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Thursday, October 10th, 2019
St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, 1188 Hamp Mil Road, Dahlonega Georgia 30533 - PH (706) 864-5423     ...
Father John Writes . . . 

Not Normal, Unnatural  My godson is on the Autism spectrum. It is noticable of my godson that he is both very beautiful, and that he processes and responds differently to many social situations. He sparked my interest in the Autism spectrum. I learned that some researchers believe fully one quarter of the population is on the spectrum, and I learned that one of the suspected causes is physiological: the brain has too many interior nerve connections and over processes the information it receives from the senses. The mind becomes overwhelmed with all the input, sometimes becoming fixated on an idea, sometimes totally shutting out some input because it is just too much.

I was sharing these discovers with a school counselor who told me that many people my age were never diagnosed and had to learn over the course of time coping skills through experience. Some of my friends could be on the spectrum and not know it. I wonder, as I learn more, if perhaps I could be on that spectrum. After all, an estimated one in four is.

All of this only reinforces something I suspected even before. We should never call someone "not normal". There are many varieties of ways to be human. There is no normal. Sometimes the different ways we respond and behave arises out of differing characteristics in our physiology. Our bodies and minds come in many varieties. 

Yet the human species develops survival techniques. Group cohesion, group safety, socialization, communication comes from commonalities. Because this is important we come to consider the ways some people behave not normal, to be shunned, to be avoided. This too is a natural attitude that comes from being human. Oh my, have I now worked my way back to justifying considering some people not "normal"? After all, it would seem that to do so is only natural. Perhaps I need to reflect even more. 

The gospel challenges us to imitate Christ. It asks us to look to God for grace, forgiveness and the fruits of the spirit. Paul writes in the fifth chapter of his letter to the church in Galatia: "the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." It seems to me that these things do not come "naturally" to humanity. We actually know from experience that these qualities must be intentionally learned and cultivated. Sometimes the exercise of them is counter to our survival instinct. We will do the virtuous thing even when it is not the expedient thing. These qualities are not normal, they are not natural, and yet they are the way we strive to live. It would seem to me that we are not called to be natural. We are not called to be normal. We are called to be beautiful in the eyes of God. We are called to be like Jesus.

Have a blessed week,
Father John+

Stewardship Awareness
We should all have received our pledge letter by now as it is time to think about 2020.  We are keeping the stewardship campaign low key this year as we have already been so generous to the elevator campaign. We hope all of us will consider our gift responsibly and with gratitude for all God has done for us. Let each give according to what God puts on their heart.  We can each make our pledge by mail. in the plate on Sunday, or online. Also beginning Sunday, October 13th we will begin reflecting on the fruit St. Elizabeth bears in the community as we create a tree of life. Intrigued? All will be revealed soon! Our pledges will be blessed on November 2nd, All Saints' Sunday.
The Book of Common Prayer and Anglicanism

How many Sacraments are in the Episcopal Church.
Father John is going to offer classes those Sundays when there is no special class planned. The next few sessions will be on Anglicanism as found in the Book of Common Prayer.  If you would like to suggest a particular part of the prayer book just text him your idea. He can surely accommodate you.
  • Sun. Oct. 13 at 9 AM: How many Sacraments? We will also look at the form of the services. BCP pp. 857 - 861
  • Sun. Oct. 20 at 9 AM:  What do we Anglicans do? The Baptismal Covenant, BCP p. 304-5.
October Potluck
Thursday, October 17 at 6 pm

 Karyl & Dave Loux will host the October pot luck dinner on October 17th at 6:00 pm. 
As mentioned last week, it will have an Oktoberfest theme.  There is so much fun to be had.  The Loux' have lots of experience in having Oktoberfest gatherings, and fun is the name of the evening.  If you need ideas of something to bring please reach out to Karyl at 757-510-0173 or, and she will help.  If you don't cook, come anyway.  There is always plenty of food to share.  You could also bring pretzels, small hot dog rolls, anything apple flavored (including a jug of cider).  It will be a wonderful way to enjoy each other on a Thursday evening.  Prost!!
Sunday, October 13th
Limited FREE tickets available! Hurry, ask Father John...
This week at Saint Elizabeth’s:
Monday, October 14th    9:30 am Yoga
Tuesday, October 15th 8:30 am
9:30 am
10:30 am
11 am
Breakfast at Wagon Wheel
Men’s Bible Study (MOBS)
Holy Eucharist
Tai Chi
Wednesday, October 16th 10 am
5:15 pm
Choir Practice
Thursday, October 17th   11 am
1:30 pm
6 pm
Females Alone Bible Study (FABS)
Tai Chi
Pot Luck
Friday, October 18th 9:30 am Yoga
Saturday, October 19th 11 am Jimmy Booth's Memorial
Sunday, October 20th    9 am
10 am

11 am
11:30 noon
Sunday School
Holy Communion
Coffee Hour & Reception
Vestry Meeting
Pot Luck: Thursday, October 17th 
At 6 pm at Boyd Hall
Jimmy Booth's Memorial: Thursday, October 19th
At 6 pm at Boyd Hall
Vestry Meeting: Sunday, October 20th 
At 11:30 am, after Sunday Service at Vestry Room in Boyd Hall

In Loving Memory of Jimmy Booth

Saturday, October 19th at 11:00 pm
Visitation at 10:00 am
Reception will follow the service


Any donations you desire to give please direct it to either one below:

St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church - Elevator Fund
1188 Hamp Mill Road, Dahlonega GA 30533
or to
Georgia Pick and Bow
P. O. Box 1801, Dahlonega, GA 30533

We are looking for help with the reception in the way of food, setting up, serving and cleaning afterward. Alice Moore has graciously agreed to coordinate this with the rest of the parish life team. You can check with her regarding what we still need by call or text at (706) 344-8240.

Keep our brother and the Booth family in your prayers.

Please Bring Candy to Church!
You can also Volunteer to Give Out Candy Halloween
on the Square, Oct. 31st, in costume or not
Tell Father John you are interested

...for sharing God's gifts!
Julie Woodall:
Keeping us in tune! Rehearsing the fine voices of our choir, finding the inspirational music and blessing us with her sweet smile!
Harriet Connolly:
She sacredly dedicates time weekly to lay-out our Sunday Bulletin publication which is put together with the input from other contributors. 
Lloyd Cupp: 
 "Neither snow nor rain..." This quiet gentleman takes your generous donations to CHP & NOA.
Volunteers for First Night Dec 31st! Last year our church was able to be the hosts at one of the First Night venues. We have one of the three people needed for this year. It takes place on New Year's Eve and is a fundraiser for Jeremiah's House, a transitional homeless ministry for families. If we get more volunteers we can even take shifts! Contact Father John by text or in person. (914) 512-8156

From your Outreach Committee:
Most female victims of intimate partner violence were previously victimized by the same offender, including 77% of females ages 18 to 24, 76% of females ages 25 to 34, and 81% of females ages 35 to 49.

November 3rd is NOA Sunday!  
NOne Alone provides a safe haven for battered women and their children in Lumpkin County and have had upwards of (#) in residence at one time. In addition to providing monetary assistance, St. Elizabeth’s also collects cleaning supplies for NOA (Betty Greene is our Liaison and delivers these supplies to them). 
Please remember NOA as you do your shopping and pick up some extra cleaning supplies to bring to church on
Sunday the 3rd

If you are interested in getting involved in our Outreach efforts and would like to serve on the Outreach Committee, please see Melissa Lach.
No One Alone (NOA) needs: Canned goods
NOA on going needs are: 
Bath towels, Washcloths, Toilet tissue/paper, Paper towels and Antiseptic wipes.

Again thank you all for your generous support --- Betty Greene ---
The Community Helping Place (CHP) needs:
Food Pantry
Boxed Cereal
Oatmeal/Grits - any variety
Apple Juice - 64 oz plastic bottles
Empty Egg Cartons
Dental Clinic
  • Dental Floss
  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
Thank you for your generosity! -- Elaine --
Ongoing Parish Events and Other Groups:
Day / time
Midweek Eucharist: All welcome!
10:30 AM
at Church
FABS: Females Alone Bible Study
11:00 AM
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
Men's Only Bible Study
8:30 AM
Meets at the Wagon Wheel for breakfast, followed by a 
9:30 AM meeting at Church
Piece-makers: Knit, crochet, weave, quilt pieces to comfort the sick
10 am - noon
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
with Lloyd:
Slow movements accompanied by deep breathing; decreases stress, anxiety and depression
11:00 AM

1:30 PM 
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
Yoga with Paula:  A mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation
9:30 AM
9:30 AM
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall

*Or check our online calendar at:
The ministry schedule is always available online at: 

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost - Proper 23

2 Kings 5:1-3, 7-15c
Psalm 111
2 Timothy 2:8-15
Luke 17:11-19

The Collect

Lord, we pray that your grace may always precede and follow us, that we may continually be given to good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Date October 13 October 20 October 27
Week of the month Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Observances Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost - P 23 Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost - P 24 Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost - P 25
Readings 2 Kings 5:1-3, 7-15c Genesis 32:22-31 Sirach 35:12-17 or or Jeremiah 14:7-10,19-22
  Psalm 111 Psalm 121 Psalm 84:1-6
  2 Timothy 2:8-15 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 2 Timothy 4:6-8,16-18
  Luke 17:11-19 Luke 18:1-8 Luke 18:9-14
Celebrant Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton
Preacher Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton
Organist & Choir Director Julie Woodall Julie Woodall Julie Woodall
Verger Bill Lach Bill Lach Bill Lach
Greeters Helen Long & Cally Pratt Joan G. Anderson & Mike Weitze Cally & Pete Pratt
Ushers Darrell Woodall & David Jones Suzanne Ryerson & Jim Elmore Lynda & Mike Duke
Lector (Lessons) Dave Bammer Bill Miller Wilma Bammer
Intercessor (POP) Rosalie Jensen Michael Zose Dave Bammer
Chalice Bearers Janet Barger & Lloyd Cupp Martha & Tom Roberts Dave Bammer & David Connolly
Crucifer/Acolyte/ Server Kris Duke Dave Bammer Betty Greene
Nursery Millie A. & Aidren B. Aidren Buttram. & Elena Leyssens Aidren Buttram. & Elena Leyssens
Altar Guild Elaine & Don Clark Carol & Bill Maybach Melissa Lach & Carol Maybach
Flower Guild Cathy McLendon Joan Gray-Anderson Jorgene West
Hospitality Joan Gray Anderson & Linda Bunting Amy Anderson & Michael Zose Trish Fawcett & Cathy McLendon
Bread Ministry Elaine Clark Alice Moore-Wherry The Bread Team
Lay Eucharist Visitor Bill Lach Bill Lach Betty Greene
Tellers Lloyd Cupp & Jesse Lee Wise Joan Anderson & George Armijo David Connolly & Suzanne Ryerson
VPOD Lara Lowman Alice Moore-Wherry Ben Wallace
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