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Thursday, October 15, 2020
St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, 1188 Hamp Mil Road, Dahlonega Georgia 30533 - PH (706) 864-5423     ...
Father John Writes...
What's New This Week

Our Meditation this week is from Martha Roberts who shares stories of her and Tom's experience of stewardship as a path to deeper spirituality. So take the time to read it, immediately below. ...  We are Streamlining the Thursday Update. New stories run in the top of the update and continuing stories have only the details and are further down. We hope this makes it easier to stay informed. ...  This Sunday Eryn Eubanks and the Family Fold provide our music for worship. Be sure to worship using the video. Maybe this week is a good week to share the worship video with a friend.. ... A Celtic Prayer or meditation will be included in each week's Thursday Update. Take a quiet moment to connect with God.

Have a blessed week everyone,
Father John
Stewardship 2020
     Giving is What we Do

          Our Stewardship Story
               by Martha Roberts

In 1968, after Tom’s graduation from Georgia Tech, we moved to Kingsport, Tennessee with our four young children. After a short sojourn in the Roman Catholic church there, we found a warm, loving, nurturing church home at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Kingsport, where we became members. We attended regularly and participated, along with our children, in the life of the church.  I served on the vestry there several times, as did Tom, and it was around 1976, while Tom was serving, that St. Timothy’s launched a Stewardship Program called “Strive to Tithe”. Members were asked to figure what percentage of their income they had given to the church the past year and then to step out in faith and increase that number by 1% in the coming year. With each year following, we were to try to increase the previous percentage by 1%. It was an interesting concept, because except for the title, tithing was not the emphasis.  It was a very pragmatic approach, a path to reach a distant (for us) goal. Vestry members were asked to lead the way by making their commitment first.  

Tom and I discussed it seriously.  At the time, we lived in a hundred-year-old farmhouse, drove a secondhand car, and had the usual: home mortgage, car payment, credit card debt, and school loan payment.  In addition, we had four children to feed, clothe, and educate. We had always put something in the offering basket, but without much thought or planning.  However, we decided to proceed; to “strive to tithe”.

As I said, the “Strive to Tithe” concept was pragmatic, but, paradoxically, it led us into what Charlene Fabian, Director of Stewardship for the Diocese of Oklahoma, calls, “…the holy habit of discipleship.” It started us on a journey. It encouraged us to look at our lives in more depth.  What was important?  What could we let go? What were we grateful for? How could we help? Who did we love? 

Although we did not realize it until years later, the commitment we made, which seemingly was about income and percentages, was in actuality a spiritual discipline, which slowly, almost imperceptibly, increased our awareness of God’s bounty and God’s love. This ongoing journey underlies our concept of stewardship because it has led us to the place of belief expressed in the old Offertory sentence, “All things come of thee, oh Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.”
New This Week
From our Treasurer, Ben Wallace
F I N A N C I A L     R E C A P
        PLATE   $2.8 $4.5 $(1.7)
        PLEDGE   $144.2 $134.3 $9.9
TOTAL INCOME   $147.0 $138.8 $8.2
        EXPENSE   $127.0 $138.8 $11.8
NET   $20.0 $-00 $20.0
• Plate is down due to no in-church services, while pledge is ahead of budget due to all yearly commitments having been paid plus the remaining portion of the reserve.
• Approximately 50% of the positive pledge variance is due to non-personnel related expenses which will not be spent while the balance represents timing of payment for Outreach, the annual HVAC maintenance program and continuing education.

Did the Post Office deliver to you the Stewardship Letter?

• Some problems with late postal delivery have been reported. The 2021 Pledge letters were mailed on Thursday, October 29 so if you have not received one as yet let us know.

• Statements reflecting YTD 2020 contributions will be mailed next week.
Spotlight on Nature by Rosalie Jensen

Adios Beautiful Friend  Last week the interactive map on Journey Map indicated that migrating Monarchs had reached north Georgia.  My visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Gainesville was rewarded by photographs of members of a flock of Monarchs on the hilltop in the Children’s Garden.  This male was among the travelers preparing for a trip to Mexico for the winter. Thanks, Rosalie. 

St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church is a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat

This week we Thank ... 
Thank you, Father John! 
In appreciation to the many hats he wears in his effort to be the best of shepherds.
Thank you, Father Walton and Father Paul!
October is Pastor's appreciation month and we express our gratitude to our priests, our shepherds and friends.
Please email us to recommend someone to thank in our Parish.

In Thanksgiving to Julie & the Choir...
Saint Elizabeth's Episcopal Church's
Artists & Photographers
are donating the proceeds from the sale of their work
displayed in the Art Gallery at the Boyd Hall to

St. Elizabeth's Music Fund
Thank you for your support!

Please, make check payable to:
St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, and write MUSIC FUND in the memo line

Worship in the Coming Weeks
Making our Worship Vibrant and Joyful
Sunday Worship is on YouTube Eace Week. The Service is available after 9:50 am. Like all our parish videos, it can be found on our YouTube channel
T H I S  Sunday, October 18, 2020
Worship Music By the Family Fold!

All the Worship Music will be by Eryn Eubanks and the Family Fold, the grand-daughter of George and Kristi Armijo
N E X T  Sunday, October 25, 2020
Morning Prayer and All the Music will be Spirituals!

Send in Pictures of Loved Ones for All Saints'
We will also Bless the Pledges at this Service

Sunday, November 1, 2020


Send us Pictures of those you wish to Commemorate and we will place them in the Online Worship!  Please include their name as you would like ti to be shown in the bulletin and in worship. Email to:
NOA needs: ●  Canned goods  ●  Bedding sheets  ●  Towels  ●  Wash clothes  ●  Toilet paper  ●  Paper towels  ●  Antiseptic wipes
Anyone wishing to continue to donate items for NOA may feel free to drop off such items at:
c/o Betty & Shirley: 26 Blue Ridge Overlook Drive, Dahlonega, GA 30533 
Please call Betty first at 706-344-7100 to let us know you are coming so the garage door will be open. 
There is a plastic bin along the left hand wall of the garage for you to put things for NOA in. 
Thank you so much for thinking of others in these difficult times. --- Betty Greene ---
Community Helping Place of Dahlonega Dental Clinic needs:
● Dental floss  Toothpaste for sensitive teeth 
Events in the Weeks Ahead
And The Weekly Schedule
NEXT Racial Healing Bookgroup
Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00 PM!

We are reading "White Fragility" Reading the Book is not a requirement for participation. To Sign up for this book group go to

Next Tidings Deadline Nov. 11
Our next issue of TIDINGS will be published in November, before Thanksgiving. If you have a story idea for us or would like to submit an article/column, please touch base with Margo Booth,, 770-654-7899. Deadline for the issue is Nov. 11. We are especially looking for stories about parish activities and personal interest stories about our members, but are open to any story ideas you think would be of interest to parishioners.

Buy a Card to Support our Certified Backyard Habitat
laine Clark and Rosalie Jensen have donated handmade cards to be sold in the nave to benefit the Certified Backyard Habitat. Each card is approximately  5" x 7" and includes an envelope. Suggested contribution per card $5.

Sundays at 9:45 am
Join us, while at the comfort of your home and watch Sunday service together!
ZOOM meeting:
Sundays at 10:45 am
Come see how others in the Parish are doing!
ZOOM meeting: 
Thursdays at 11 am
All welcome to FABS in these extraordinary! 
ZOOM meeting:
Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost
Proper 24

Isaiah 45:1-7
Psalm 96:1-9, (10-13)
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Matthew 22:15-22
The Collect

Almighty and everlasting God, in Christ you have revealed your glory among the nations: Preserve the works of your mercy, that your Church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
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