Southern United Weekly Wrap 27th August 2017

Welcome to the Southern United Weekly Wrap.

Catch up on the happening and results of the weeks games, as well as what's happening at the club.

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Finals Update

The men and women's sections have had a stellar season this year with seven of the eight men's teams in finals, while women have four of their six teams in finals.  Add to that, the three teams who missed out on finals, were only one place out of finals.

Men's Pennant F and Women's Metro A finished as minor premiers. Congratulations. The finals fixutres are not yet released. But here is some information on the games we are expecting.

A summary of how our teams have fared this year. What a season.

International Festival of Hockey

Tickets are now on sale for the International Festival of Hockey.  A great opportunity to see international hockey in our own city. When buying tickets, please use SOUTHERNUNITED as the offer code to enable the club rebate program. Tickets can be purchased here.

What's Happening at the Club?

Presentation Nights

Presentation night for the under 12 to under 18s will be on 15th September at Farm Rd.

The senior presentation night and celebration of Southern becoming a united club takes place on at Woodlands Golf Club, tickets can be purchased via

As the celebration of 10 years of the Southern United club we would love people to share some old photos. These photos can be uploaded to dropbox here.

Summer Hockey

Details of the summer hockey program have been announced. Social Hockey - J Ball and Hockey Sixers - two great new exciting forms of hockey will be on at Farm Rd on a Wednesday night, for all ages. Indoor hockey programs are running at MSAC - shield, Dandenong and Skateworld. Catch up on all the indoor hockey at

Social Hockey

Hockey Victoria have developed two brand new versions of hockey – J-Ball and Hockey Sixers – which are played on small fields (43m x 22m), with modified rules to suit anyone, whether a seasoned player or a beginner.
The first ever season of J-Ball and Hockey Sixers will start on Wednesday at Farm Rd.  At this stage, the J-Ball will only be offered to senior players, while Hockey Sixers will be offered for both juniors and seniors. The junior matches will start at 5.15pm in the evening with the season running over 8 weeks only and finishing in mid December.
We would encourage you to get a team together, and in particular we would encourage parents of our junior players who have never played hockey to give J-Ball a go. This is a fun and safe version of the game, with all equipment provided by Hockey Victoria. All you need is a team, a pair of runners and comfortable clothes.
More information can be found on or
If you have any questions, please email Hockey Victoria on or for club related questions.

Premier League Match Updates

Last round was a bye for the premier league teams.

Junior Match Updates

Nine junior teams took to the pitch on the weekend in the first round of finals.  For the mixed shield teams, every round of the finals is sudden death, there is no double chance even for the top of the ladder as the second round of finals has the winners of the semi finals play against the winners of the North West shield semi finals.

At Hawthorn the under 14 and under 16 mixed shield played Doncaster. The two teams came in to the final with very different track records, with the 14s going down significantly against Donnie in the two home and away matches and the 16s beating them strongly.

Two years ago while in under 12s, the current 14s also came in to the finals as under dogs, but took the shield, can they do it again.  The 14s started their finals in style with their best game for the season where they were in control of Doncaster for the whole game with same incredible goals from Lachie Paice the team on 4-3.  Due to some challenging results in the NW shield finals, where Burra defeated the under defeated Essendon, Southern will play Burra in the cross over match.

Lachie P

The 16s did not show the same prowess of earlier games and struggled, with the scoreline 1-0 up at half time where Donnie had had four strong scoring shots but not getting through. Some better play in the second half and an amazing tomahawk from Carlin from the base line moved the 16s forward for a 3-1 win.  Southern will play 2nd on the NW shield ladder Altona in the cross over match at the SNHC.


The 14 shield girls had a double chance, but did not need it playing one of their best games against Waverley winning 2-0. Waverley was the only team that had beaten the Southern minor premiers during the season, so a great result for super coach Shan and her band of assistant coaches.  The girls have the week off while they wait to see who they play in the grand final in two weeks.

The under 12 mixed shield came in to the semi final as under dogs, fourth on the ladder, playing Camberwell who had not been beaten all season. The boys, with many of them fighting the dreaded lurgy played a never say die game, and at half time the score was nil all.  Despite some continued great work, the Camberwell team slowly wore the team down taking the game 3-0, with the score not reflecting the closeness of the game.

The under 12 girls shield team were minor premiers, with only one loss for the season against Donnie the week previously. The girls facing their first final ever did not get the result they were wanting going down 4-0, but have a chance next week in the elimination final against Waverley.

The under 18 crew had finished second on the ladder to Burra who had taken the competition by storm. The team put up a good fight, going down 1-0. They now use their second chance against Mentone on Friday night.

The under 16 pennant girls have had an amazing season. After dropping from shield to pennant, they found their feet and have played really well, making the fourth spot on the ladder. In their game against Brumbies on Friday, the Southern girls played well and kept on fighting, but Brumbies took the win 2-0. Thanks to Lex, LJ and Megan for coaching these girls, your efforts have been really appreciated.

The under 14 mixed pennant team, with the club "if you need it, we are are there" Chris Silvers and Pim Okhuizen as coaches, had the one home game for the weekend and just could not get there. The team worked hard and kept the score for the nil all for most of the game, Mornington got a great shot across goal in the corner with about 6 minutes to go.  The team had some last minute chances, but just could not convert.  A strong season for the team.

The under 16 south red team had snatched the final spot from the black team, and played Monash on the water based pitch. With school productions, international exchanges and the dreaded nasties going around, all three permits for the three players from black to play were needed - thanks Liam, Jono and Tom for filling in. The different water based pitch probably was just too much for the team going down with a very credible 2-1 score line. Thanks Lachie once again for filling in as goalie.  As always Warren, thanks for your work as a coach.

Men's Match Updates

What a season the men's section have had.  With eight men's teams, all but Pennant A are in the finals, with pennant A finishing fifth, one point off four.

The pennant A team finished on a high with a 5-2 win over Burra. Thanks to Ted and Rowdy who filled in at the last minute and with Rylan filling in for Nick, it probably made it the youngest pennant A team out there. Great for the team to finish with a dominant win over 6th place. A finish of fifth place, one point out of the four.  Great work guys and Peachey.

Pennant D finished with a disappointing loss to MCC. A draw or win was needed to finished in 3rd, rather than 4th, seven minutes to go there were 4-0 down, with three goals in the last seven minutes they could not quite get there. They will be heading to PEGS for the elimination final.

Pennant E needed a draw or win over Camberwell to get the double chance, a draw 2-2 is what they achieved, enough to have the double chance, 2nd on the ladder, playing at Yarra next weekend.


The Pennant F competition was incredibly close, the win over Camberwell gives Pennant F minor premiership and will play Powerhouse at Farm Rd for the qualifying final.

Metro A played a very undermanned Danednong for a big win, this gives Metro A a double chance, 2nd on the ladder and should head to Donnie for their qualifying final. While Metro B finished nil all against OHA, leaving them with fourth on the ladder to head to Frankston.

Women's Match Updates

Women's section have also had an incredible season, with all pennant and metro teams making finals.

WOW. Pennant B had to win their game against Camberwell on Sunday afternoon, and that they did. Congratulations.

Pennant F had a great finish with a strong win over TEM, while women's metro A suffered their first loss of the season against St Bedes, despite the loss the metro A team finished as minor premiers and will play OHA for the qualifying final.
The metro B team had a tough game against Metnone.
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