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August 2019

Bike security (again) and the CAT Team

Marcel Roth, director of Protective Services, and Peace Officer Jocelyn Klassen with a traditional cable lock used to secure a bike on North Campus. Such locks, Marcel reminds us, can be cut very quickly. Virtually all the bikes stolen from campus have been locked with a cable lock or not locked at all. 
A quality U-shaped lock is the best answer, and it should pass through the bike frame and both wheels as well as the rack, like in the illustration below.. Here's an excellent video on the topic by the lock maker Kryptonite. 

What's a CAT Team?

We've mentioned the work done by the Campuses and Facilities Safety and Security Committee to find solutions to security issues on university campuses. One of the proposed solutions is a "Community Action Team (CAT)," which includes two peace officers and two security agents to focus on higher crime areas. Senior administration agreed to a one-year trial period for a CAT Team. Jocelyn Klassen, above, is one of UAPS's newest recruits and a member of the team, which begins patrolling in September.
If you haven't read it yet, we urge you to read the Quad post by James Allen and Rob Munro where they consider: How do we respond to crime without closing down our intentionally open campus?

Tips for renting a vehicle

Don't get stuck with the bill for someone else's poor driving! If you are renting a vehicle, take the following precautions:

  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly (including the roof!) before taking it off the lot.
  • Take pictures or video of existing scratches, dents, or other damage.
  • Ensure that existing damage is documented on your rental agreement.
  • Repeat the process when you return the vehicle.
When renting a larger vehicle, ask the rental agency to tell you the exact height of the vehicle, then take note of height restrictions on parkades, bridges, etc.
For more information about renting a vehicle for university business, visit the Insurance & Risk Assessment website.

E-scooters have arrived

There is no university policy on e-scooter use on campus at this time, although administration has been looking at potential risks and opportunities related to them.
What are your thoughts? Should the university be wide open to scooter use on its campuses? Closed? Partially closed? You can write to us at if you have an opinion or something you think the university needs to consider.
Here's the City of Edmonton's Facebook announcement, including scooter rules and comments.
p.s. If you plan to ride, be aware of the risks. Wherever e-scooters are permitted, emergency rooms seem to get a wave of visits, mostly with head injuries and broken bones. If you do nothing else, wear a helmet!
Here's an article about a CDC study of e-scooter safety.

Get the app

The start of a new term is a good time to check your phone to make sure you have downloaded the MyUAlberta app and that it's working properly.
Not only can you find useful information when you need it, but you'll also receive messages in the event of a campus emergency.  
Go here for links to the Android and iOS downloads. 

Planning an event with alcohol?

Events where alcohol is served have higher risk than "dry" events. If you are thinking of serving alcohol at an event, please review the guidelines and resources available for university groups and follow the appropriate approval procedure to ensure that your event is in compliance with university and provincial regulations. Contact Insurance & Risk Assessment if you have questions about alcohol service rules and regulations.

Field Research Office appoints new director

Congratulations to Dr. Nadir Erlbilgin, new director of the Field Research Office. In this role, Dr. Erlbigin will oversee efforts to facilitate off-campus research activities and will also chair the Field Research Activities Committee (FRAC). 

Dr. Erlbigin is a professor in the Faculty of ALES and a long-standing member of FRAC. 

Plan to be prepared

Every university department should have a Unit Action Plan (UAP) and an Operational Continuity Plan (OCP). A UAP provides information on what to do in case of an emergency. An OCP describes what to do after an emergency.

Department staff must have access to these documents and be familiar with their contents. Ask your supervisor about your departmental UAP and OCP or contact

Policy & Procedure: What's New?

Legal Hold Procedure (NEW)

The Legal Hold Procedure, approved in January of this year, applies to records when there is an existing or anticipated legal proceeding involving the university.
Of note, employees and other affiliates are required to notify the Office of General Counsel if they become aware of, or reasonably believe that, a legal proceeding has been or may be brought against the university.
Please direct any questions you may have about the procedure to Jax Oltean, Senior Legal Counsel in the Office of General Counsel, at or 780-492-1237.

Upcoming Events

Safety Fest 2019: Sept 17-20
Exhibition of safety and wellness providers happens Sept 17 to 20 at locations around North Campus. Visit the event webpage to learn more.

EHS Committee Mini-Conference: October 24
The Environment, Health, and Safety Committee Mini-Conference is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, Oct.24 in Lister Centre. All committee members are encouraged to attend.
Risk Management Symposium: January 24, 2020
Mark your calendars! More information to come.
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