Southern United Weekly Wrap 4th June 2017

Welcome to the Southern United Weekly Wrap.

Catch up on the happening and results of the weeks games, as well as what's happening at the club.

What's Happening at the Club?

Southern United is proud of the support that our supporters have provided to Peter Mac Cancer Foundation over the years. Now is a great time to support Peter Mac on behalf of Southern with a tax deductible donation to Peter Mac.  For each dollar that our supporters donate to Peter Mac in our name, up to $10,000, our major sponsor McKenzie's matches as a donation to Southern. Please donate your tax deductible donation to Peter Mac here

Our Silent Auction is being held on the 23-25th June, please come down and find yourself a great bargain. We would also love to have any donations of items/service or experience. For more details see here  The other big ticket item is that Southern will be celebrating men's health round - a little late - on the Sunday with the premier league game against Camberwell.  Watch this space for news.

We are always happy to receive photos and match information to be part of our web presence and this newsletter. Old photos and stories are also a treasure to receive. Please send to

The Queen's birthday weekend is a HOCKEY FREE WEEKEND.

Weekend of 17-18th is National Hockey Week. We will keep you posted on exciting fun to be had.


Congratulations to Olivia Downes, Nathan Ephraums, Amy Lawton and Josh Mulder selected in the elites "Australian Futures Squad".  See details here

Premier League Match Updates

The premier league teams had their first bye for the season on the weekend. Great timing with the next round - round 22 - game 11 happening on Tuesday and Wednesday night at Doncaster against Melbourne University.

Junior Match Updates

From the juniors firstly a huge thanks to Tracey who spent hours trying to find players, talk to parents and  coaches in an effort to get 5 under 16 teams out on the pitch. With so many players injured, ill, absent it was a nightmare, so a huge thanks to you. Also a huge thanks to all the parents and players who were happy to change plans, teams, or simply double up to make it all happen, and to the coaches for their patience in managing this.

Thanks to the families of Michael Birkett, Zoe and Digby Stannus and Zac Adam-Gedge for taking on the trip to Drouin with short notice.  Thanks to Jess, Hayley, and Will for doubling up Friday night, and to Rueben for being prepared to put on the goalie kit.

For those that were injured or ill, we hope you get better soon, for those away, we are looking forward to seeing you back.

The big news of Friday night was the win for the under 16 girls pennant team. YEAH GIRLS. The girls have had a rough start to the season and it is awesome to see a win on the board, 1-0 over Altona with the one goal to Jess Grant.  Thanks to Caitlin who has stepped in as goalie, and welcome to Cleo who played her first game.

Under 18 had a dreaded 9.30pm game at Yarra the only bonus being they were lucky to be playing the first night of games on the new pitch, with the Southern team finishing with another draw - 1-1.

Under 16 Mixed Shield had Amy, Emily, Sam and Trent out, thanks to the pennant players stepped up in to the team - maybe they just didn't want to travel to Drouin?  The game at Powerhouse was going to be tough, after powerhouse had drawn with Waverley a few weeks earlier. The first half  saw the score 2-1, but the under 14 shield goalie for Powerhouse stepping in with Nic away could not keep up with the Carlin and crew onslaught,  he result was a 7-1 win, with the team playing a good passing game.

While at Hawthorn under 14 mixed shield had a strong 4-0 win over Hawthorn with 2 goals to TJ, with Josie and Laura back for the next game, we can only expect even better things from this crew.

Under 16 Mixed pennant  had a long trip to Drouin. With four players out or playing in shield, it was going to be a tough call, but they worked hard going down 6-4 to Gippsland who had been relegated from Shield.  Under 14 Mixed pennant  had a slightly shorter trip to Berwick. A 3-1 win, with Lucien scoring his first ever goal and the boys then celebrated the way they should on international donut day.

Games on Friday night at Farm Rd started with the Under 14 shield girls playing TEM. Both teams unbeaten, with TEM a higher goal difference. TEM team had two premier league players in their team, but our girls were up to the task and with Molly back from injury and scoring a hat trick the result was a 3-3 draw. Great work girls.  

Under 16 south black played against Mornington. Mornington's first team with state and zone players is a tough call for any 3rd/4th team with the black team going down 0-4.

While at Dendy St the night started with under 14 south playing St Bede's. Later in the evening Under 16 south red hosted Dandenong.  With availability challenges red's goalie Michael had kindly agreed to go to Drouin for pennant, a kit had been found, and Rueben was prepared to stand in.  With all that work something was sure to go awry, and Dandenong arrived without a goalie, forfeiting the game, giving red the 5-0 win.

On Saturday morning at Farm Rd, the Under 12 shield girls played Brumbies with the might of the southern girls coming through with a 7-1 win.  The mixed teams played top of the ladder Camberwell at Farm Rd. The two goalies Ashton and Oliver had a great work out and played great games. Under 12 mixed shield boys held on well for the first half, with the score 0-0 at half time, but the Camberwell team came out strong after half time, taking the game 5-0. Under 12 mixed pennant were 0-3 down at half time, the boys did not give up, only conceding one goal in the second half, great work boys.  Under 12 south made their second trip to Berwick in 8 days, they put up a good show against Casey's first of their teams, going down 4-2. The Under 12 pennant girls had the joy of parking at Monash for their game against Doncaster Gold. The girls held strong, but could not quite get there with a 1-0 win to Donnie.

The under 10 teams played Waverley. The under 10 boys went down 3-1 in what Waverley says was a very competitive game, good on you boys for keeping the pressure on, a goal to Charlie Gow. The under 10 girls score was closer with a 1-0 win to Waverley.

Men's Match Updates

It was a big weekend of men’s hockey a Farm Rd, with Pennant F, E, A and Metro A hitting the pitch. Pennant F started the afternoon with a 4-1 win over Powerhouse, with Stewart Fenton scoring 2 goals, keeping their 2nd position on the ladder. Pennant E played Werribee in what can always be a challenging game, but came away with the 3 points with a 5-0 win solidifying their second on the ladder. Pennant A  had a harder game, a replay of the grand final last year. The Pennant A team has quite a different line up this year, and went down 2-5 to Camberwell.  Thanks to Hayden, Julian and Chris for filling in as umpiring when a HV umpire did not show. Metro A finished the afternoon with a draw against Mentone.

At the SNHC Pennant D  were determined to capture their form after the loss last week, and that they did that with a 6-1 win over Mornington, with Packo showing all that penalty corners are still his thing. Thanks to Murray Stimson for coming in to umpire, and then staying to support when not required.
Packo showing that penalty corners are still his domainPacko showing that penalty corners are still his domain

On Sunday the Metro B team with the squad of under 14 boys went down 5-3 to St Bedes with the 12 year olds starring with Edward Fitzgerald scoring two and Lachie Paice one. Also great to see another player helping out putting on the goalie gear - thanks Flynn.

Women's Match Updates

The women's teams had a clean sweep again this week. It is becoming a bit of a habit. Let's hope it is a habit that they can keep.

The pennant B team tripped to Essendon, for a 2v3 match to find an umpire shortage. A big shout out to the young Essendon umpire who helped out and did a great job umpiring the game. It was greatly appreciated. The metro B team continued their strong season with a 2-0 win over Monash.

On Sunday at Farm Rd, the metro A team were pleased to have the "young players" back this week to help with the running, and that they did. Under 14 players Molly O'Neill followed up her hat trick of Friday night with two goals and Hope Pengilly scored one in the 6-2 win over TEM.  While at SNHC the pennant F team played a tough game against Croydon Ranges, Suzie Styles thumb is clear proof of that, in their 2-1 win.

Fixtures for the week ahead

With no hockey on the long weekend. You can see the fixtures over the next weeks here.
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