Lottie Saves the Polar Bears


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I'm excited to tell you that I'm giving away Lottie Saves the Polar Bears eBook free for this weekend only. It's now available on Amazon as a free eBook and the print book at £6.99

Lottie Saves the Polar Bears

A spine-tingling, Arctic Adventure with Lottie Lovall!


Crazy things happen as the Northern Lights dazzle in the Arctic sky!

Lottie is having a fun time with Amy on board an exciting cruise to Krystal Island. But then a special dog-sledding trip goes terribly wrong. Lottie and Amy are stranded on the sacred Krystal snow plain. The girls befriend two cute polar bear cubs playing by the magical Krystal Lake. Polar bears and humans have always stayed separate.
Until now!
Suddenly, Lottie is staring into the massive open jaws of a ginormous polar bear.
Then it speaks!
Lottie is about to discover a doomy secret. The girl detective is Krystal Island’s only hope. When evil awakens, Lottie’s detective skills must save the polar bears. If she fails, the polar bears will not survive.
‘A mix of mystery and action, fun and friendship, Heather B. Moon delivers an important message for all.’ Rachel Mann (Publishing Director Roald Dahl HQ)

I would really appreciate a short, honest review in exchange for my gift to you. Thank you!  

Lottie Saves the Polar Bears Available at Amazon NOW! Here!


My Blunder of the Year!
What a topsy-turvy year it has been for us all. I’m sure we are all going to kick 2020 out with gusto. On a positive note I launched two new middle-grade chapter books. Lottie Saves the Polar Bears and Tillie at Jamaica Inn. On a gloomier note, I made a massive boo-boo with the launch of my picture book for tiny-tots. We all make mistakes! My blunder of the year happened when I used a knitted clown character in my story. I wanted to give credit to the lovely lady who created him for a charity event.  Jolly Mr Jingles will tell you the story from his point of view.
Hello! I’m Jolly Mr Jingles.
Let me tell you my story. I was knitted by a kind lady named Josephine Paget who had a holiday home in Playa Blanca. She generously donated me to a Christmas charity event for the cat charity, ‘9 Lives’. There I stood, proudly in the centre of the raffle table. I was first prize! The winning ticket belonged to Lanzarote’s children’s author Heather B. Moon. Yippee! I was off to live with Heather in Playa Blanca. Heather named me Mr Snow Jangles. I didn’t mind that she called me by the wrong name at all. I would sit in a comfortable chair while she wrote stories and painted pictures.
One day, I whispered to her, ‘Why don’t you write a story about me?’ So that’s what she did. But...  I caused such a hullabaloo! I’ll tell you why. Heather finished the book, Mr Snow Jangles and Smee. Smee is a little elf and in the story we go on an adventure together. I loved the book. Heather put so much work into it. But then something strange happened.
‘I must find out who knitted you so I can give the lady credit in the acknowledgment page of my book,’ said Heather. So Heather went on Facebook and her friends Linda (Mrs O) and Bernie tracked down Josephine in Cornwall. Josephine was delighted when Heather sent her an email about the book. But then she mentioned I was made from a pattern.
Heather turned to me and said, ‘Oh no! Mr Snow Jangles! I have made a big Boo Boo! To publish this book I will need permission from the company.’ Heather contacted the company by writing a very kind email, but they would not grant Heather permission to use me as a character in her book. ‘Never mind, Mr. Snow Jangles,’ said Heather, ‘I will have to change the character in my book. I will design my own character now. I’d like to offer you back to a charity event so you may go on giving!’ I’m so sad to leave Heather but I’m looking for a new person who will love me to bits. I can’t wait for my next adventure and I will be helping others at Christmas time by being a raffle prize once more!
I hope you enjoyed his story. Mr Snow Jangles has gone to the Homeless People’s charity in Lanzarote.
I will re-write the book. I spent hours of writing and illustrating but I am so glad I discovered the fact that the little character was under some else’s copyright. I really had no idea. I thought the lady who donated him had made him up! Lesson learned!
I thought this to be an appropriate story for my Christmas newsletter this year. 2020 … the year of overcoming hurdles and challenges. I hope you have overcome the many difficulties this year has thrown at us all and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2021.  

Love Heather xx
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Lottie Saves the Polar Bears! Free this weekend!
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