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Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
 112 North Foord St., New Glasgow, NS  B2H 5G7  ph 902-752-4822  

Pastor:  Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson
                  Fr Barrett's office:  Office door entrance is located on the side
                                             of the Glebe that's connected to the church.   
                                            Messages can be left in the mailbox to the right
                                            of the door.  For an appointment,  please contact
                                            Fr. Barrett directly by calling 902-755-3688
                                            Call or text 1-902-304-2140 or

 OLOL Parish Office:
                                           Phone: 902-752-4822
                                           Fax:  902-752-4826               

SUMMER  Hours:     Wed: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
 **Bulletin Notices** must be submitted to the parish office
by Wednesday at 4:00 pm

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  August 19th, 2018, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time        
Celebration of the Eucharist
    Pastor: Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson
    ph 902-755-3688 (glebe)  1-902-304-2140 (cell)

             Sat     Aug   18     5:30 pm    Vincent & Phyllis Dwyer (deceased)
     Aug   19     9:00 am       Parishioners
                                              11:15 am    Henry Heighton (deceased)
   Mon     Aug   20     9:00 am   DJ MacLellan (living)
                                                                  Continuous Rosary for
                                       "Vocations to the Priesthood" 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Tues     Aug   21        NO       MASS AT THE VALLEY VIEW VILLA 
             Wed    Aug    22     9:00 am     Raymond Pettipas (deceased)
Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
             Thurs   Aug   23     6:30 pm    Jean Elms (living)
             Fri       Aug    24    9:00 am     Veronica MacFarlane (living)

         Saint Spotlight:   Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(August 22nd)

                      In 1954, Pius XII  instituted this memorial  "so that all may clearly recognize and more zealously venerate the kind and maternal rule of the Mother of God."  It is celebrated on the octave of the  Assumption
(Source:  Living with Christ August 2018, p. 176).


From  the  Pastor's  Desk:



Jesus called us to love our neighbors as ourselves and, in Matthew 18:1-5, to humble ourselves and become like children. He is not asking that we fore-go or neglect the responsibilities and seriousness that accompany adulthood, but he is imploring or urging us to not become so cynical and sinful that we can no longer engage with and appreciate God’s creation through the innocent, trusting and joyful eyes of a child.

             Saint Maximilian Kolbe was born in Poland in 1894.  As a Franciscan, he worked to spread the gospel in his native Poland as well as in Japan.  He had a great devotion to Our Lady.  During the Nazi occupation of Poland, he helped thousands of refugees, including Polish Jews.  He was arrested by the Gestapo in 1941 and imprisoned at Auschwitz.  Three months after Maximilian’s arrival, a prisoner escaped.  In retaliation, 10 men were chosen at random to die.  One was a young father; Maximilian offered to take his place.  His offer accepted, Maximilian died on August 14th, 1941 and was canonized in October 1982 (Source: August 2018 Living with Christ, p. 173).

            As Jesus urges us to not become cynical and sinful, it was St. Maximilian Kolbe who said, “The most deadly poison of our times is indifference” (Source: August 2018 Living with Christ, p. 85).  Think about that.  The deadliest poison was not the Zyklon B pesticide used by Nazi Germany to murder millions of people in gas chambers installed at extermination camps.  The deadliest poison is indifference.  Indifference, that is, the lack of interest or concern, makes things like Zyklon B possible.

             Jesus is asking us, through his Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matthew 18:10-14), to show concern for and to never give up on our “strays” – the cynical, sinners, the indifferent and those around us, young and old alike – who venture away from their faith.  God does not desire that anyone be lost, and it is our responsibility to remain hopeful, trusting, and joyful in our faith to inspire others and to help break the hardest of hearts.


Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Statement on Alkaline Hydrolysis

“In recent years, new forms of bodily disposition have been developed, specific among them alkaline hydrolysis, in which the body of the deceased is placed in a metal cylinder and dissolved in a   chemical bath, leaving only bone fragments similar to those resulting from cremation. The resulting  effluent is then flushed into the local sewer system, while the remaining bone fragments are dried, ground and placed in an urn for the family of the deceased, as is the case with cremation. The process of alkaline hydrolysis is currently being marketed as a “green” and ecologically friendly alternative to cremation, since it consumes less energy and does not release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.  However, the claim that it is ecologically superior is currently disputed. It is now available in a growing number of Canadian provinces. Our research leads this Commission to the opinion that alkaline hydrolysis does not manifest adequate respect for the dignity of the human body as proclaimed by the faith of the Church. This is primarily due to the fact that, apart from bone residue, the remnants of the entire body are disposed of in the sewer  system.” Please see the Diocesan Website for the full statement

Subject: Wildfires in Telegraph Creek, BC – Urgent Appeal for Aid


Your Eminences / Your Excellences’,

As you may have already heard, there have been wildfires in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, that have severely impacted the community, including the total loss of the church building and rectory. Gratefully, there have been no deaths since the residents have been evacuated.

On behalf of the Most Rev. Héctor Vila, I am forwarding to you a copy of his letter dated 8 August 2018. In his letter, Bishop Vila gives an update of the situation and requests aid, whether through prayer, material assistance, or provision of services, especially from the neighboring dioceses/eparchies and communities.

Sincerely yours in Jesus with Mary,

Msgr. Frank Leo, Jr.

General Secretary

Loss of Church & Wildfires in Telegraph Creek, B.C.: Please pray for this situation and assist in any way possible. Any financial assistance will be appreciated very much.  Please make cheques payable to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish (on the memo line of your cheque, please note "Telegraph Creek").  Drop your donation in the collection basket (please include your church envelope #).  Donations will be included in your income tax receipt.  The parish will forward these donations on behalf of our parish to the Diocesan Business Office. 


Prayer Corner:    Please pray for Cecilia Greencorn,
Jaime Legresley, Ashley Legresley, Myla MacDonald,
 Patricia Jerrett, Vickie MacLeod, Leo Fahey, Doris Mae Malcolm,
Theresa Aoss (Fitzgerald), Mary Dyer, Agnes Ryan, Herbert Henderson, Stephen Henderson, Marg Worthen and for all the sick.

Sympathies and condolences are offered to the families and friends of Elwin Layes, Cynthia Ann Young and Isabel Tingley.   If there is someone sick who would like his/her name added to the prayer corner, or if someone who is listed in the prayer corner recovers or dies, please contact the Rectory at 902-755-3688 or 1-902-304-2140

Mondays at "Our Lady of Lourdes"

The Continuous Rosary
for "vocations to the Priesthood"
is prayed from 9:30 am  to  10:30 am 
"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest"  (Matthew 9:37

Parish News and Notes

Weekend Collection:  for August 12th, 2018

               Weekend  Collection Envelopes        $ 2,822.00
                                   E-transfers                       90.00
                                  Loose  Offerings              426.57
                                     Other Receipts               135.45
                     Total  Collection  Income    $  3,474.02
# of envelopes used:  108

Other Receipts
                          Votives & Literature       $   105.45
                            Hall Rental                          30.00
           Total  Other  Receipts            $  135.45

Capital Projects Funds as of August 12th,2018   
 Total: $181,221.20
  Debits: -$94,088.58
  True Bank Balance: $87,132.62

Cemetery Mass held on July 29th
Total  collection    $344.55
Many Thanks!  from the Cemetery Committee

Parish Pastoral Council Chair:   Alex MacInnis  902-752-3198
Religious Education: Laurena Greencorn  902-921-1972
Liturgy: Teresa McKay  902-755-1542
CWL:  Bernadette Kellock  902-755-3817
Fund-raising: Darlene Taylor  902-755.3145
Cemetery: Paul Sutherland   902-396-8002
St Vincent de Paul Help Line:    Our Lady of Lourdes Area  902-7591389
                                                     St John the Baptist Area  902-771-2766

Parish Ministries Schedule: August 25th  and  August 26th 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 
Scheduling: Brenda Duffy  ph 902-755-1312

Readers:                                              Servers:
Scheduling: Julie Rodgers                                    Scheduling: Angela Stroud  
ph 902-752-2443                                                 Ph 902-752-1832
Saturday Aug  4th
Sunday  Aug   5th
Saturday  5:30 pm Sunday  9:00 am  Sunday  11:15 am

Extraordinary Ministers of

Holy Communion:

Karen Megeney
Dexter Megeney
Alex MacInnis

Barb MacLeod
Marilyn Judge
Paul Sutherland

Brenda Duffy
Neniette Fontaine
Cathy Murphy




Jim Bryden


Pat Holly

Erik Walst



Bernie McCarron

Stephanie Lowe



St. Joseph's Academy
now enrolling students for

Fall 2018 Kindergarten Program
Students must be 4yrs old before Dec. 31St, 2018
Offering two mornings (Tuesday & Thursday)
For more information call the school at 902-755-2644


Catechesis on the Family:
The Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life is offering a free digital series of seven catechesis on the family on its website
and on its YouTube channel, PcFamiglia.


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         BOOK SALE---
                 Thursdays & Fridays
          from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
         Saturdays from 10:00 am to Noon
       in the Sister Catherine Steele Center

The CWL are still collecting stamps for
Development and Peace.
Stamps may be placed in the small basket at the back of the church.


Capital  Projects  Fund




Winning ticket seller was Brian White
Top three tickets sellers were:
First place Jack Fraser
Second Yvonne McChesney
Third place Michelle Worthen

A special thank you is extended to all parishioners 
who sold and purchased tickets making this draw 
a successful fund raiser, especially during the past two weeks.  Gross tickets sales were $6005 and the profit from  this campaign is estimated to be approximately $4000.
** Special mention to those who went above and beyond include our top sellers - Jack, Yvonne & Michelle, Betsy & Richard Keay, Peggy Lamey, Frances Campbell, Marie Benjamin, Ken & Judy Sims, Judy MacLeod, Ansel Campbell and       Donna Stinson.  
A special individual mention to Joan Campbell whom without her help this success would not have been possible.
Thank you everyone!  and God Bless,
Darlene Taylor----Chairperson
OLOL Fund Raising Committee



You  might  not  get  to  enjoy  the 

"Blue Jays"  BUT  you'll  LOVE  the

  return  of  the

"Country Music Jam"           

Tuesday, September 11th
For more information, please contact

  Bernie McCarron  at 902-928-0426



(home of Saint Therese the "Little Flower") 

with Father Patrick O’Neill (St. Joseph Parish priest in North Sydney)

 Come with me on this FALL pilgrimage  October 13th-25th, 2018
SPACE IS LIMITED   Please contact Tom Lamey at 902-830-5010 or email at
PRICE determined to be approximately $3,990
Call or email Tom to BOOK YOUR can't wait BOOK NOW

2019  Colombia Mission Trip

Dates:  Jan 18th - 29th 

12-day  Colombia Mission to

Home for children who've been abandoned

Ages:  Young Adults  18 & up

Flights from Halifax to Toronto:
$1198.00  (Due Sept 17th)
PLUS ground fees: $600         

Contact:  Fr. Andrew Gillies  902-863-4846


Thinking about donating to Our Lady of Lourdes?: The Parish has three accounts: operating, cemetery, and Capital Projects. Cheques intended for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish operating account can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Cheques intended for the cemetery account can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Cemetery, and cheques intended for Capital Projects can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Capital Projects. Thank you for your support.

In Our Deanery:         

St. John the Baptist: 

Not available

Stella Maris:

No Weekday Masses

Holy Name:
No Weekday Masses


Please check Mass times on the Diocesan Website or call their parish office

Tune to CTV on Sundays
@ 11:30 am

New Donations Cards Available
Support of
Mass for Shut Ins

Mass for Shut Ins has completed its 55th season and will be back on the air in October 2018.        It remains the longest running television program on CTV in Canada.       The Diocesan Pastoral Centre Office now offers donations cards to be given as gifts in celebration of  birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirements, weddings .....and so on. Cards are       available for purchase at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, 200 Churchill Drive, Suite 103 in Membertou, Sydney.  All proceeds will go toward the productions costs of Mass for Shut Ins. Receipts will be provided.

Prayer Group:
Our Lady of Lourdes has a dedicated Prayer Group that meets each Wednesday. Everyone (kids, teenagers, young adults, singles, parents, seniors) is encouraged to submit a request for a prayer intention by writing the intention out on a piece of paper and placing it in the Prayer Box located in the Grotto
(There is POWER in PRAYER)

St. Vincent de Paul Society:

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been active in our parish for over         38 years.  We strive to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.  The work of justice and charity is carried out only through the generosity of our parishioners.  Please consider making a financial contribution.   Envelopes can be found at the entrance of the church.   Every donation makes a difference!   All contributions are tax deductable.   Thank you in advance for your support.



Thank you to our Sponsors!
             Their annual contributions make this bulletin and other essential parish work possible.  
This week's featured topic courtesy of:      
91 Archimedes St., New Glasgow, NS  ph 902-752-0663 
Retirement Planning is like a garden: the more time and attention you give it, the more it can grow for you in return. Review your plan with your advisor at least once a year. Adjust investments to meet changes in goals. Keep a file with all of your investments and planning documents together, so you or someone can find it. Encourage the younger generations in your life: children, grandchildren, etc., to start saving for retirement. Give an RRSP as a gift, or offer to have your consultant meet with them. The more time they have to grow their investments, the greater the chance of a solid return on investment.  

Alex M. Skoke, FCP, FMA
225 Foord St., Stellarton NS  902-752-7333

Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald
Sales Consultant/Monument Designer
Russell W. Oehmen, Area Vice President
Benefits and HR Consulting
91 Archimedes St., New Glasgow, NS
ph 902-752-0663
Medical Hall
  233 Foord St., Stellarton NS
ph 902-752-5192
 ph 902-752-2545/ 902-752-5022
This could be


Come join our Sponsor group
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Sponsorship makes a difference.

To contact us: 902-752-4822
Words for the Week:                

In silence we learn to contemplate God’s works, which surpass all our imagination. Thanks to the gift of the Eucharist, our lives too become “bread broken” for our brothers and sisters. Still today there are so many martyrs, so many who are persecuted for the love of Christ. They are the real strength of the Church!  Mary, Mother of tenderness who is always near, teach us how to live and have faith.


Euthanasia Prevention Coalition UPDATE
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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Petition: Please protect conscience rights for Health Professionals in Ontario (Link).

Your help is needed to stop assisted suicide in California (Link).
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A pardon for Latimer may have consequences for disabled children (Link).

Euthanasia drug. Execution drug controversy (Link).

Purchase Fatal Flaws DVD ($40) and/or Fatal Flaws pamphlet ($40 for 100) (Purchase here) or buy the Fatal Flaws digital file (Download here).

Fatal Flaws will change the way you view assisted death (Link).

Organize a Fatal Flaws screening in your community. Contact: or: 1-877-439-3348. Fatal Flaws: A Must See Film (Link).

Order the: Shedding Light on Assisted Suicide in America pamphlet.

Order the Caring Not Killing pamphlet. Order information.

Compassionate Community Care (CCC) provides helpful advice concerning end-of-life decision making or euthanasia and assisted suicide. Call: (1-855-675-8749)

Thank you for your continued support.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition UPDATE
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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Life Legal uncovers shocking facts about California assisted suicide law (Link).

Caring Not Killing (UK) welcomed Court of Appeal assisted suicide decision (Link).
Euthanasia increases by 30% in Canada (Link).
Become a Euthanasia Prevention Coalition member $25.

More than 100 viewing codes were sent out for June 26 and Kevin Dunn sold-out at his Cineplex screening on June 25.

We have sold 700 Fatal Flaws DVD's and thousand's of pamphlets.
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Alex Schadenberg,
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