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Thursday, June 17, 2021


Saint Elizabeth's Episcopal Church
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Father John Writes

Apparently fear is a more powerful emotion than the positive ones because it is more urgent. Something rustling in the bushes might eat us and thus takes on a greater immediate importance than the beautiful light dancing on the petals of a flower. Fear is also a more intense sensation. Feelings of joy require us to stop and pay attention, to dwell on what is delightful. Only then will they fix themselves in our experience. In our fast passed society we are not prompted to stop and take in the joy.

This difference between fear and joy is exploited by politicians, influencers, advertising, and many forms of media. When we allow these voices to occupy much of our time they increase in us anxiety. They distract us from sources of joy. I encourage us to take the time to find joy, and to not be taken in by the tricks of those who would exploit the fear response. Let us turn off the radio, and stop to see the flowers.

Jesus, however, takes this a step further. At least it seems so to me. He does not want us to allow fear to overtake us even in situations where we do discern danger. When the disciples were anxious over the storm, afraid that the boat might sink, Jesus asks them not to be of little faith. He asks them to trust God.

So many things happen which are troubling, but dwelling on our fear or anxiety about them does not aid one bit. Faith enables us to keep our feet on the ground even when there is trouble. We do not ignore the trouble, nor are we consumed by it. This is not something easy. It is something that comes from prayer and practice. It is a gift of God. Learning to be aware of danger without giving in to fear is a blessing even in addition to all the joys we can gain by simply being present to the things around us. Let us have faith and let us also delight in the details of our lives. Begone fear. Hello Blessing!

Have a blessed week everyone,
Father John+
Happy Father's Day !
New This Week
Holy Eucharist  | Sunday Service

10:30 am following protocols for vaccinated person. Unvaccinated persons are asked to wear masks and maintain social distance.

Holy Eucharist  | Tuesday Service
10:30 am following protocols for unvaccinated persons.

Announcing - the return of Foyers!

The vestry recently decided that the time is appropriate to organize foyers groups, with a target date to begin in August. For those new to foyers, these will be small groups of about 4 ‘units’ (couples, singles, or two members that want to participate as a ‘unit’)  that will be organized randomly from those wanting to participate. These groups will gather at each other's homes once per month to share a simple meal and fellowship. If a unit prefers to host in Boyd Hall it will be available (please reserve with Gladys).

Foyers have been a wonderful way for members to socialize and deepen friendships. The ‘rules’ are simple: Each ‘unit’ simply agrees to host a meal during the approximate 6 month period that the foyers group will be together. At the end of the 6 months, groups will be scrambled again (hopefully with new additions) and the 6 month cycle will begin again.

There will be a sign up sheet at church for those who are interested in participating. Or you can send Janet Barger an email at Please put Foyers in the subject line to avoid being deleted as spam! August 1st will be the deadline for signing up. Groups will then be randomly assigned and contact information shared so it can be decided who will host first. Please consider signing up as members in the past have said this was one of the most enjoyable activities organized by the church.

Call for articles! Please contact Margo at:

Next issue will include the months of 
Coffee Hour Volunteers Needed - Niskayuna Reformed Church
Coffee Hour on Sunday!

We will have packaged snacks and coffee. The unvaccinated safe zone will be in the prayer garden. We will set up the number of tables outside that are needed. Others may have fellowship in the parish hall. The guiding principle is that each person chooses their level of comfort. We base our guidelines on the CDC recommendations.
Do you know or support an organization that seeks volunteers or desires to be more fully known in the community?

Invite them to be part of the

Love In Action Volunteer Fair! 
Saturday, October 23

We need people at this time to speak individually with groups to sign them up. You can talk to any of our planning group Melissa Lach, Julie Woodall, Janet Barger, Alice Moore or Father John. We are hoping for at least 20 groups to participate.

Celtic Vespers Service

We can't wait to have another beautiful evening sharing the music and lovely prayers in communion with nature!

Be present, bring family and friends at our church's labyrinth garden and enjoy soul nurturing thoughts. 

The next service is:

Sunday, June 27th @ 7 PM

at Saint Elizabeth's Episcopal Church | Labyrinth Garden
Spotlight on Nature

by Rosalie Jensen

 Faithful Father

Although she is now able to go to the feeder, this adolescent Cardinal female continues to ask for her father’s attention. 

May Sunday be a happy Father’s Day for all those who have loved and cared for children.  Thanks, Rosalie. 

Saint Elizabeth's Episcopal Church is a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat

Our Parish This Week
Sue Spence, Devon Olivia Rooney, Pam Stimers, Elise Sullens, Jackie Peabody, Paul Hamm, Henry Grimes, Terry McLendon, Jenna Brown, Christy Lowe, Keegan Plumley,  Robert Wright, Richard Lutz, David Baker, Margaret Skelly, Sharon Hall, Judy Miller, Joy Schyler, Vicky Schyler, Ricie Eubanks, Ken Dusen, Ruth Purcell, Bill Vogt, Randy Pruitt, Nancita Palomos Knuckles, Wynell Pace, Bob Shields, Marti Carter, Frances Thrasher, Judy Ford, David Loux, Kim Bargeron, George Heitz, Walton Peabody and Pea McKellar.

Females Alone Bible Study
Join Zoom Meeting
Thursdays at 10:45 am

June  Birthdays:  

3        Bob Broome
4        Janet Barger

5        Betty Greene
6        Julie Woodall
8        Caroline Johnsen
8        Jacqueline Anderson
10      Pam Jones
10      David Baker
11       Skipper Gholston
11       Sue Spence
15      Cally Pratt
16      Rick Hayes
See the source image
June Anniversaries:  

8          Rita & Larry Channell
11         Cheryl & David Jones

11         Julie & Darrell Woodall
18        Margaret & Gerald Skelly
21        Millie & Terry Alexander

24        Wilma & Dave Bammer

Please email us your special dates:

Thanks to __!
  • For

NOTE: Please email us to recommend someone to thank in our Parish.

If you are coming to church from the direction of town do not come down Grove Street. You will need to come from Morrison Moore, turning onto Torrington, and then Hamp MIll Road.
Outreach Developments to be hosted by St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church at our site. Projected to take place at Summer and early Fall. Please contact Melissa to be part of these community efforts! Thank you.
• Jelly 
• Peanut Butter 
• Grits 
• Juice 

Personal Care Items: 

• Shampoo 
• Conditioner 
• Body wash 

• Deodorant 

• Dental floss 
• Toothpaste for sensitive teeth 
Community Helping Place of Dahlonega

chp logo

CHP - SUMMER PROGRAM needs for month of May distribution:

• Juice - 64 oz
• Instant Grits - Individually packets
• Instant Oats - Individually packets
• Spaghetti O's
• Ravioli 
• Beef-a-Roni

• Bags of Apples (May 26, 27 and 28)
Summer Season Clip Art -

We are planning on 200 children benefiting from our Summer Program.

If you collect food for this program, it is important to tell the person receiving the food or they will put it into the Food Pantry inventory.

You can always contact me and I will meet you at the Red Building and we can put the food in there.

Debi Holloway | Director of Client Services
Community Helping Place (CHP)
706-867-9621, Ext 303
NOA needs:

  Canned goods  
  Bedding sheets 
  Wash clothes  
  Toilet paper  
  Paper towels  
  Antiseptic wipes

Anyone wishing to donate items for NOA may feel free to drop off such items in the NOA basket in the church narthex.
Thank you so much for thinking of others! - Betty Greene -
Events in the Weeks Ahead...
Ongoing Items and the Weekly Schedule
Merry Meal Makers
Please join us as we create a new list of individuals willing to make & deliver a fresh home cooked meal when it is needed. When you are called upon you will be given all the particulars the recipient has requested.

Please send me an email with your best contact information to Suzanne Ryerson at Thank you, Suzanne.
The HOSPITALITY Ministry needs volunteers to assist on set-up and clean-up of coffee and snacks at our Coffee Hour. We need a minimum of 4 teams so that each team can be assigned a Sunday per month. 
Sunday Ministries

The Collect
O Lord, make us have perpetual love and reverence for your holy Name, for you never fail to help and govern those whom you have set upon the sure foundation of your loving-kindness; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
You can follow our services on You Tube:
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