Welcome to
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
 112 North Foord St., New Glasgow, NS  B2H 5G7  ph 902-752-4822  

Pastor:  Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson
                  Fr Barrett's office:  Office door entrance is located on the side
                                             of the Glebe that's connected to the church.   
                                            Messages can be left in the mailbox to the right
                                            of the door.  For an appointment,  please contact
                                            Fr. Barrett directly by calling 902-755-3688
                                            Call or text 1-902-304-2140 or

 OLOL Parish Office:
                                           Phone: 902-752-4822
                                           Fax:  902-752-4826               

Office Hours:   Mon:  12 pm to 3 pm   Wed: 10:30 am to 4 pm
Thurs:  10:30 am to 4 pm 
 **Bulletin Notices** must be submitted to the parish office
by Wednesday at 4:00 pm

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  September 9, 2018, Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time        
Celebration of the Eucharist
    Pastor: Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson
    ph 902-755-3688 (glebe)  1-902-304-2140 (cell)

             Sat     Sept    8     5:30 pm      George Cameron (deceased)

             Sun     Sept    9     9:00 am       Parishioners
                                              11:15 am       Johnny Kyle (deceased)
   Mon     Sept   10     9:00 am    Eleanor Cameron (deceased)
                                                             Continuous Rosary for "Vocations to the Priesthood"
                                                        9:30 am to 10:30 am

Tues     Sept   11        NO MASS
Wed    Sept    12     9:00 am    Isabel Pettipas (deceased)
            Thurs   Sept   13     6:30 pm   Kathy Skoke-Fortin (deceased)
Memorial of St John Chrysostom     

              Fri       Sept   14      9:00 am    Thomas C. O'Neil (deceased)
Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


         Saint Spotlight:

Saint John Chrysostom                                                      
Saint John Chrysostom lived from about 347 to 407.
Born in Antioch, he was trained as an orator. In 374 he joined a community of hermits but returned to Antioch due to poor health.  In 386 he was ordained and appointed preacher for the bishop.
Famous for his eloquent sermons, he was named
Archbishop of Constantinople in 398 and began a program of reform.  Uncompromising in political and ecclesiastical affairs, he made enemies who eventually contrived to have him exiled.
To avoid an uprising, John was taken away in secret, but died on the journey.  After his death, he received the title “Chrysostomos” (“golden mouth”) in tribute to his powerful preaching.
He is the patron saint of preachers.


From  the  Pastor's  Desk:

   Behind the Scenes
In 1 Corinthians 3:1, while Saint Paul begins with terms of endearment,
he does not spare the Corinthians from the blunt expression of the truth:   “And so, brothers and sisters, I could not speak to you as spiritual people,   but rather has people of the flesh, as infants in Christ.”
Babies are the source of endless delights.  We easily overlook weaknesses and immaturity and marvel at their small steps of progress.  Let us hope that God holds the same attitude toward us!
Paul’s message expresses another important truth about the humility we share as God’s workers.  We may plant and water, but we are not the creators of the growth that leads to maturity.  Have you ever noticed how so much work happens behind the scenes, undetected and quiet, without attention?  Do you know some of those workers?
Chances are, parents are among them, along with many others who serve and do kind acts that remain hidden to us, but which are not hidden to God.  Remember them with a prayer of gratitude.
Luke 4:38-44 reflects the story of one of those behind-the-scenes workers, Simon’s mother-in-law.  When she is stricken with illness, Jesus delivers healing through his Word.  Her response is simple and profound – she returns to what she had been doing before – preparing food and serving those around her.  Is not that a sure sign of the integrity of her healing?  Are we blessed to know people like this, who adjust their lives toward doing what is needed, without calling attention to themselves?  This is surely a sign of maturity that we would do well to imitate.
When words fail, food and hospitality may yet succeed.  Edward had a relative who had become distant from the rest of the family.  When her mother died, he did not know what to say.  Edward avoided the situation because he lacked the words to say, but his mother and sister just made some food and went to visit, reducing the emotional distance and breaking down the psychological barriers.  While Edward’s mother and sister were able to show compassion and gratitude through words, they were wise enough to understand that other means are sometimes needed.  This is the maturity that comes from experience.  We can learn much from such people.
Lord, let us have gratitude for the people who water, plant, and sometimes weed the garden in which we are growing.  Let us learn from those people who serve so well, so that we can cooperate with you and join them in your work.  Thanks be to God




2018-19 Religious Ed Program


Sunday,  September 9, 2018

Between Masses------Beginning after the 9 am Mass

                               and before the 11:15 Mass begins

                            (drinks and snacks will be offered)

 "NO COST"   for registration  due to the  generosity

of our parishioners and the Catholic Women's League

Classes for grades 1 to 6 will be held in the S.C.S.C. 

from 10 am to 11:00 am

beginning Sunday, September 16th 

Classes for grades 7 & 8 will be held in the S.C.S.C.

                                                            from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm                                                                                                                                
                                          beginning Thursday, September 20th                                                      

            Thursday evening classes include Mass at 6:30 pm.

Grade 8 and up includes Confirmation

We welcome and appreciate anyone one who could

spare an hour to help us teach our future Christians

Yours in Christ,

Laurena,   Religious Education Coordinator

phone 902-921-1972    email




Prayer Corner:    Please pray for Cecilia Greencorn,
Jaime Legresley, Ashley Legresley, Myla MacDonald,
 Patricia Jerrett, Vickie MacLeod, Doris Mae Malcolm, Theresa Aoss (Fitzgerald), Mary Dyer, Agnes Ryan, Herbert Henderson, Stephen Henderson, Marg Worthen, Marilyn Judge, Pat McKinnon, Ivor Stewart, Mary Taylor and for all the sick.

Sympathies and condolences are offered to the families of Pearl MacIsaac and Matthew Neima.
If there is someone sick who would like his/her name added to the prayer corner, or if someone who is listed in the prayer corner recovers or dies, please contact Fr. Barrett at 902-755-3688 or 1-902-304-2140
or e-mail
Thank You


Mondays at "Our Lady of Lourdes"

The Continuous Rosary
for "vocations to the Priesthood"
is prayed from 9:30 am  to  10:30 am 
"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest"  (Matthew 9:37

Parish News and Notes

Weekend Collection:  for September 2nd, 2018

               Weekend  Collection Envelopes        $ 2,983.00
                                   E-transfers                      225.00
                                  Loose  Offerings              279.60
                                     Other Receipts              444.96
                     Total  Collection  Income    $  3,932.56
# of envelopes used:  119

Other Receipts
                          Votives & Literature       $   129.50
                                  Hall rental                    300.00
                    ($12)  US deposit                        15.46
                 Total  Other  Receipts          $  444.96

            Special collection---Telegraph Creek, B.C.  Total= $25.00    

Capital Projects Funds as of September 2nd,2018   
 Total: $181,278.20
  Debits: -$94,088.58
  True Bank Balance: $87,189.62


Liturgy Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 13th
at  7 pm  in the church


Parish Pastoral Council Chair:   Alex MacInnis  902-752-3198
Religious Education: Laurena Greencorn  902-921-1972
Liturgy: Teresa McKay  902-755-1542
CWL:  Bernadette Kellock  902-755-3817
Fund-raising:   See   "Capital Projects Fund announcement"
Cemetery: Paul Sutherland   902-396-8002
St Vincent de Paul Help Line:    Our Lady of Lourdes Area  902-7591389
                                                     St John the Baptist Area  902-771-2766


Parish Ministries Schedule: Sept 15th  and  Sept 16th 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 
Scheduling: Brenda Duffy  ph 902-755-1312

Readers:                                     Servers:
Scheduling: Julie Rodgers                               Scheduling: Angela Stroud
ph 902-752-2443                                                 Ph 902-752-1832
Saturday Sept 15th
Sunday  Sept 16th
Saturday  5:30 pm Sunday  9:00 am  Sunday  11:15 am

Extraordinary Ministers of

Holy Communion:

Joan Timmons
Brian White
Bev White

Barb MacLeod
Van MacLeod
Paul Sutherland

Kathleen Campbell
Maricel Day
Darlene Taylor




Roxanne Miner


Betty Pettipas

Sara Thompson



Bernie McCarron

John Gilis

Lisa Turner

Catechesis on the Family:
The Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life is offering a free digital series of seven catechesis on the family on its website
and on its YouTube channel, PcFamiglia.


Statement by the Canadian Conference
of Catholic Bishops
on the findings of the
Pennsylvania Investigating Grand Jury
Catholics  across  our  country  are  rightly  ashamed  and  saddened  regarding  the  findings  of  the Pennsylvania  Investigating  Grand  Jury.  With Cardinal  Daniel  DiNardo,  President  of  the  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, we reiterate the profound sadness that we as Bishops feel each time we learn about the harm caused as a result of abuse by Church leaders of any rank.
The  Bishops  of  Canada  treat  with  great  seriousness  instances  of  sexual  abuse  of  minors  and
inappropriate conduct on the part of all pastoral workers – be they fellow Bishops, other clergy, consecrated persons or laity.
      National guidelines for the protection of minors have been in place in Canada since 1992, which dioceses and eparchies across the country have applied in their local policies and protocols. This fall, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops will launch updated and expanded guidelines
promoting  the  safeguarding  of  minors  and  increasing  accountability  and  transparency  within Church leadership.
In communion with Pope Francis, the Bishops of Canada want victims to know that the Church is  on  their  side.  Those  who  suffer  are  the  Church’s  priority,  and  the  Church  wants  to  listen  to them and to learn from them.
The Catholic Bishops of Canada understand well how much these crimes can shake the faith and the  spirit of believers.  We  hope  and  pray  that  the  Catholic  faithful  will  assist  all  of  us  in  every way  to  create  safe  and  respectful  environments  for everyone,  especially  minors  and  vulnerable
adults in the Church and in all of society.
 Executive Committee Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
20 August 2018
 Other Church statements on this issue:
-  Pope Francis: Letter to the People of God, 20 August 2018  
-  Statement by the Holy See Press Office, 16 August 2018
Complete     text,

-  Joint  statement  by  Cardinal  Daniel  N.  DiNardo,  President,  United  States  Conference  of
Catholic  Bishops,  and  Bishop  Timothy  L.  Doherty,  Chairman,  USCCB  Committee  for  the
Protection of Children and Youth People, 14 August 2018


         BOOK SALE---
                 Thursdays & Fridays
          from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
         Saturdays from 10:00 am to Noon
       in the Sister Catherine Steele Center


The CWL are still collecting stamps for
Development and Peace.
Stamps may be placed in the small basket at the back of the church.


Capital  Projects 



The Capital Projects Committee is looking for two replacements to fill the seats for Financial member and Fund Raiser member...

For more information please contact
Fr. Barrett (755-3688) or Russ Oehmen  (752-3045) about taking on this vital role.


The  return  of  the

"Country Music Jam"           

Tuesday, September 11th

Tuesday nights are  Country Music Jams in the 
Sr Catherine Steele Center at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish  Enjoy an evening of classic country, Nfld and old time music from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm with a light lunch to follow
Admittance $5.00 (musicians are free)               

For more information,
please contact
  Bernie McCarron
at 902-928-0426


Big Brothers Big Sisters
has many different programs to fit any schedule, something for everyone!
We have many children waiting for a Mentor
If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more, please contact:
or call 752-6260
Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter



Pictou County "Y" Service Club Women

are having their 45th Annual Book Fair
at the Schooner Curling Club. 

This fundraiser is the largest for the Club and its success continues to provide much needed funds for the distribution to many needy Community Organizations, such as YMCA Youth, Bikes for Kids, Sheppard's Lunch Program, Food Bank, Christmas Boxes and many more.
The Book Fair will run daily 
beginning Tuesday  
Sept 4th   
through  to   Thursday 
Sept 13th
Donations of books are always accepted.
Thanks for your support

Knight of Columbu
Fourth Degree Assembly #2222
The first regular meeting of the year will be held this coming Monday.,
September 10th at 7:00pm   in the Stella Maris Church Hall in Pictou.
The installation of Officers will take place     Saturday,
September 15th
starting with Mass at 6:00pm,
followed by a banquet in the church hall.              Particulars about the installation will be                discussed at Monday’s meeting.
A good attendance is requested.
Thank you,  William L. MacDonald


St Andrews Church, Pictou
Take out ham and potato salad
with carrot cake for dessert
September 14th
Pick up at the hall from
noon till 5:00 pm
Delivery can be arranged
To pre-order phone 902-485-6465 Price $10:00


Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner

On Saturday, September 15th
at St. Ninian Place
Enjoy a Spaghetti and Meatball dinner
Menu includes Spaghetti and meatballs, tossed salad, Cesar salad, rolls, dessert, tea and coffee
This event will run from 5pm – 7pm
(dinner being served until 6:30pm)
Adults $16       Children (10 and under) $7
Tickets are available at the Parish Office (902-863-2338) and at the Antigonish 5—$1
All proceeds go to
St. Ninian Parish Foundation        


Springville Presbyterian Church

165th Anniversary Celebration
Come one, come all!!
Help us celebrate these two day events

 Saturday, September 15th
Community Picnic   2:00 p.m. until … whenever
Springville Recreation Ball Park
Enjoy games, good food, and great music 

September 16th
  Church Service at 7:00 pm
      Springville Presbyterian Church
     Special music by Brian and Brenda Bowden
and the Vocal Chords Quartet 
Come along and see lots of reminiscences with
pictures and articles on display from over the years


Bereaved Families of Cape Breton, helps people move through and beyond grief.  We are hosting a concert to raise the funds necessary to run our programs that serve the people in our community.
Make a Difference

Featuring:  "Men of The Deeps"

With special guests:   "Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus"

When:     Sunday    September 16th   at 2 pm

Tickets:    $25.00 per person

Location:     St Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish 
                 40 Cabot St., Sydney
Tickets:  Debbie at 902-304-2116 or BFOCB 902-564-6795 you can also visit our Facebook Page and leave a message.
Come to this wonderful concert you'll be glad you did and you will be helping the people in our community who are grieving and in need of help.
Wynn MacNeil
Executive Director
Bereaved Families of Cape Breton
Helping People Move Through and Beyond Grief



Camp Bretondean Ecumenical Service

“Spread the Spirit on the Mira”

We want to continue to give today’s youth the experiences and memories of the Camp we treasure. We are pleased to be hosting our
Third Annual Ecumenical Service
“Spread the Spirit on the Mira”

Sunday September 16th  at 3:00 pm
at the camp  site , Hillside, Mira

It was very well attended last year, and we hope that many of our friends, former staff and Camp families,
Cursillo participants, and others will attend.

In this ecumenical service, we extend an invitation to new friends who, too, will create happy memories at our location. The purpose of the service is to remind old friends that we are here, and to make the wider community aware of the possibilities that await them at Camp Bretondean.
We ask for your prayers for our Camp, and the Ecumenical Service “Spread the Spirit on the Mira”.

The Most Rev. Brian Dunn,
Bishop of Antigonish
The Most Rev. Ron Cutler,
Archbishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

will again grace us with their presence,
along with other clergy from various denominations

There will be an opportunity for a free will offering.
This year the gates will open at 
10:00 am  to encourage families to plan their own picnic and explore nature on our vast grounds.
If you are so inclined, you are welcome to bring your own guitar or musical instrument along with your singing voice.
Please bring your friends and family, all are encouraged to attend.
Light refreshments, as well as tea and coffee, will be provided.
Please note: Although the Camp will have all of its chairs set up, you are welcome to bring a camping chair for your comfort.

Viola's Place

Viola's Place is excited to be moving forward in achieving its goal of reopening the former homeless shelter under the framework of Viola's Place Society. We have set a tentative opening date of October 1st but we are hoping that this can be achieved before this time. When we open depends on how quickly we can organize volunteers and fill our volunteer schedule.
In order to move forward with organizing our volunteers, Viola's Place will be offering the following training sessions:
Saturday September 8th at 2pm
Tuesday September 11th at 7pm
We will also be conducting volunteer training on future dates. If anyone wishes to attend in the future they can contact us at or by leaving a message at our new phone number 902-752-0550.
Viola's Place is also in need of food items for the shelter. These can be non perishable or items to be frozen at this time and can be dropped off to 189 Marsh Street N G at the above dates and times! Or if these times are not convenient someone will be at Viola's Place
September 17th at 5:30pm.

Fall Gospel Concert
September 23rd     3:30 pm
 Second United Baptist Church
330 Washington St, New Glasgow
The East Preston United Baptist
Church Mass Choir


Sweet Sounds of the Big Band
performed by "HubTown" 
directed by John MacLeod

Friday    September 28th  at 7:30 PM
Come and enjoy a cabaret–style evening in the
Sharon St. John United Church Hall
(19 and older)
Tickets $25  (includes dessert with tea or coffee)
now available at the church office (902-752-4943)




Diocese of Antigonish
Anniversary 175:

Three Regional Gatherings this autumn will open our year of events, which will also include Lenten parish missions and a diocesan-wide event for the Feast of St. Ninian, Sept. 16, 2019. 
Our Regional Gatherings will be held:
Oct. 13th  St. Ninian's Cathedral, Antigonish
Oct. 20th  St. Joseph 's Church, Port Hawkesbury
Nov. 3rd   Our Lady of Fatima Church, Sydney River

All celebrations are 9:30 am-2 pm. Lunch will be provided.
Join us at one, two or all three events to learn more of our history, discuss parish life and consider:  
How is God speaking to us now?
What are we being called to?
Watch for more details in our newsletters and on our website.
Saint Ninian, Patron Saint of the Diocese of Antigonish,
Pray for Us in our Anniversary Year’


(home of Saint Therese the "Little Flower") 

with Father Patrick O’Neill (St. Joseph Parish priest in North Sydney)

 Come with me on this FALL pilgrimage

October 13th-25th, 2018

SPACE IS LIMITED   Please contact Tom Lamey at 902-830-5010 or email at
PRICE determined to be approximately $3,990
Call or email Tom to BOOK YOUR can't wait BOOK NOW

2019  Colombia Mission Trip

Dates:  Jan 18th - 29th 

12-day  Colombia Mission to

Home for children who've been abandoned

Ages:  Young Adults  18 & up

Flights from Halifax to Toronto:
$1198.00  (Due Sept 17th)
PLUS ground fees: $600         

Contact:  Fr. Andrew Gillies  902-863-4846

St. Vincent de Paul Society:  If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance, please contact 902-759-1389 (Our Lady of Lourdes) or         902-771-2766 (St John the Baptist)   Ask for a confidential referral to a member of                          St Vincent de Paul. Paul Society.  Based on individual need, we may be able to provide assistance with essential expenses.    


Thinking about donating to Our Lady of Lourdes?: The Parish has three accounts: operating, cemetery, and Capital Projects. Cheques intended for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish operating account can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Cheques intended for the cemetery account can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Cemetery, and cheques intended for Capital Projects can be made out to Our Lady of Lourdes Capital Projects. Thank you for your support

Prayer Group:
Our Lady of Lourdes has a dedicated Prayer Group that meets each Wednesday. Everyone (kids, teenagers, young adults, singles, parents, seniors) is encouraged to submit a request for a prayer intention by writing the intention out on a piece of paper and placing it in the Prayer Box located in the Grotto
(There is POWER in PRAYER)

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Dear brother priests, deacons and laity,
As you are probably aware the new season for TV Mass for Shut-Ins will begin the first Sunday after Thanksgiving Weekend in October 2018 (October 14th). I am happy to say that the month of October is already booked up.  Looking for November and beyond.  We are in need of priests, deacons, parishes, choirs and groups to come forward to celebrate Mass.  We are the longest running TV program on CTV in Canada.  SO many depend on this Mass for Spiritual nourishment every week.  I receive SO many letters thanking our diocese for this Mass.  Please contact Mae Rowe and book a weekend live or taped.

I would like to invite you and your parish (or group such as CWL, KOC, etc) to come celebrate the Mass.  I also want to invite our retired priests to come on Mass for
Shut-Ins.  I would love to see priests outside of the CBRM to come.
We broadcast live on Sundays.
If that day is not possible for your parish or group we can pre-tape the Tuesday before at 6:30pm
at the CTV Studio on George Street, Sydney. 
We need Parish Priests, parish communities and groups to book a weekend Mass as soon as possible.  Last year we did very well but it was a slow start.  I ended up presiding at many Masses, we had to find congregations and ask choirs to come in and assist us.
So it is my hope that we will have many weekends booked before we begin in October 2018.
Thank you for the support you give to Mass for Shut-Ins.  I look forward to working with you and your parish or parish group in the near future.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  My Glebe House number is 902-562-9810
For bookings please email or phone (902-539-6188 extension 222) Mae Rowe at the Pastoral Center

Father Patrick O’Neill
Producer CTV Mass for Shut-Ins

Please Note:  Either the 9 am Mass or the
11:15 am Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes church
will be videotaped for Eastlink TV
on October 14th and December 23rd. 
Please stay tuned for further information

In Our Deanery:         

St. John the Baptist: 

Monday, and
Wednesday at 9 am
Friday:  Glen Haven @ 10:30 am

Stella Maris:

Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 pm

Holy Name:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9am


Please check Mass times on the Diocesan Website or call their parish office

Tune to CTV on Sundays
@ 11:30 am

New Donations Cards Available
in  Support of
Mass for Shut Ins

Mass for Shut Ins has completed its 55th season and will be back on the air in October 2018.   
It remains the longest running television program on CTV in Canada.  The Diocesan Pastoral Centre Office now offers donations cards to be given as gifts in celebration of  birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirements, weddings .....and so on. Cards are  available for purchase at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, 200 Churchill Drive, Suite 103 in Membertou, Sydney.  All proceeds will go toward the productions costs of Mass for Shut Ins. Receipts will be provided.


September 2018
Sa 1 Pope Francis
Su 2 Bishop Brian Dunn
Mo 3 Seminarians
Tu 4 Candidates to the Permanent Diaconate
We 5 Fr. John Yake
Th 6 Fr. Callistus Abazie
Fr 7 Fr.  Frank Abbass
Sa 8 Fr.  Paul Abbass
Su 9 Fr. Jake Andrea
Mo 10 Fr. Antolin Asor
Tu 11 Fr.  Peter Baccardax
We 12 Fr. John Barry
Th 13 Fr. Leo Boone
Fr 14 Fr. Dan Boudreau
Sa 15 Fr. Donald Boudreau
Su 16 Fr. Andrew Boyd
Mo 17 Fr. Bill Burke
Tu 18 Fr. Charles Cameron
We 19 Fr. Francis Cameron
Th 20 Fr. Angus Campbell
Fr 21 Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson
Sa 22 Deacon Robert Coleman
Su 23 Fr. Bill Crispo
Mo 24 Fr. Gerald Curry
Tu 25 Fr. Duaine Devereaux
We 26 Fr.  Evo Di Pierro
Th 27 Fr.  Dan Doucet
Fr 28 Fr. Bedford Doucette
Sa 29 Deacon Michael Doyle
Su 30 Fr. Conrad Edwards
Prayer for Priests, Deacons
Diocese of Antigonish
Please Pray for a Priest/Deacon Each Day
Let us show our love and appreciation for our priests, deacons and others serving in our diocese, by praying each day.  Please use the calendar in this pamphlet as your guide for your daily prayer intention.
Eternal Father,
we lift up to you these
and all the priests, deacons
of the world.
Sanctify them.
Heal them; guide them.
Mold them into the
likeness and holiness
of your Son, Jesus,
the Eternal High Priest.
May their lives be pleasing to You.
In Jesus’ name we pray.
There are some prayers included on the inside of this brochure which you may use.  You may have other forms of prayer that you would prefer, such as
Eucharistic Exposition
Holy Hour
Other Devotions
O Jesus, Eternal High Priest, live in (name of priest/deacon),
act in him, speak in and through him.
Think Your thoughts in his mind, love through his heart.
Give him Your own dispositions and feelings.
Teach, lead and guide him always.
Correct, enlighten and expand his thoughts and behavior.
Possess his soul; take over his entire personality and life.
Replace him with Yourself.
Incline him to constant adoration and thanksgiving;
pray in and through him.
Let him live in you and keep him in this intimate union always.
O Mary, Immaculate Conception, Mother of Jesus and Mother of Priests, Pray and intercede for (____________).
Let us pray for priests and deacons:
The Holy Father
Fill him with your grace, Lord.
Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops             Those who are worried
Give them your gifts, Lord                                     Give them peace, Lord
Diocesan Priests/Deacons                                  Those who are old
Never leave them, Lord                                           Sustain them, Lord.
Priests in seminary work                                    Those who are young
Give them your wisdom, Lord.                             Impel them for your glory Lord.
Those in hospital work                                       Those who are alone
Give them constancy, Lord                                    Accompany them, Lord.
Those who are ill                                                   Missionary Priests
Heal them, Lord.                                                        Protect them, Lord.
Those who are in danger                                    Those who are preachers
Deliver them, Lord.                                                   Enlighten them, Lord.
Those who are weak                                             Those who direct souls
Strengthen them, Lord.                                          Instruct them, Lord.
Those who are poor                                               Parish priests
Relieve them, Lord                                                    Give them prudence, Lord.
Those who are zealous                                         Religious priests
Help them, Lord.                                                        Make them perfect, Lord.
On all the Church ---  Lord, have mercy
For all priests, deacons
               Give them your wisdom, Lord.
               Give them virtue.
               Give them patience and charity.
               Give them obedience and kindness.
               Give them a burning zeal for souls.
               Give them an intense love for the Eucharist.
               Give them loyalty to the Holy See and their Bishops.
               Give them respect for their dignity.
               Give them a great love for Mary.
               Give them rectitude and justice.
               Give them the gift of counsel.
               Give them strength in their labours.
               Give them peace in their sufferings.
               Give them humility and generosity.
               Let them be the light of souls.
               Let them be the salt of the earth.
               Let them practice sacrifice and self-denial.
               Let them enkindle hearts with the love of Mary.
               Let them be other Christs.
               Let them be holy in body and soul.
               May they be men of prayer.
               May faith shine forth in them.
               May they be concerned only for the salvation of souls.
               May they be faithful to their vocation.
               May their hands know how to bless.
               May they burn with the love of You and Mary.
               May all their steps be for the glory of God.
               May the Holy Spirit possess them, and give them his Gifts and
               fruits in abundance.
Let us pray:
               O God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you are the soul and the life of the Church.  Hear the prayers we offer for priests and deacons.  We ask this through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, their protector and guide.  AMEN

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May the Lord strengthen our efforts to care for our common home, and especially for water, a basic good that must be protected and made available to everyone. (from the Vatican September 1, 2018)  May God's love become more and more the force that guides and directs our freedom. True peace is a gift of God that springs from healed and reconciled hearts and reaches out to embrace the entire world.  Faith helps us grasp the meaning of life:
 God is with us and loves us infinitely.                                                                                               


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