2020 brings a fresh start for the series!

Hello lovely readers. We are beyond excited! Cat Mann is PAX (formerly PAX the series) is rebooting with a new look, more art and streamlined content.

If you are already a patron, stay tuned on Patreon for changes and new content. If you want a do-over or to start the series fresh, become a patron this month to get webisodes as they come out!

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Refresh my memory about the series...

It's been a minute, we totally understand. This is our first email in a while, and a lot has changed! Read on to see what's in store for the next year.

What is Cat Mann is PAX?

The series is a modern sci-fi fantasy drama with a dash of dark humor and a pinch of mystery.

It centers around Cat Mann, a 30-something travel writer who feels out of place in her life, her family, and her own skin. But, otherworldly events force her to embrace the truth about who she is. Her friends help her research a strange glyph language that keeps appearing in visions. Meanwhile, someone else is interested in their findings… Will her friends and family protect her?

Who is writing the series?

Cat Mann is PAX written and produced by Alex Vale (AMV), a non-binary writer and media artist (they/them pronouns). Alex is a digital nomad based in New York, Florida and Europe. By day they work remotely for a non-profit animation studio. This series is their passion project.

Each monthly webisode is brought to life with a help of an amazing team including character designer Taryn Cozzy as illustrator, entertainment unicorn Nellie Beavers as book editor, and marketing genius/opera singer Stacy Dove helping to grow and connect with the community on social.

Where can I get the webisodes?

Cat Mann is PAX official webisodes are available online via the Patreon website or app. If you're returning to the series, you'll notice that both webisodes and bonus content will be delivered exclusively on Patreon's platform, and will no longer be delivered in a separate email.

When does it air?

Starting in January 2020, new previews will release on Thursdays. The ePub, PDF, and screenplay formats will release on Tuesdays leading up to a video webisode and mp3 format on the last week of each month. Cat Mann's World In Review email recaps will arrive the first week of every month.

Why is the series rebooting?


Our first launch was formatted as a serial novel by email, with limited formats (PDF only). It didn't take long to realize that sending Patreon notifications and episode emails was too many emails!


We want the series to be simple to get, and accessible for more people to enjoy (ePub, mp3, PDF, and video with CC options).


We also wanted to rename the series for disambiguation. There is a fantastic children's book series out of Scandanavia (we realized 6 months in, derp!) by our old name (PAX series). Our story about Cat Mann is not affiliated with that PAX series or its characters. We knew we needed to clear things up, so our series became Cat Mann is PAX.


In 2017, we set some benchmarks on Patreon including opening a merch store, and releasing video and audio formats. The original episode PDFs often read and felt like screenplays to us. So, after the break, it felt right to go for the bigger goals even if the funding wasn't there yet. We hope you watch, read along, and love it!

Where else can I follow the series?

Stay subscribed to Cat Mann's World In Review  to get the once-per month recap of all our blog, social and public Patreon posts from the previous month. Scroll down to find our fancy follow links for social and the blog. Follow us on Patreon (free, requires signup) to receive updates every time content comes out. Look for the light pink follow button below the tiers.

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Still curious about something?

Check out the FAQ on the website, or reply to this email to ask AMV directly. If you're a patron, you can also message AMV or comment in the Cat Mann is PAX community from the app or web platform!

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