Last week I mentioned that we are holding strategic discussions regarding our Fall Conference scheduled for October 2020. We would like to hear from you. I know it's hard to know exactly what October will look like, but based on everything you think and know right now, are you wanting to attend an in-person event? No matter what, there will be a robust online component for those who want that. Thank you for letting us know.

We are continuing our quest to keep important information heading your way. This week the Sacramento Valley District organized a highly attended webinar with Shawn Steel's Scope of Practice: Professional Boundaries - one of our members' favorites! This webinar was available live to chiropractors throughout the state this past Tuesday and will viewable On Demand very soon. Much time was allocated to answering questions on a variety of topics. I think you will find it worth your time. Next week, Quartermaster Tax Management will be hosting a webinar titled "PPP 'FREE Money? Maybe!'" and CalChiro Boardmember Tracy Cole will be presenting Medi-Cal - Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask.

Also of note, CalChiro Boardmember Glenn Fischel organized an online Town Hall meeting for districts in Region 3. The intention was to bring together members to talk - about their experiences and questions. Those who attended indicated it was a valuable opportunity and suggested we do it again. Watch for many more similar meetings to pop up. What was the best part? Seeing smiling faces of people we have not seen in months.

The Managed Care and Insurance Committee met last week. Please read the detailed write up below. This committee and its members are very busy advocating on your behalf.

I hope you enjoy this issue - as usual, we have tried to pack it full with the information you need right now (and maybe even valuable information you didn't know you needed).

Warm Regards,
Dawn Benton, MBA
CalChiro Executive Vice President & CEO
June 3, 2020
PPP “FREE Money? Maybe!”


June 4, 2020
 Medi-Cal - Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask


June 10, 2020
Chest Imaging for the Chiropractor


Virtual Vendor Fridays
Details coming soon!

October 15, 2020
Board of Directors Meeting

Paradise Point
Resort & Spa
San Diego

October 15-18, 2020
Fall 2020 Conference
Paradise Point
Resort & Spa
San Diego

October 16-18, 2020
House of Delegates Meetings

Paradise Point
Resort & Spa
San Diego
CalChiro On Demand CE
DC Online
IMPORTANT Provider Relief Fund Info from HHS
20 Million More Under Provider Relief Fund

Health and Human Services (HHS) announced and began the next round of payments under the Provider Relief Fund. The first $30 billion was distributed according to Medicare payments (see the next section). This round is $20 billion and is based on your net revenue in 2018 against the entire estimated healthcare net revenue amounts from 2018 (some estimating $2.5 trillion total). Additionally, most providers are required to submit information via a portal to receive their portion of the $20 billion.

HHS stated, “Any provider who has already received a payment from the Provider Relief Fund as of 5:00 pm EST Friday, April 24th can and should apply for additional funding via the Provider Relief Fund Application Portal.” Additionally, before submitting your information to receive the additional payment, you must have already attested to the terms and conditions for the first disbursement.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this article. 

Providers Must Act by June 3, 2020 to Receive Additional Relief Fund General Distribution Payment

HHS is reminding eligible providers that they have until June 3, 2020, to accept the Terms and Conditions and submit their revenue information to support receiving an additional payment from the Provider Relief Fund $50 billion General Distribution. All providers who automatically received an additional General Distribution payment prior to 5:00 pm, Friday, April 24th, must provide HHS with an accounting of their annual revenues by submitting tax forms or financial statements. These providers must also agree to the program Terms and Conditions if they wish to keep the funds. Providers who have cases pending before the department for adjudication with regard to eligibility for general distribution funding will not be impacted by this closure. All cases needing individual adjudication will need to be received by HHS no later than June 3, 2020.

The submission of tax forms or financial statements to the portal will also serve as an application for additional funding for those providers that have not already received an additional General Distribution payment. If these providers do not submit their revenue information by June 3, they will no longer be eligible to receive potential additional funding from the $50 billion General Distribution.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this Press Release from HHS.
First Deadlines for Laid-Off Workers to Get Health Insurance
Source: AP News

Many laid-off workers who lost health insurance in the coronavirus shutdown soon face the first deadlines to qualify for fallback coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Taxpayer-subsidized health insurance is available for a modest cost — sometimes even free — across the country, but industry officials and independent researchers say few people seem to know how to find it. For those who lost their health insurance as layoffs mounted in late March, a 60-day “special enrollment” period for individual coverage under the ACA closes at the end of May in most states.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this article. Resources

COVID-19 and Increased Workers’ Comp Liability for Employers

Earlier this month (May 6, 2020), Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that presumes an employee who works onsite and then tests positive with COVID-19 was most likely infected at work and is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. This is a very surprising and concerning executive order.
The order basically states than an employee will be presumed to have contracted the virus at work if all of the below are met:

1. The employee tested positive for or was diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days after the employee worked at his or her place of employment at the employer's direction.
2. The date the employee worked is between March 19, 2020 and July 5, 2020.
3. The workplace was not in the employee's home or residence.
4. If the employee was diagnosed with COVID-19, but not tested, the diagnosis was given by a California licensed physician licensed and is confirmed by further testing within 30 days of the diagnosis.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this article.

The Top 7 “What if” COVID-19 Questions From Employers

1. What do I do if my employees don’t want to come back to work?

It depends on why they are not coming back to work. If the employee refuses with no explanation or reason, ask the employee for a reason. If none is given, then the employee is voluntarily separating from employment or terminated (refer to your policy). However, if the employee or a family member has a health-related issue impacting their ability to return, you must determine if the employee is protected under applicable law (i.e. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), injury or illness, Emergency Family Medical Leave, Emergency Paid Sick Leave) requiring a leave of absence or other forms of reasonable accommodation. If there is a child care related issue, also look at the new emergency leaves as well as school activities leave.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this article. 
DWC Posts ACOEM’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Guideline on MTUS
Source: Department of Industrial Relations

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) and MDGuidelines have released a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clinical Practice Guideline. The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) supports this guidance and plans to adopt and incorporate the ACOEM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guideline into the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS).

At this time, however, the evidence-based management of this disease is fluid and evolving and as a result guidelines are published frequently. DWC will wait to adopt and incorporate ACOEM’s COVID-19 Guideline into the MTUS until the frequency of updates slows to a point where the formal adoption process can be completed.

In the meantime, for treatment recommendations pertaining to COVID-19, follow the MTUS Medical Evidence Search Sequence found in California Code of Regulations, title 8, section 9792.21.1. This regulatory search sequence requires a search of the most current version of ACOEM guidance. The ACOEM COVID-19 Guideline meets that criteria.
COVID-19 Emergency Child Care Support in California
Source: California Child Care Resource & Referral Network 

CLICK HERE to view a document of resources to assist essential workers in finding child care and finding help to pay for child care.
Do You Need Help Opening?
Do you have questions or need advice regarding opening up your practice?

CLICK HERE to submit your name to speak with one of our mentor doctors.
Be a Part of the CalChiro Post COVID-19 Task Force
CalChiro is still accepting volunteers for a Post COVID-19 Task Force.

The purpose of this task force will be to help lay the groundwork for the role of Chiropractic for future healthcare emergency issues. If you are interested in being involved, please CLICK HERE to sign up so that we can include your voice in efforts to meet future challenges! Your voice makes a difference.
Weideman Group COVID-19 Update - May 22

Source: The Weideman Group

The spread of COVID-19 across California and the country is impacting everyone’s personal and professional lives. To ensure you are receiving the most up to date and pertinent information, Weideman Group is closely monitoring actions being taken by the state (Governor, Legislature, regulatory agencies) and the federal government. The Weideman Group will be sharing the most significant COVID-19 information with you on a periodic basis. Here is a summary of important information from this past week.

CLICK HERE to read this update.
California Employers Association Resources
CLICK HERE to view resources from the California Employers Association, including: Webinars, FAQs and Forms, COVID-19 HR Forms and Resources, State of California Resources, CARE Act Resources, Other HR Information and MORE!
COVID-19 Updates from CalChamber Advocacy
Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to dominate the news, raising concerns among individuals and for our economy. This page provides links to CalChamber, federal, state and local resources.

CLICK HERE for updates. 
Board of Chiropractic Examiners 
Teleconference Public Board Meeting Announcement
Please visit the Board of Chiropractic Examiners' website for a recent notice of a Teleconference Public Board Meeting on Thursday, June 4th. This will be held exclusively in Webex, instructions to access the Board Meeting are available on page 3 of the agenda.

CLICK HERE for the meeting notice.

CLICK HERE for the agenda with WebEx instructions.
Question: Can we deny an employee’s use of accrued vacation time?
Source: California Choice

Yes, the decision to approve or deny the use of accrued vacation time is up to you, assuming you do so in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner. It would be acceptable, for example, to deny a vacation request because approving it would leave you without adequate coverage or because the employee asked with less notice than is required by your time off policy.

You should, however, ensure that certain employees are not denied vacation disproportionately. For instance, if an employer’s administrative staff (who are all women), or their software engineers (who are all men), are consistently denied vacation because arranging coverage is difficult and deadlines are abundant, this could lead to claims of discrimination.

If you have “use it or lose it” vacation policy, you may want to change it (permanently or for 2020) to a system where hours roll over from one benefit year to another (up to a reasonable cap) so that employees don’t feel like they need to use up their vacation by a certain date or risk losing the benefit. If you already roll over hours, you might consider raising the rollover cap for this year in response to COVID-19. In any case, be sure to notify employees of any changes to your policy.
Managed Care & Insurance Committee Meeting Update
The Managed Care & Insurance Committee (MC&I) met on May 21, 2020 and the following are highlights of that meeting. The Weideman Group gave an overview of the current legislative and regulatory environment. For all intents and purposes, the budget shortfall due to response to COVID-19 is front and center with legislative activities essentially limited to COVID-19 issues and health insurance coverage, including Medi-Cal. CalChiro continues to offer input to the legislative process and regulatory agencies in this environment, particularly as it relates to non-payment of telehealth services and other issues that may arise caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, legislation to capture data by health plans, including specialty health plans (like ASH Plans). CalChiro has met with the author on the importance of data collection from specialty plans as this information may assist CalChiro in future legislative discussions on the cost savings associated with the inclusion of doctors of chiropractic as a category of provider, and the number of members in a health plan with a “chiropractic” benefit. The members of the MC&I Committee offered information related to the impact the pandemic has had on their practice, including increased costs associated with PPE requirements, practice hours, and patient issues.

The ASH Professional Affairs Healthcare Advisory Committee (PAHAC) met on May 22, 2020 and two CalChiro representatives attended the meeting. The composition of PAHAC includes, but is not limited to, national and state chiropractic associations, chiropractic colleges, American Public Health Association, ASH contracted providers, and non-contracted practitioners. The following are highlights of that meeting:
  • Network adequacy remains strong. ASH does not currently see any reduction in contracted providers. They have received input from approximately 100 doctors of chiropractic nationwide (24,000 contracted providers) indicating significant challenges related to their office remaining closed and re-opening.
  • ASH work force includes 95% remote workers; 50% reduction in calls; 30-40% reduction in other areas (claims, medical necessity review). ASH has not encountered any access issues related to their contracted providers to date.
  • Telehealth issues – many health plan clients were pro-active (Cigna) in paying claims for telehealth services provided by doctors of chiropractic. To date, most health plans have required doctors of chiropractic to bill E/M codes with modifier (to ID telehealth services). Some plans will expand their payer summaries to reflect telehealth services. With respect to the concern to the use of E/M codes and ASH limitation on those services, MNR review will remain in place with the tier level assigned to the provider.
  • ASH is reviewing fee schedules currently in place as well as cost-sharing for COVID-19 specific services. ASH has communicated with its contracted providers to utilize ASHLink (ASH electronic platform) for communication with ASH. Based on the percentage of utilization of ASHLink, the contracted provider will experience reduced (or eliminated) administrative fees, access to the Value Add Program to purchase products/services at a reduced cost, and on-line CEU courses.  With these communications, ASH has noted an up-tick in ASHLink usage.
  • Average contracted provider in CA is 15 years. 41.2% of the CA-based practitioners are in tier 3, with 58% in tiers 4-6. 91.8% of the patients presenting to ASH contracted providers do not require MNR. 4.8% require 1 MNR submission; 3.4% require 2+ MNR submissions. Satisfaction with ASH provider services (use of EB citations, timeliness of TAT for MNR approval, claims payment) is “satisfied or very satisfied. Reimbursement remains a challenge in the <50% satisfaction area.
  • Overall, ASH is responding like other businesses and health plans to review all Executive Orders, legislation and regulatory issues on a state-by-state process and will modify policies/procedures accordingly. There are several initiatives currently in discussion that have been raised by several PAHAC members, specific to their state.

ASH has notified its contracted practitioners that Cigna will reimburse for telehealth services. One of the concerns raised during the PAHAC meeting was that use of POS code 11 was an incorrect code based on the definition of an in-office service. Cigna directed its providers to bill POS 11 as the use of POS 2 will reduce reimbursement. United Health has mirrored that requirement as well. As noted above, doctors of chiropractic are directed (at least by Cigna and ASH as its’ delegated entity, and UHC) to bill E/M codes, with appropriate modifiers. CalChiro has been advised that these requirements are resulting of the inability to re-program claim edits during the pandemic.

CalChiro continues to advise its’ members to submit claims for telehealth services as noted above. If the claim is denied, please appeal the decision, and notify CalChiro through and send the redacted claim (remove patient PHI), however please ensure the denial language is included as well as the health plan and group information. CalChiro is appreciative of the confusion and lack of clarity on the delivery of telehealth services at the claim level and the likely necessity to submit appeals. However, Executive Orders and DMHC requirements are very clear that doctors of chiropractic are included in the category of providers that can bill for these services.
DWC and WCAB Continue to Expand Hearing Schedule
at the District Offices
The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) continue to improve their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following changes are effective June 8:

Updated Hearing Procedures Starting June 8:

DWC will continue to hear all mandatory settlement conferences, priority conferences, status conferences, case-in-chief trials and expedited hearings telephonically via the individually assigned judges’ conference lines as announced in DWC’s Newslines issued on April 3 and April 28.

Beginning June 8, DWC will hear up to 3 lien conferences per judge per calendar session via the individually assigned judges’ conference lines. Lien conferences in excess of that number will be continued.

All parties scheduled for a hearing should call the conference line for the judge in front of whom the case is set, at the designated time listed on the hearing notice. When prompted, the parties should enter the access code assigned to that line. DWC staff will instruct participants as to the procedure to follow during the call.

All lien trials will be continued during this time. District offices will not hold in-person hearings.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this article.
Need Online CEUs?
CalChiro is working diligently to provide much needed online continuing education resources to our members in this time of crisis. We are presenting live CEU webinars as well as adding CEU on demand programs on a weekly basis. As a reminder, during the COVID-19 crisis, most of these programs are FREE for members! In order to receive member pricing on all of our webinar and on demand programs, you will need to create an account and login to CE21! CLICK HERE to watch this short video to learn more. BONUS: Save $10 by entering the code WELOVECALCHIRO at checkout.
Webinar: PPP “FREE Money? Maybe!” Mastering the May 22nd Updated SBA Forgiveness Guidelines and Rules
Speakers: Don Rasmussen & Nick Hebert

When: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT
Member Pricing: FREE - Login HERE to receive member pricing.

Don Rasmussen and Nick Hebert from Chirotaxpro/Quartermaster Tax will be explaining the NEW instructions from the SBA that only a math major could love! In this 1-hour webinar they will review:

  • Computing payroll costs including retiremen plans, healthcare and bonuses
  • Understanding the FTE ratio and supporting rules
  • Understanding the salary reduction rules
  • The interplay between the FTE and salary reduction rules
  • The rehiring and salary safe-havens
  • Strategies to enhance PPP forgiveness
Register Here
Webinar: Medi-Cal: Everything You Wanted to
Know but Were Afraid to Ask
Speaker: Tracy Cole DC

When: Thursday, June 4, 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT
CEUs: This program is approved for 1 mandated (billing & coding) CE hour by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-20-06-05006.

Member Pricing: FREE - Login HERE to receive member pricing.

In this 1 hour webinar with Dr. Tracy Cole you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of chiropractic coverage in both the fee-for-service and managed care models of Medi-Cal.
  • Understand how Medi-Cal rules impact you regardless of your provider status.
  • Make an informed decision on participation. Understand the options and benefits of working in a Federally Qualified Health Center or Rural Health Clinic.
Register Here
Webinar: Chest Imaging for the Chiropractor
Speaker: Cliff Tao DC, DACBR

When: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 | 6:00pm - 8:30pm PDT
CEUs: This program has been approved for 2.5 hours of General and X-Ray CE by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-20-06-05019

Member Pricing: FREE - Login HERE to receive member pricing.


Dr. Cliff Tao will teach chiropractors the current imaging modalities, and technique for chest x-rays. He will help share what chiropractors should be looking for on chest x-rays, and often missed findings during x-ray reading. In this 2.5 hour webinar he will review:

  • Imaging Modalities for the Chest
  • XR Technique
  • Imaging Management of Chest Conditions
Presented by: CalChiro Orange County District
Sponsored by: Gold Sponsors: Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc. & COOP Med Pro | Silver Sponsors: Elixicure & United Medical Imaging Healthcare & LIFEWAVE X39 | Bronze Sponsor: Pledge Medical
Register Here
NEW On Demand Programs
Neurological Examination for the Practicing Chiropractor
Speaker: Shad Groves, DC, DACNB, FACFN
CEUs: 1 mandated (history taking & physical exam) CE hour and 1 general CE hour
Member Pricing: FREE

This two hour program will teach attendees how to give a proper neurological history and examination in the Chiropractic setting. This will be accomplished by going over the history, physical exam, and treatment applications in the patient encounter.

Presented by: CalChiro Orange County District 
Sponsored by: Burnham Gibson Wealth Advisors, Inc.Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc., ElixicureUnited Medical Imaging HealthcareScrip Hessco (Doug Schultz 800-258-4444) and Pledge Medical
View On Demand Now
Learn How to Use a Free OIG Compliance Tool for Your Practice

Speakers: Jeff Brown DC from HIPAAMATE

Member Pricing: FREE

Dr. Jeff Brown will explain the eight primary OIG compliance requirements and demonstrate how to utilize the new OIG tool made available to CalChiro members.

View On Demand Now
Thank YOU for Making ChiroCares 2020 a Success!
Tuesday, May 19, CalChiro celebrated ChiroCares 2020. Chiropractic State Associations across the nation, along with their members, participated in different events that gave back to their local communities during the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

In an effort to reach our $1,000 goal, CalChiro ended up turning our fundraiser into a week long event. CalChiro is pleased to announce that with the generous help of districts, members and non-members we met and exceeded our goal, raising a total of $1,230 for Feeding America.

Every dollar contributed will provide at least 10 meals to families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks. That means CalChiro has contributed 12,300 meals to those in need in our communities.

We appreciate all those who participated in this inaugural event. Thank you for making this a success! We'd also like to thank ChiroCongress and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress for coordinating this fundraiser across the country.
F4CP Resources

The F4CP has created another informative infographic this week. It focuses on how chiropractic patients report positive outcomes for overall health and well-being.

Take advantage of this great benefit today and share with your patients and community!

Click the following links to share infographic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram*.

*How to share on Instagram: Click the 3 dots in the top right corner and then click "Copy Link." Once copied, open a compatible Instagram share app on your mobile device, such as the "Repost" app, and follow the steps to share to your IG page.

NEW LinkedIn Articulator 

Are Benzos the New Opioids? COVID-19 may be contributing to a troubling new trend.

CLICK HERE to view the article on LinkedIn.
Member Benefit of the Week
CalChiro wants to remind you of one of our newer member benefits with tMed by Titan HST. tMed is a pandemic capable telehealth platform that empowers medical providers to quickly and remotely connect directly with their patients, both for medical consultations and for general mass communication.

Here’s How tMed Can Help Your Practice!
  • They Offer Simple and Instant Enrollment: Step 1, upload patients and staff who will receive an automated email; Step 2, practice video medicine!
  • You’re Able to Generate Revenue, Save Time and Reduce Costs: Save time on Personal Protective Equipment, the time required to put it on, and maintain lower cost per visit than the cost of protective equipment per visit.
  • Enjoy Reliable Video Calling & Simple Workflow: Connect to patients in your virtual waiting room, treat, discharge and repeat.
  • Real-Time Translations: Allows you to bridge language barriers across 13 different languages and counting.
  • Easy to Access Documents & Videos: Store and share documents, videos, pictures and more with patients or staff.
  • Group Conferencing: Mobilize resources by video chatting with up to 50 people per thread, 250 audio callers per thread or text message with an unlimited number of users without sharing phone numbers.
  • Mass Communication: Send informational messages including video, audio, picture and text to patients and staff.
  • MOST IMPORTANT! NO CONTRACTS, NO MONTHLY FEES: Connect with your patients for only a few dollars per visit – tMed costs you nothing unless it is generating revenue for you! Flexible payment plans are available with no payment required for the first 100 days!
For maximum reliability, Titan HST utilizes redundant connectivity (Cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN, & Mesh Networking) and diverse notification methods (Mobile App, Text Message, E-mail, Web Pop-Up, Robo-Call, & Social Media). tMed is accessible via computer, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

tMed by Titan is excited to share that their multi-patented next-gen system has enabled tMed to keep medical providers running during a time where many are forced to shut down.

Schedule a brief 10-15 minute live demo of the tMed platform by CLICKING HERE! In the time it would take to put on one set of PPE, you can mobilize your entire office!

And CLICK HERE to watch a video on how tMed can help you during this pandemic.
Reminder: FREE ChiroHealthUSA Webinar
On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, ChiroHeatlhUSA will be hosting a webinar called, "How to Build the Largest Practice in Your City by Working with Medical Doctor Referrals." This webinar will consist of a proven system to grow the largest practice in your city and become known as the expert in your community by working with Medical Doctors. You will learn a step-by-step marketing program that Dr. Irum Tahir has created, implemented, and teaches coaching clients nationally to work hand in hand with Medical Doctors in generating consistent referral streams into your Chiropractic practice through collaboration. In the public’s eyes, there is nothing that distinguishes your practice from that of your competitors or even Physical Therapists, this portion of the class will teach you how to communicate this difference, what makes your practice unique, and how to effectively convey this message to your patients and the public. You will learn how to communicate with Medical Doctors effectively to bring in streams of New Patients into your practice.

In this engaging, yet highly focused course, attendees will take away specific tactical steps that will take their practice to the next level of growth and success by working with Medical Doctors. This class is not to miss for both Doctors and CA’s who are passionate about getting more patients under Chiropractic care as well as grow their practice and income.

"How to Build the Largest Practice in Your City by Working
with Medical Doctor Referrals"

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
11:15AM PDT
Cost: FREE
The Carrick Institute Resources
Featured Online Program of the Week!

This week, the Carrick Institute is offering a special tuition discount on the Neuroscience Research Update online, self-paced modules. This week save 20% on pre-registration for 2020 Neuroscience Research Update and receive a $50 voucher to be used towards a future self-paced course. Use code “Research2020” at Checkout.*

The Carrick Institute is proud to announce a new series designed to help clinicians stay current in the neuroscience research that comes out every year. This new program will also serve to help those keep their fellow and diplomate status with their respective organizations.

In this program, Carrick Institute faculty will pull from the recent research to analyze and dissect it so you can stay up to date with quickly evolving field of neuroscience in healthcare.

CLICK HERE for more information and to pre-register. 

*20% Savings Code Expires June 3rd. Must register online to receive voucher. Voucher expires in 60 days. Voucher can only be applied to self-paced Carrick Institute courses. Offer may not be applied to previous registrations, discount can only be applied to new registrations. Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.
The Carrick Institute Presents - Ted & Fred's Excellent Adventure

The Carrick Institute is excited to bring you this continued series on all things neurology.

And, if you would like to submit a question to Professor Carrick to be discussed on a future episode, please fill out the form using THIS LINK.

Missed one of Ted & Fred's Excellent Adventure Episodes?

Catch Up Here:Ted & Fred's Excellent Adventure Episodes
Are you Prepared for Post-COVID Practice?
Dynamic Chiropractic June 2020 Issue
If you haven't done so, you should begin thinking about things you can do to expand your practice in the post-COVID-19 era - at least once the "new normal" has been established. To say this pandemic has changed our society would be a gross understatement. The cultural impact will linger long after long after the threat of the virus is a memory. 
5 Ways to Specialize in Sports Chiropractic
Dynamic Chiropractic June 2020 Issue
Providing sports chiropractic services is a great way to marry two passions: athletics and improved health. While all chiropractors offer this type of service on some level, what do you do if you want to take it one step further and specialize in sports chiropractic? Here are five options to consider.
Survival of the Wittiest? Humor in a Clinical Setting
Dynamic Chiropractic June 2020 Issue
Some say laughter is the best medicine. In fact humor has been shown to improve countless health metrics ranging from physiologic improvements in blood pressure and the immune system to psycho-logic improvements in trust and confidence. It's all supported by research and myriad real-world examples.
Employers need to get serious about preventing workplace injuries in the home during pandemic, expert says
CBC May 28, 2020
As Canadian workers toil away at home during the coronavirus pandemic, often hunched over laptops in awkward positions for hours, employers must prepare themselves for the emerging problem of workplace injuries sustained at home, a health-care professional says. Doug Pattison, a chiropractor, has dubbed it "work-from-home syndrome."
States With Medical Marijuana Laws Saw 20% Drop In Some Opioid Prescriptions
Marijuana Moment May 28, 2020
States with active medical marijuana laws saw certain opioid prescription rates drop nearly 20 percent compared to prohibition states, a first-of-its-kind study out of Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center has found. Authors said the findings underscore the importance of providing patients with pain management alternatives, such as cannabis, in efforts to reduce opioid use.
Taking control of controlled substances: Fighting the opioid crisis through electronic prescribing
Medical Economics May 26, 2020
The number of states that require e-prescribing of controlled substances passed the halfway mark in 2019, for a total of 26. As of 2018, 31% of all controlled substances prescriptions were issued through electronic prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) software. Overall, 85% record of all prescriptions are being issued electronically.
Improving Your Running Form
Runner's World May 26, 2020
Running more makes you better at running, right? Totally. To a degree. Running for many years, or running high mileage, is going to cause desired effects, like fitness. But it can also cause some undesired effects, including issues with your running form.
Gone from hunky to super-size chunky? Singing chiropractor inspires people to lose “quarantine-15”
WSLS May 22, 2020
Beating weight gain dubbed the “quarantine-15” has certainly been a struggle as many of us are spending an unusual amount of time at home now. A local chiropractor is inspiring his patients to drop the pounds with an original song called “flatten my curves.”
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