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Thursday, March 12, 2020
St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, 1188 Hamp Mil Road, Dahlonega Georgia 30533 - PH (706) 864-5423     ...
Father John Writes . . . 
We have not Experienced this before!: Spiritual and Practical Response to COVID-19    There is no right way to respond to this event. We have not had anything like it in my lifetime, and we are doing the best we can. In this meditation I will present two items. First, what is a spiritual response to this event, and secondly a summary of the steps we are taking at St. Elizabeth's.

Spiritually, slay calm.   This crisis is strange, unsettling, disruptive, and potentially fatal to some of us, yet during it all we trust in God to give us the strength we need to go through this event. Whatever transpires, God is with us, God loves us, and our trust and hope is in God. We do not panic. Panic does not help, in fact, it hurts. We know that life includes good events and hard ones. Through them all we pray, we ask for God's help, we seek to trust God even without understanding.  Spiritually, we stay calm.

Spiritually, we act wisely. Much of what will happen is out of our control. However, if we respect the gifts of those who study these things we can devise our best response. There is no single right answer. However, informed, dispassionately weighing the counsel of persons experienced in epidemiology, we devise the best plan we can. Spiritually we act wisely.

Spiritually, we remember that we are a human family and we are in it together. We are all connected as children of God. Thus we take time to understand how what I do affects the lives of my neighbors. Maybe I really wanted to go to that basketball game. However, spiritually, I remember that by going I might spread the contagion to people perhaps leading to an overwhelmed health care system. Then vulnerable people who need healthcare have limited access to it. Yes, I might be in a non-risk group, yet by my actions that spread the contagion I may affect others. Spiritually we behave for the well being of our neighbors.

Practical Step One: Please wash your hand as soon as you arrive at church, or use the hand-sanitizer at the door. Washing hands is better.
Practical Step Two: We will not be passing the offering plate. Place your offering in the plate next to the font as you come in.
Practical Step Three: We will bow instead of shaking hands at the peace and when greeting people in the narthex.
Practical Step Four: Only the priest will touch the bread. We will only receive the bread, the body of Christ, during Communion. Only the celebrant will partake of the cup.
Practical Step Five: At coffee hour we are devising a plan to distribute cookies and beverage such that each person only touches their own refreshments.
Practical Step Six: Please maintain a safe distance from others (three to six feet), and if you sneeze please do so in a tissue which you discard immediately, or failing a tissue, into your elbow.
Practical Step Seven: It makes total sense for individuals to stay at home Follow the Service online. I am currently exploring a way to broadcast the service on Youtube such that persons do not need a facebook account to stream it.

Finally, Social Sequestration: I would like to encourage all at risk persons, seniors, persons with compromised immune systems, persons with a history of cancer or respiratory illness, to procure a supply of food and prescriptions, and plan to avoid gatherings of people during the worst of the pandemic. One cannot begin social sequestration too early to be effective, but one can begin it too late too be effective. should anyone decide to stay at home, a plan to have people check in several times a day is important. If you need someone to check in on you call either Gladys or Father John and let them know. We will arrange for this to happen. 

Spiritually Lent is an appropriate time to stay for prayer, meditation and study.

With each extra day we can delay the spread we help the health care system deal with the volume and we save lives. 
Have a blessed Lent!
Father John

These guidelines follow those set out by our bishop. You may read his communication here
Safety Precautions for Church
for the coming weeks
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water after arriving at church.
  • Please pass the peace using bows rather than handshakes
Meetings Postponed for next week:
  • Men's Only Bible Study (MOBS)
  • Female Alone Bible Study (FABS)
Foyers Group Dinners

SIGN-UP: Sunday, March 12

Foyer Groups are fun and easy way to gather in our homes or alternate location on a regular basis for purely social reasons - enjoy the company of others, to strengthen bonds of community and just get to know each other people with whom we may not have had the opportunity to interact.

There is no agenda plan, just casual fellowship and a refreshing meal. Groups are made up of singles and couples and will meet once a month in the months of APRIL, MAY, JUNE and JULY. Newcomers are especially invited to participate.

A random drawing will take place on
Sunday, March 22nd during coffee hour to form the Foyer Groups. 
Resources for Lenten Devotion
are at the very bottom of this Thursday Update.
See the many things available.

Check Out Especially Lent Madness
and Signs of Life by SSJE.
Dahlonega Lumpkin County Ministerial Assocation
Lenten Ecumenical Services
Tuesdays March 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31st at Noon
at St Luke's Roman Catholic Church
Soup Lunch following
Come worship with Father John and our friends from other churches

Side by Side In Service

Saturday April 4th
Joining with other congregations we actually assist our neighbors!
There are opportunities to serve that do not require physical effort!

Suggest a service project here 
Sign up to volunteer in church or online here 
Anglican Christian Spirituality & Theology
A Class for those seeking Baptism, Confirmation,
Reception into the Episcopal Church,
or Renewalal of Baptism Vow

Father John is offering four classes on Tuesday. The dates and topics are below. He will offer the same series on Sundays after Coffee Hour in May and June. Please sign up in the narthex or by calling the office if you are interested. If you are not preparing for membership you can attend only those you are interested in. If you cannot attend the scheduled class, but are interested in the subject please let Father John know and he will work to find a time that will work for you.

Tuesdays @ 6 PM in the Pastor's Study
March 3 : The Episcopal Church, Heritage and Polity
March 17: Scripture in the Episcopal Church
March 31: Christian Teaching and Tradition in the Episcopal Church
April 7: Christian Life and Service in the Episcopal Church
An Eckhart Tolle Discussion Group
Will meet next on Sunday April 5 at 6 pm.  For more information or to RSVP contact Michelle Harbord (678) 644-7602

St. Liz's Place on Mondays

Fellowship and Formation for Families with Children
March 2 ... March 9 ... March 16  &  March 23

6:15 to 6:45 Dinner
6:45 to 7:30 Formation

If you would like to prepare a meal for up to 16 people please email father John AND the parish office. john@joyfulrumblings and

Lenten Contemplative Vespers

Mondays: March 16, March 23 and March 30
5:30 pm in the Church


Please make your flower donation on/before Sunday, April 5th, 2020
Please fill the form below to make a donation towards the purchase of Palms to adorn our church and altar. Any amount is welcomed!
Name:  ___________________________________
In Thanksgiving for: _______________________
In Memory of:  ____________________________     
Donation amount:    $ _____________________  

Please place in the wooden offerings box at the vestibule or at the Office Administrator’s mail slot. Thank you!

Please make your flower donation on/before Sunday, April 12th, 2020
Please fill the form below to make a donation towards the purchase of Easter lilies to adorn our church and altar. Any amount is welcomed!
Name:  ___________________________________
In Thanksgiving for: _______________________
In Memory of:  ____________________________     
Donation amount:    $ _____________________  

Please place in the wooden offerings box at the vestibule or at the Office Administrator’s mail slot. Thank you!
Our birds need a home!
Thanks for the couple of bird houses donated!
We do have more potential residents that will love a place to breed. Our creatures will be happy with a bird house of your built, restoration or purchased!

Thank you, Rosalie Jensen (NWE Certified )

St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church is a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat

...for sharing God's gifts!
Thanks to:
Mike Duke
Skipper Gholston
Ben Wallace

for their work getting and installing posts for the announcement banners!
Email us if you want to recommend someone to thank for in our Parish.
Approach people
with a gentle hand,
because people are fragile.
Give them
the bread of your goodness.
Let others see in you a refuge,
a port and an oasis.

Phil Bosmans
No One Alone (NOA) needs: Canned goods
NOA on going needs are: Bath towels, Washcloths, Toilet tissue/paper, Paper towels and Antiseptic wipes. 

Again thank you all for your generous support --- Betty Greene ---
Community Helping Place
Dental Clinic needs: Dental Floss and Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
Community Helping Place
Food Pantry needs for March:
Peanut Butter, Jelly, Spaghetti sauce, Grits, Canned tuna, Canned chicken

Thank you for your generosity! --- Debi Holloway / Director of Client Services / Community Helping Place / 706-867-9621
Ongoing Parish Events and Other Groups:
Activity Description Day / time Location
Midweek Eucharist: All welcome! Tuesdays 10:30 AM at Church
FABS: Females Alone Bible Study Thursday 11:00 AM Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
MOBS: Men's Only Bible Study Tuesdays 8:30 AM Meets at the Wagon Wheel for breakfast, followed by a 
9:30 AM meeting at Church
Piece-makers: Knit, crochet, weave, quilt pieces to comfort the sick Wednesdays 10 am  Downstairs at the Boyd Hall - until noon.
with Lloyd:
Slow movements accompanied by deep breathing; decreases stress, anxiety and depression Tuesdays 11:00 AM
1:30 PM 
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall
Yoga with Paula:  A mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation Mondays 9:30 AM
Fridays 9:30 AM
Downstairs at the Boyd Hall

*Or check our online calendar at:
The ministry schedule is always available online at: 

Third Sunday in Lent

Exodus 17:1-7
Romans 5:1-11
John 4:5-42
Psalm 95

The Collect
Almighty God, you know that we have no power in ourselves to help ourselves: Keep us both outwardly in our bodies and inwardly in our souls, that we may be defended from all adversities which may happen to the body, and from all evil thoughts which may assault and hurt the soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
We need volunteers to serve the roles of:
Head Teller and 2 Tellers
Nursery Senior

Chalice Bearers
Office Volunteer

Please contact Fr. John or the parish office! Thank you.
Date March 15 March 22 March 29
Week of the month Week 3 Week 4 Week 4
Observances Third Sunday in Lent Fourth Sunday in Lent Fifth Sunday in Lent
Readings Exodus 17:1-7 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Ezekiel 37:1-14
  Romans 5:1-11 Ephesians 5:8-14 Romans 8:6-11
  John 4:5-42 John 9:1-41 John 11:1-45
  Psalm 95 Psalm 23 Psalm 130
Celebrant Fr. John Hamilton Fr. Walton Peabody Fr. John Hamilton
Preacher Fr. John Hamilton Fr. Walton Peabody Fr. John Hamilton
Organist & Choir Director Julie Woodall Julie Woodall Julie Woodall
Verger Bill Lach Bill Lach Bill Lach
Greeters Joan Gray Anderson & Mike Weitze Cally Pratt & Chris Christopher Wilma & Dave Bammer
Ushers Suzanne Ryerson & Jim Elmore Lynda & Mike Duke Elaine & Don Clark
Lector (Lessons) Lloyd Cupp Warren Johnson Cathy McLendon
Intercessor (POP) Michael Zose Kris Duke Melissa Lach
2 Chalice Bearers Martha Roberts Dave Bammer Lloyd Cupp
Crucifer/Acolyte/ Server Dave Bammer Betty Greene Trish Fawcett
Nursery Rita Channell, Elene Leyssens & Bella Brock Rita Channell, Elene Leyssens & Bella Brock Rita Channell, Elene Leyssens & Bella Brock
Altar Guild Carol & Bill Maybach Melissa Lach & Susie Farris Carol Maybach & Cally Pratt
Flower Guild Harriet Connolly Harriet Connolly Harriet Connolly
2 Hospitality Mike Weitze & Kris Duke Debbi Hamm & Alice Moore-Wherry Joan Gray Anderson & Linda Bunting
Bread Ministry Alice Moore-Wherry Bread Team Molly Callender
Lay Eucharist Visitor Bill Lach Betty Greene Bill Lach
2 Tellers Joan Anderson & George Armijo David Connolly & Suzanne Ryerson Dave Bammer & Tom Roberts
VPOD Alice Moore-Wherry Ben Wallace Lynda Duke

Bringing your Devotional Resources as close as your computer,
tablet or smartphone

Lent begins February 26

Signs of Life
from the Society of St. John the Evangelist

Worship engages our deepest human needs and has the power to transform our lives. Join the Brothers of SSJE in exploring the signs and symbols at the heart of Christian worship. This free 5-week offering encourages individuals and groups to explore the riches of our worship traditions, liturgy and sacraments, and the art and architecture of our worship spaces, revealing the full meaning of these signs, deepening our experience of Christian vocation and guiding us toward ongoing conversion.  Link: Signs of Life

Lent Madness

Our own St. Elizabeth of Hungary is one of the saints considered this Lent. You can learn more about this humorous Lenten discipline that helps us learn about those who followed Christ in their own day! (Saints). Link: Lent Madness.

Episcopal Relief and Development

This is a wonderful organization of the church which does important assistance to those in need around the world. Visit the website. You can also sign up for a daily Lenten Meditation to be delivered to your email each day by going here: ERD Lenten Devotions

Forward Movement

This online resource would be good for Lent or the entire year. You can read or listen to the daily meditation. You can pray Morning or Evening Prayer daily. They gather the psalms, readings and prayers into one flowing service. All you do is push a button. They also sponsor Lent Madness. Go explore their website here: Forward Movement 

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