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Thursday, January 23, 2020
St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, 1188 Hamp Mil Road, Dahlonega Georgia 30533 - PH (706) 864-5423     ...
Father John Writes . . . 
The True Economy is Mutual Relationships  I recently heard an anthropologist, Bill Mauer, being interviewed on the Hidden Brain radio Program. He reports that there is no evidence that human beings ever had a barter society. Yes, yes, I know. We were all told that before money people exchanged chicken for beans, and shoes for roof work. But that was conjecture. Before the money based economy, according to Bill Mauer, there is no evidence of a barter economy. What humans did, according to the evidence, is establish relationships. It ran something like this: today I am helping you build your house. Now we are in a relationship. Later my family or I need something, you will remember our relationship, and you will help us with things we need. The important thing he reports is these relationships were not temporary. They did not end once there was sufficient payback. The relationships were ongoing. 

In this week's gospel Jesus calls disciples. There is no mention of a contract, or a W-4 form being filled out, or the number of holidays each disciple will have each year. Jesus and the disciples enter into a relationship characterized by trust, loyalty, forgiveness, and yes, love. Then Jesus tells the disciples he will make them fishers of people. They will go out into the world making more connections, more relationships. Jesus is teaching that healing and forming relationships between one another, and God, is the foundation of our lives, the source of blessing. The prayer book catechism and theologians calls it the ministry of "reconciliation".

"O God, give us deeply sustaining and faithful relationships. Where the bonds of human friendship are diseased, bring healing; where they are forming and growing, bring courage, wisdom and commitment; where they exhibit holy wholeness bring joy! May all things find their fellowship in you who are the God and Father of all, and whose true name is Love. Amen"

See you in Church
Father John+
Watch the ReviveATL Video 

The event was attended by four people from St. Elizabeth's and some 2,496 others from all around the diocese of Atlanta. The event celebrates, proclaims and inspires us to live out Jesus' Love in Action. The talk by Bishop Curry begins at about 1 hour 35 minutes, though the entire stream is very worthwhile.  Simply scroll to the bottom of the page linked belwo and choose to "watch again" the live-stream.

$5.00 per person; $10.00 per family

Thank you to all who signed up to make a soup or dessert for the Souper Bowl. Please bring your soup or dessert to the back of Dahlonega Baptist Church by 9 am on the 26th. Soups should be fully cooked and hot.  Please put your name on your crock pot or dish so that it can be identified when you pick it up after 2:00 pm.
For those planning on attending, payment will be made at the door. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation. Checks should be written to DLCMA (which is an abbreviation of Dahlonega Lumpkin County Ministerial Association) and noting Side By Side in the memo field. Checks may be placed in the offertory plate at St. Elizabeth’s. 
If you have any questions, please contact Mike Duke at (770) 789-3538. 

A couple of volunteers are needed to help clean-up after the event are needed. 
Hospitality and Shepherding Workshop
Tuesday, January 28th
6 PM in the Library at Church

Come find out about ways we can enrich our ministry of hospitality here at St. Elizabeth's Church. There is the opportunity to go for dinner together afterwards for those who so desire.

15th Anniversary of Ordination to Priesthood

Father John celebrates his
15th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination on
Wednesday, February 5th.

We will say a prayer for him and have a cake at church on

Sunday, February 9th.
An Eckhart Tolle Discussion Group
Beginning March 1st
Are you yearning for inspiration and thought provoking conversation? Consider joining us as we explore together spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle's book, "A New Earth-Awakening to Your Life's Purpose." He invites us to discover "an enlightened state of consciousness" and how to quiet our minds while living fully present, adding deeper meaning to our lives and hopefully helping to create a more loving community and world. We will meet one evening monthly for ten months to discuss one chapter of the book after listening to the corresponding podcast from Opray Winfrey. First meeting Sunday, March 1st at 6:30 PM. Please RSVP to Michelle Harbord (678) 644-7602
Thank you...
My heartfelt thanks goes out to my church family for your cards, prayers, and warm thoughts during this difficult time for me with the death of my brother, Jimmy. Julie, you provided the most beautiful music which gave me such great comfort. Ruth and Melissa, thank you for your beautiful Appalachian arrangements which tugged at my heart strings, especially with "red-haired boy."
Thank you to the flower guild for providing just what I asked for, happy and joyous colors.  Harriet, the bulletin was beautiful and kept me focused during the service. A delicious southern fare was provided by our exceptional hostess, Lynda and many other wonderful women who contributed their special recipes.
Thank you to the altar guild, greeters, lector, and intercessor for making this funeral so special for Jim's family and friends. Walton, what an amazing voice you have which touched so many people who were there.
Finally, John, we are so lucky to have you as our priest because you really do understand the needs of your congregation and community and you are always willing to support and lift us up in our times of need.
Cathy McLendon
25 years of faithful dedidation; thanks Judy!

...for sharing God's gifts!
Thanks to all that
  • Attended the Annual Parish Meeting!
  • Attended Captain D's last week!
  • Is contributing to the Souper Bowl!

Email us if you want to recommend someone to thank for in our Parish.
Sharing God's gifts... support Side by Side in their noble mission!
No One Alone (NOA) needs: Canned goods
NOA on going needs are: Bath towels, Washcloths, Toilet tissue/paper, Paper towels and Antiseptic wipes.

Again thank you all for your generous support --- Betty Greene ---
Community Helping Place
Dental Clinic needs: Dental Floss and Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
Thank you for your generosity! -- Elaine --
Community Helping Place
Food Pantry needs: Peanut butter, Jelly, Grits and Diapers
Thank you for your generosity! -- Elaine --
Ongoing Parish Events and Other Groups:
Activity Description Day / time Location
Midweek Eucharist: All welcome! Tuesdays 10:30 AM at Church
FABS: Females Alone Bible Study Thursday 11:00 AM Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
MOBS: Men's Only Bible Study Tuesdays 8:30 AM Meets at the Wagon Wheel for breakfast, followed by a 
9:30 AM meeting at Church
Piece-makers: Knit, crochet, weave, quilt pieces to comfort the sick Wednesdays 10 am  Downstairs at the Boyd Hall - until noon.
with Lloyd:
Slow movements accompanied by deep breathing; decreases stress, anxiety and depression Tuesdays 11:00 AM
1:30 PM 
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
Yoga with Paula:  A mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation Mondays 9:30 AM
Fridays 9:30 AM
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall

*Or check our online calendar at:
The ministry schedule is always available online at: 

Third Sunday after Epiphany

The Collect

Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Date January 26 February 2 February 9
Week of the month Week 4 Week 1 Week 2
Observances Third Sunday after the Epiphany Presentation of Jesus in the Temple Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
Readings Isaiah 9:1-4 Malachi 3:1-4 Isaiah 58:1-9a, [9b-12]
  1 Corinthians 1:10-18 Hebrews 2:14-18 1 Corinthians 2:1-12, [13-16]
  Matthew 4:12-23 Luke 2:22-40 Matthew 5:13-20
  Psalm 27:1, 5-13 Psalm 84 or Psalm 24:7-10 Psalm 112:1-9, (10)
Celebrant Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton
Preacher Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton Fr. John Hamilton
Organist & Choir Director Julie Woodall Julie Woodall Julie Woodall
Verger Bill Lach Bill Lach Bill Lach
Greeters Cally Pratt & Chris Christopher Pam & Jarell Jones Molly & David Baker
Ushers Lynda & Michael Duke Carla Buchanan & Lara Lowman Darrell Woodall & Warren Johnson
Lector (Lessons) Betty Greene Wilma Bammer Paul Roberts
Intercessor (POP) Melissa Lach Kristopher Duke Melissa Lach
Chalice Bearers Dave Bammer & David Connolly Janet Barger & Lloyd Cupp Jim Ory & Bill Lach
Crucifer/Acolyte/ Server Betty Greene Bill Lach Kris Duke
Nursery Millie, Rita, Elena & Bella Millie, Rita, Elena & Bella Millie, Rita, Elena & Bella
Altar Guild Melissa Lach & Susie Farris Cally Pratt & Carla Buchanan Elaine & Don Clark
Flower Guild Harriet Connolly Cathy McLendon Kathy Gholston
Hospitality Gladys & Ben Wallace Mike Weitze & Kris Duke Debbi Hamm & Alice Moore-Wherry
Bread Ministry Bread Team Cally Pratt Elaine Clark
Lay Eucharist Visitor Betty Greene Bill Lach Jim Ory
Tellers David Connolly & Suzanne Ryerson Judy Ford & Chris Christopher Lloyd Cupp & Jesse Wise
VPOD TBA Alice Moore-Wherry* Ben Wallace*
We need volunteers to serve the roles of:
Chalice Bearers

Please contact Fr. John or the parish office! Thank you.
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