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June, 2017

Still gearing up for field research season?

If you haven't set out for field research season yet, now's a good time to check out the services of the Field Research Office (FRO), which became a part of Environment, Health & Safety this spring.

Find a vast amount of vital information at the FRO website; learn about the equipment you can borrow to take into the field. 

Contact Kim Schaerer, the Field Research Program Coordinator. That's her in the photo. Call her at (780) 492-8981 or email or, if you prefer, use the FRO email: 
You can find Kim and the Field Research Office with Environment, Health & Safety at 3-107 Research Transition Facility. 


Travelling internationally this summer?

Whether it's work or leisure, you can take advantage of our arrangement with International SOS when planning your trip or seeking advice while abroad. 

Before you leave the country you can get all kinds of safety and risk information about any region you plan to visit. You can even request that updates be sent to your phone. While you're abroad, you can contact International SOS for specific advice about your own security or safety. 

Visit this page to learn everything you need to know. 


We've finally updated all our websites

The RMS websites had grown stale, but we've finally updated all of them. Our top priority is to enable easy access to the information you need to do your work at the university. We'll continue to make improvements and we welcome feedback. We're here.

Our thanks to the professionals in University Digital Strategy (UDS) who worked with us every step of the way.


Engineering Goes Scent Free

In a 2016 study of 1,100 people, 35% reported serious health effects such as migraine headaches and respiratory difficulties when exposed to scented products. Others with allergies, asthma, or other preexisting respiratory conditions can also be adversely affected by scents and fragrances.

The Faculty of Engineering recently adopted a scent-free policy in support of a healthy environment for working and learning. The need for a policy arose after staff, students, and visitors began to experience headaches, respiratory issues, and skin irritation related to scents and fragrances.

The faculty has also demonstrated a long-term commitment by selecting low-VOC materials (which off-gas minimally) for the  Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering, and will continue efforts to create a scent-free environment.

More information is available on the Faculty's website

We can all do our part to achieve a workplace that is comfortable for everyone. For more information on environmental sensitivities and how to get started on a scent-free workplace, visit the EHS webpage or email Environment, Health & Safety at

That better not be your back you're lifting with!

According to EHS, movement injuries are on the rise at the university. 

We'll let the graphic tell the story.


Need building roof access?

Building rooftops are hazardous places and access to roofs is a serious thing. We're sharing the new Facilities and Operations procedure for accessing roofs at their request. It's here

UAPPOL policy news

The video monitoring procedure is almost ready for vetting and then on to final approval. If you are thinking about installing video monitoring in your area right now (and don't want to wait until later in the summer) and want to make sure you'll be conforming with the policy, contact Andrew Leitch of Risk Management Services:


NEW! Volunteers are now covered by WCB

As of this month, university volunteers will be covered by the Workers Compensation Board. Many units that engage volunteers have sought this protection for some time and Insurance & Risk Assessment was finally able to negotiate an arrangement with WCB that gives volunteers automatic coverage. 

We will be providing more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, contact Steve Podkowka with questions:

Exposed to a chemical???
If you ever think you've been exposed to a chemical it's important to act quickly. Here's what you need to know.


Safety Fest happens this September

Safety Fest is a multi-day safety extravaganza featuring numerous safety providers and educators across the university. It happens in late September.

You can participate as a spectators or as an exhibitor. We'll tell you more about dates and locations later in the summer. 

If you want to be an exhibitor, contact EHS right away:


Have a Great Summer!

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