available at the parish office.

sample:                                                        sample:
Donated In Memory of                                 Dedicated to Prayer for World Peace
Jane Smith by her loving family                         Catholic Women's League      
 For the prayer intention of                             of  Our Lady of Lourdes Parish




Chalice (Catholic Charity)
invites you to share the blessings of Christmas with
children in the developing world.
Our Christmas Gift Catalogue allows you to purchase a gift for someone in need in honor of a friend or a loved one.
A beautiful handwritten card will be sent to the recipient, telling them of the gift that is given. Please find the gift catalogues at the back of your church. 
 Any gift purchased through the catalogue will receive an official tax receipt.   
For more information, please call 1-800-776-6855 or visit


Parish Pastoral Council Chair:   Alex MacInnis  902-752-3198
Religious Education: Laurena Greencorn  902-921-1972
Liturgy: Teresa McKay  902-755-1542
CWL:  Bernadette Kellock  902-755-3817
Fund-raising:   See   "Capital Projects Fund announcement"
Cemetery: Paul Sutherland   902-396-8002
St Vincent de Paul Help Line:    Our Lady of Lourdes Area  902-7591389
                                                     St John the Baptist Area  902-771-2766


Parish Ministries Schedule: Dec 1st  and  Dec 2nd 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 
Scheduling: Brenda Duffy  ph 902-755-1312
Readers:                                     Servers:
Scheduling: Julie Rodgers                               Scheduling: Angela Stroud
ph 902-752-2443                                                 Ph 902-752-1832
Saturday   Dec  1st
Sunday    Dec  2nd
Saturday  5:30 pm Sunday  9:00 am  Sunday  11:15 am

Extraordinary Ministers of

Holy Communion:

   Carole Dunbar
    Murray Dunbar
    Alex MacInnis

      Barb MacLeod
      Brenda Duffy
           Bill Reid                

Laurena Greencorn
Karen Megeney
Dexter Megeney



Brenda Duffy


Betty Pettipas

Religious Ed Student



  Bernie McCarron

John Gillis

Lisa Turner


The CWL are still collecting stamps for
Development and Peace.
Stamps may be placed in the small basket at the back of the church.

  "Country Music Jam"           Tuesday nights are  Country Music Jams in the 
Sr Catherine Steele Center at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Enjoy an evening of classic country, Nfld and old time music
from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm with a light lunch to follow

Admittance $5.00 (musicians are free)               
For more information,
please contact
  Bernie McCarron
at 902-928-0426


Big Brothers Big Sisters
has many different programs to fit any schedule, something for everyone!
We have many children waiting for a Mentor
If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more, please contact:
or call 752-6260
Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Advent and Christmas Gift Ideas
The Season of Advent begins on Sunday December 2, 2018
The Emmaus Book Store
invites you to stop by and view  our selection of Advent and Christmas items:

Advent Wreath Rings and Candles
Foam Advent Wreaths for children
Advent and Christmas devotional books
for adults, young people and families
Christmas Gift ideas and cards
Christmas books for children
and much more…
Drop by early for the best selection.

Diocesan Pastoral Centre
200 Churchill Drive,  Suite 103,  Membertou, NS
902-539-6188 ext 224 or 1-800-656-5311 ext 224


Hunters Breakfasts
at Springville Church Hall
Each Saturday until December 8th, from 6:30-10:00.


Two positions available -
Part-time contract Diocesan Youth Minister, Inverness Deanery;
Part-time contract Diocesan Youth Minister, Antigonish / Guysborough / StFX Deanery and Pictou Deanery
We are looking to hire Diocesan Youth Ministers to build youth ministry. Ideally, you are available to start a six month contract in January 2019. Email your resume to Contact Cathy Walsh, Youth Ministry Coordinator, for more information.
Cathy Walsh
Youth Ministry Coordinator



Saturday      Nov 24th

- Christmas Coffee/ Tea party and Sale

10am -12 noon             

 Sharon St. John Church hall----Stellarton

Take a break from shopping or drop in with friends for coffee, tea,
hot apple cider or hot chocolate,
along with muffins, cinnamon rolls,
coffee cake and much more.

There will be a bake table Christmas items--
Book sale and Christmas basket raffle too

Admission:   $6          Children 12 & under:   $2


Diocese of Antigonish






Ann Holton


CD Release Concert – “A Merry Little Christmas” –
 Sharon St. John United Church in Stellarton
Saturday    November 24th     at 7:00 pm
Special guests will include Ardyth, Jennifer & Darren McMullen, Heather Cameron, Jeff Torbert and Karen Crowley.
Tickets:      adults  $20       students  $10
Available at the church office (902-752-4943), at and at the door.



Christ Anglican Church
Stellarton Fundraising Raffle
Win a 6 month Family Membership to the Pictou County YMCA        Tickets are $5/each
Draw Date:    Saturday    
December 15th
Tickets can be purchased at the

Christ Church Tea and Sale
November 24th         2-4pm
50 Bridge Ave. Stellarton 
or by contacting the ACPC office at 902-752-6422 or
The ideal Christmas Gift for that special family on your list!!


Christmas Carols at the Kirk
St. Andrew's Presbyterian, 105 Coleraine St., Pictou
Sunday    November 25th      @ 7:00 pm
This will be an evening of Scripture and music provided by all 5 Pictou Town Churches. The combined choirs will sing together for the finale. A reception will follow in the church hall. All are welcome.
A free will offering will be accepted to support the Pictou Co. Fuel Fund

Antigonish Youth Rally:
       You Can Change the World
   When: Sunday,
November 25th

      Time: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.   Where: St. Ninian Place,  Antigonish.    Register by e-mailing  We all have dreams, we want good things for ourselves, and we are called to make the world a better place.  This gathering is about learning practical ways to make our influence felt.  Come find out how you can make a difference!

Annual Mass for deceased members of the
MGSR  Moses  M Coady  Assembly # 2222
 Sunday        November 25th       at    11;
 in the Stella Maris Church , Pictou 
The names of the deceased will be read aloud
Relatives and friends are welcome to attend.



Trinity Hosts Café
 Saturday     December 1st       1-3pm
Great coffee, muffins and conversation for
$5   per person
There will be sewing projects and kitchen goodies for sale also.
You will be welcomed at the MacLean Street entrance of
Trinity United, New Glasgow.

Gift shop at Mother of Sorrows Pioneer Shrine in Mabou

Christmas Shopping Sale

 Saturday       December 1st
    Sunday        December 2nd.

All merchandise in stock will be 50% OFF for these two days only
from   1:00 to 4:00 pm

Thank-you all for your support of the Shrine this year.
The Shrine is open year round.
For any questions or requests please call 902-945-2221



Sunday         December 2nd       3:00 pm

Annual  “Sing Joy”  program for the Christmas Season

Voicetime Studio Singers

Sharon St. John United Church, Stellarton

Adults: $15      Seniors: $12       Students: $7

Tickets from:  Choir Members------H&R Music------Pictou Pharmasave

call:  902-752-1297---or----at the door

Sunday,     December 2nd       at 7:00pm.
Lights of Love Campaign 2018

Join this year’s holiday celebrations by helping the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home light its Christmas tree with bulbs dedicated to love. This is the 21st year for our annual Lights of Love fundraising campaign. Your generosity has helped to improve the quality of life for the R.K.’s residents over the past two decades. You can dedicate a bulb in memory of a deceased loved one or honour someone presently in your life. Monies raised this year will support the purchase and installation of a therapeutic bath system, completing an upgrade of this vital personal care service for residents.
If you wish to make a donation in memory of a loved one and are not currently on our mailing list, please call the R.K. Foundation Office at 902-863-2578, Ext. 223 and leave your mailing address. Donations can also be made online by clicking the Lights of Love link at Please join us in the R.K. Chapel for the tree lighting and dedication on



I would like to invite all the Youth and Young Adults in the Diocese for a “Teaching Youth Mass” at
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Church in Sydney.  It will take place on the 1st Sunday of Advent;

December 9th,2018  at 6pm   and we will focus on this as being a new beginning for our Youth in the Diocese.  Fr. Bill Burke will preside at Mass and there will be a videographer on hand to tape it as this will be used as a teaching tool for the Diocese.  We encourage all Confirmation Candidates to attend and especially the young adults.  There will be Pizza and refreshments served afterwards and a time for some social bonding and getting to know each other.  If you are interested in participating in the Mass or in the choir please email myself Anne Stubbert, Youth Minister CBRM at and leave a message.  There will be practice sessions to be announced at a later date.  Please mark it on your Calendars and hope to see you there. 

 “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”
      A Christmas Concert will be held in Our Lady of Fatima Church on Sunday   Dec. 9th  at 2 pm
The concert will feature the Regional Hospital Choir, Sacred Heart Choir, Gaelic Choir and Knights of Columbus Choir. Special performances by Fr. Patrick O’Neil, Cathy Butler, Mike Finigan, Mary Isabel MacDonald, and Jule Martell. The concert is under the direction of Shauna Dolan. There will also be an audience sing along. Tickets are $15.00 each and children under 12 are admitted free of charge. Tickets can be purchased from any of the choir members, the parish office, or by calling Linda - 902-562-2957.

"Men of the Deeps"  and  "Burke Family"

Christmas concert

Saturday     December 15th      7 pm

at Our Lady of Fatima, Sydney River

Come enjoy an evening of Christmas music and memories with the "Men of the Deeps"
and New Waterford’s own "Burke Family"
Tickets are $25 on sale at Fatima parish office, Pastoral Center at
Membertou and also at Arlie’s.
This concert will sell out get your tickets soon.

Christmas  Concert 

Come and gather as we prepare and
anticipate the Christmas Season

Sunday   December 16th     at  2 pm

in  Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Enjoy performances by:   Sarah English--Hayly MacGregor--

Ray Stewart--Jeannie Cameron-- Leah and Robert MacPherson--

Sheila Aucoin----and more                                                                  

Cider & Sweets hosted by
CWL immediately
following the Concert
at the Sister Catherine Steele Center

Admission  $10 per person    $20 per family

Advanced tickets available after the weekend Masses----at Medical Hall Pharmacy and Skoke Hair Stylist
(both on Foord St, Stellarton)



Dates:  Jan 18th - 29th  2019

12-day  Colombia Mission to

Home for children who've been abandoned

Ages:  Young Adults  18 & up

Flights from Halifax to Toronto:
$1198.00  (Due Sept 17th)
PLUS ground fees: $600         

Contact:  Fr. Andrew Gillies  902-863-4846


Pilgrimage to Medjugorje with Father Patrick O’Neill (Our Lady of Fatima Parish) and Father Paul Murphy (Holy Redeemer Parish)
             This upcoming pilgrimage has a tentative date set for

 May 13th until May 23rd, 2019. 

The COST has not been established as of yet.  This should be figured out in the next week or so.  This pilgrimage is open to all ages.  Full details will be finalized very soon. If you feel the call to join us let either of us know.  Once details are finalized there will be a contact person you can call to register your name and send payments.  


Society of St. Vincent De Paul   
has been active in our parish for over 38 years.  We strive to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.  The work of justice and charity is carried out only through the generosity of our parishioners.  Please consider making a financial contribution.   Envelopes can be found at the entrance of the church. Every donation makes a difference!
All contributions are tax deductible.
Thank you in advance for your support.


Thinking about donating to Our Lady of Lourdes?: The Parish has three accounts: operating, cemetery, and Capital Projects. Cheques intended for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish operating account can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Cheques intended for the cemetery account can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Cemetery, and cheques intended for Capital Projects can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Capital Projects. Thank you for your support

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Each Sunday Mass will be uploaded on the Diocese of Antigonish Utube Channel. 
Each Monday we will upload the Sunday Mass the day before for anyone to access.  As Producer of CTV Mass for Shut-Ins I think it is important to give people as much access as possible to join us each weekend for the Holy Mass.


Mass time  at 11:30 am

New Donations Cards Available
in  Support of

Mass for Shut Ins

It remains the longest running television program on CTV in Canada.  The Diocesan Pastoral Centre Office now offers donations cards to be given as gifts in celebration of  birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirements, weddings .....and so on. Cards are  available for purchase at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, 200 Churchill Drive, Suite 103 in Membertou, Sydney.  All proceeds will go toward the productions costs of Mass for Shut Ins. Receipts will be provided.


Dear brother priests, deacons and laity,
I would like to invite you and your parish (or group such as CWL, KOC, etc, also retired priests) to come celebrate the Mass.
We broadcast live on Sundays.  If that day is not possible for your parish or group we can pre-tape the Tuesday before at 6:30pm at the CTV Studio on George Street, Sydney.
Thank you for the support you give to Mass for Shut-Ins.  I look forward to working with you and your parish or parish group in the near future.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
My Glebe House number is 902-562-9810
For bookings please email or phone (902-539-6188 extension 222) Mae Rowe at the Pastoral Center

Father Patrick O’Neill
Producer CTV Mass for Shut-Ins

In Our Deanery:         

St. John the Baptist:

Wed & Thurs @ 9 am

10:30 am @ Glen Haven

Stella Maris:

No Masses

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Did you know: that 30-40% of hospital visits are due to taking medication improperly? 
Some things you can do:
- Review your medication schedule with your physician or pharmacist, who can explain, organize and simplify your list of prescription and non-prescription medications 
- Blister packaging, offered by some pharmacies, can organize multiple prescription and non-prescription medications into single-dose packets.
Taking medications properly will protect and enhance your quality of life


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Faithfulness is the characteristic of free, mature and responsible human relationships.
  Nov 20th was World Fisheries Day.  Let us pray for all seafarers and advocate for a global commitment to stop human trafficking and forced labor in the fishing industry.
May the Virgin Mary help us joyfully follow Jesus on the way of service, the royal road that leads to Heaven. In the eyes of God human life is precious, sacred and inviolable. No one can despise the lives of others or one’s own life.

Liturgical Commission Newsletter
FALL 2018
Diocese of Antigonish
Diocesan Pastoral Centre

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Sacrament of the Sick: United with Christ, Witnesses of Hope and Healing 
The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is both a liturgical and
communal celebration. This liturgical moment of prayer
may occur in the family home, hospital or church as members
of the Body of Christ gather for the sacramental rite led by a
Priest. The Penitential Rite followed by the Liturgy of the
Word a n d sacramental anointing of the sick can inspire and comfort both those who are ill and their family and friends who are gathered (Catechism of the Catholic Church, nos. 1517-18). Many parishes have communal celebrations when many persons receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. These sacramental celebrations are a “source of strength amid pain and weakness, hope amid despair and a joyful encounter for the entire community. (Christifideles Laici, no.54).
Anointing with the sacred Oil of the Sick is a sign of blessing by the Holy Spirit for the one who is sick. The Oil of the Sick, blessed by the Bishop at the annual Mass of Chrism, recall s the community’s sharing of the Holy Spirit and the sick person’s deep bond and membership in the entire Body of Christ and Communion of Saints. Through the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, the Church carries out Jesus’ mission of compassion and healing for the sick. The one who is ill can also be a
minister to others. Their sharing in, and uniting their suffering to the suffering of Christ, can be signs of faith and witness t o Christ ’s
Resurrection for the entire community. We do not walk alone through life. As members of the Body of Christ, we are joined in heart and spirit to all those who have loved us and walked before us in love and faith.
The Catholic Church teaching on the consistent ethic of life teaches that “All life from the womb to the tomb is sacred and deserves to be respected and supported.” This teaching reminds us of the need to
provide life supports throughout the seasons of life.
As one Indigenous elder responded when asked what our life purpose is: “We are here on this earth to walk each other home”.
As a community of believers in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, we are called to celebrate the many moments of dying and rising to new life in our individual lives and in the life of our Christian Community. Our Christian Faith calls us to be attentive to the many moments of
encounter with God from the womb to the tomb. In anointing and marking these moment s of life: Birth, Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist
and Confirmation) we are marked, nourished and sealed as God’s people and family.  Through the gift of the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Sick, we are renewed and healed and given strength and hope for our journeys with each other. St. Paul reminds us of our identity as God’s family: “The life and death of each of us has an influence on others. If we live, we live for the Lord, if we die, we belong to the Lord. So that alive or dead we belong to God and to each other.” (Romans 14:7-9)  ——Margie Gillis, Diocesan Liturgy Office
Come to me all you who are laboured and
overburdened and I will give you rest.
Shoulder my yoke and learn from me for I am gentle and
humble of heart. And you will find rest for
your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Matthew 11:28
Key Symbols used in the Order of Christian Funerals
Many of the symbols used during the funeral liturgy reflect the sacrament of Baptism – it is through Baptism that our loved one has already shared Christ’s death and resurrection. In celebrating the Order of Christian, Funerals, we offer worship, praise and thanksgiving to God; we are strengthened by our belief in the Resurrection and find strength and consolation through our faith in God. The Reception of the Deceased at the entrance to the church is a reminder that the church is the community, the home of all Christians. In Baptism, we were received into the family of God. The sprinkling of holy water at this time reminds us of the person's Baptism and initiation into the community of faith. Moreover, this ritual action of gathering at a funeral for the reception of the body or cremated remains has great significance as - members of community acknowledge the person as one of their own. We welcome the deceased, without regard for status or social standing, as a guest of honor to be washed and clothed in a white garment. This sign of radical gospel hospitality, so needed in our present age. This ritual action also
is a clear invitation to the family and those grieving and sign of the Church's welcome to all. The Placing of the Pall on the casket and/or urn for cremated remains, serves to remind us of the white garment received at Baptism. We are again clothed in garments of belonging. As was said to us when we received the white garment at our baptism, “See in this white garment the outward sign of your Christian dignity. And with your family and friends to help you by word and example, bring that dignity
unstained into the everlasting life of heaven”. The Paschal Candle reminds us of Christ, the Light of the World, His victory over sin and death and of our share in that victory by virtue of our baptism. The Paschal candle reminds us of the Easter vigil, the night when we await the Lord's resurrection and when new light for the living and the dead is
kindled. Incense is used during the final commendation at the Funeral
Mass as a sign of honor and reverence for the body of the deceased, which through baptism became the temple of the Holy Spirit. It is also a sign of our prayers for the deceased rising, like incense to our God. Fr. Paul Turner, a well-published liturgist who spoke to the priests of the
Diocese of Antigonish a few years ago, also commented on the use
of incense during funerals, reminding us that we deliberately surround ourselves with a “cloud”. That our funeral liturgy rites help us to articulate our hope in the face of death, but we also must walk, not by sight, but by faith. This “cloud” is a concrete reminder of this.
White Vestments, the color used through the Easter season of the Church, are worn by the presiding priest or deacon as an expression
of Resurrection, Christian hope and joy. Scriptures proclaim to us the
promise of eternal life, convey the hope of being gathered together
again in God's kingdom and support the witness of Christian
life. Sacred Scripture provides us with sure hope that we do not
walk alone, that the life and death of each of us has a profound influence on others. We are given new hope that in death, life is changed, but not ended.

Liturgical Commission
Most Reverend Brian J.Dunn,
Bishop of Antigonish
Fr. Conrad Edwards,Liturgy Director
Margie Gillis Liturgy Office
Debbie Aker, Faith Formation Office
Fr. Bill Burke Liturgy Consultant
Patricia (Pat) Gillis Pictou Deanery
Regina Tate, Antigonish/Guysborough
Fr. Jim Oliver, Diocesan MC
Sr. Sandra Cooke, CSM, Religious Communities
Rev. Mr. Berkley Guthro Inverness Deanery
Rosemary McLean Richmond Deanery
Cathy MacInnis Glace Bay/New Waterford
Cathy Walsh, Youth Office
Diocesan Liturgy Office
902 539 6188 ext 237

Youth Ministry and Liturgy!
“There are no youth in our Church!”  I don’t see any youth at Mass”.
“Once they are Confirmed, they disappear!”
These may be the words we hear when we talk about Youth and the
Church. Yes, it is true there are fewer youth that attend Sunday
Liturgy. But does that mean our youth do not have faith?
What if we changed our words? What if we talked about “Faith”
and not “Church”. If you ask youth if they believe in God, many
will say yes. I think of the parable of the Mustard Seed. If you ask
youth if they think they have to go to Church, many will say no.
Herein lies the gap in connecting our faith with liturgy, especially
Eucharistic liturgy. As Youth Ministers, in our Diocese, we are learning how to connect with youth. We see how Youth Rallies help youth see that being a kid with faith is ok!  Offering Alpha for Youth helps
youth build a personal relationship with our Lord. Having dinner with
our Bishop, encourages young adults, especially young married couples, to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding issues facing young people and faith. We are not alone in our efforts to connect with Youth. During
October 2018, Bishops from around the world are meeting with
Pope Francis at the Synod entitled: Young People: Faith and
Vocational Discernment. We are anxious to hear the learnings from
this Synod. Our Diocese has a young man discerning a vocation to the Priesthood. I had the pleasure of his company while he was studying at St.FX and I was the Associate Chaplain. Together with
Fr. Danny MacLennan, University Chaplain, we enjoyed accompanying him and watching him grow. He was always funny and was so very nice to everyone. Knowing that this young man has responded positively to the nudge of the Holy Spirit gives me courage to continue to reach out to
young people. We have faith that our youth will open their minds and hearts to our Lord. We believe in the power of the Eucharist, in our Eucharistic Liturgies, and in communal prayer.  We know it will once again be valued in the lives of our youth.

— Cathy Walsh, Youth Ministry Office
Key Symbols  Continued from page 3. . .
The pastor and or pastoral team help family members in choosing the Scripture readings (Old Testament and New Testament) from a selection of Scriptures prescribed for funeral liturgies. They will also help in preparing the intercessions for the Universal Prayer for the funeral liturgy. Family or friends of the deceased who are strong readers can be
invited to proclaim the First and Second Readings, but the parish
should provide readers if the family has a challenge finding readers
who are comfortable proclaiming the Word in this emotionally trying
time for the family and community. The Final Commendation at the
end of the funeral liturgy expresses our farewell and shows honour to one of its members, a temple of the Holy Spirit, before the body is
buried. At this time the celebrant incenses the deceased, as together
we entrust our loved one to our Lord and profess the hope that we
will share the resurrection with our loved one on the last day. The Rite of Committal is the final act of the community of faith in caring for the body of its deceased members. It marks the physical separation of the deceased from the mourners. It may be celebrated at the grave, at a cemetery chapel, or a crematorium. Through this simple rite the Church assists us as we complete our care of the deceased and lay the body to rest.  This rite also expresses our continued link as the                           Community of Saints.

-------Not Just a Spectator Sport!
We have all heard the terms “couch potato” and “spectator sports”, and perhaps occasionally have chosen these roles rather than being part of the action. We let the action simply entertain us. We can be far from the “Just Do It” mantra!!  What does the phrase “I’m going to Mass” conjure up for you? It may be tempting in an era when we seem to be so active (busy!) and in many cases overwhelmed with life’s hustle, bustle and
commitments, to see the mass as something that’s happening “out there” and allow the actions, words, gestures simply wash over us. Yet our Eucharistic Liturgy invites us to something deeper. We are invited to come “just as we are” — with all our worries, burdens, cares, joys and hopes — to see in this assembly gathered for worship the call to be the Body of Christ. We recognize our true identity as God’s sons and daughters united with Christ to express and live out this identity as church — the Body of Christ. As Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS says   (The Ministry of the Assembly, Liturgical Press 2016), “What we do is important: we sit, stand, and kneel; we sing and pray; we give and receive; we interact with others and encounter God. All this doing, however, is empty—is going through mere motions—if we are not also being. Our being the assembly requires other-centeredness, surrendering to God’s transforming action during Mass, accepting diversity, recognizing each member’s place and role in this diversity, focusing on our common identity under Jesus Christ, committing ourselves to celebrating Mass wholeheartedly, hearing the dismissal at the end of Mass as a command from Christ to live what we have celebrated.  While we gather together on many occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, weddings, sports event, parties, etc.) our participation in the Eucharistic assembly is ultimately not of our own choosing.  As the hymn says, “God’s grace did invite us and love shall unite us” (Sent Forth by God’s Blessing, CBWIII #533). Our gathering becomes a ritual action, and expresses who we are as God’s people. In
this “inviting” we see gathered before us the image of Church — a  Church that expresses itself in how, for example, we extended welcome to one another. We express God’s desire to “come to me all you
are weary and carrying heavy burdens” — we offer hospitality —- just “come”!! We witness this in so many simple and profound ways. To cite one small example we are aware of grandparents whose only
“face to face” contact with their grandchildren may be through the modern technologies of Skype or FaceTime as their families live far away. We may forget that simply bringing our children to mass offers
a gift of hope and vitality. The question “what am I going to get out of Mass?” is becomes a realization of God’s invitation and that each of us brings gifts to the other and in the giving, of the often simplest
things, we become open to God manifesting transformation in our lives!!
Together, united in Christ, we form a sign — sign that it is God who gathers and now he will act. This assembly, each with its own part to play in ministry and presided over by a bishop or priest, a visible sign that Christ himself “presides invisibly over every Eucharistic celebration” (Catechism of the Catholic Church #1348). —-
Fr. Conrad Edwards St. Joseph Parish, Port Hawkesbury
Mass for Shut-ins April 2018

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