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April  2018

East Bay Photo Collective

Featured Photographer

Emil Petrinic

Emil is a pillar of EBPCO - you'll find him at most of our events, cracking jokes and sneaking shots with his Ricoh GR.   For all his good nature, Emil's photography reveals something deeper, with the shadows pulled down to create spaces of mystery.  We're excited to explore these spaces with Emil as our featured photographer this month.

Emil himself says: 

"I seem to identify with the photographers of the 30s that brought the notion of the decisive moment, that the composition should be made precisely in camera, and also a certain turn toward graphic design from the Russians. It took me a while to really grasp the notion of decisive moment; it isn't just luck or victory brought upon by "spray and pray". And it isn't just about catching people or animals doing something at just the right time. It's also about catching the right moment of always elusive lighting, or a passing cloud. Then again, sometimes I just get my kicks out of wacky juxtapositions or chasing pigeons. Don't forget that humor is important."

April Events

EBPCO events are great sources of photo friendship and inspiration.  If you shoot digital, film, phone, or all of the above, you'll fit right in.

We sponsor three events monthly, all are FREE.  

12 April 7pm  Monthly Social


24 April 7pm  Photo Show 'n' Tell

6 May 1pm   Oakland Photo Walk


EBPCO Member Poll


East Bay Photo Center Poll Results!

Thanks to your enthusiasm and support we had a spectacular response to our poll, four times the responses over last year.  We'll soon publish a newsletter just with the poll results, but in the meantime here's a few from the comments section:

"Love you guys"

"I hope that making it accessible to people of all abilities is a priority! Also creating access for ppl who might not traditionally have access to this kind of thing in general. Def tours for kids/youth!"

"I am excited to see what 'develops'. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. But seriously, this is fantastic!"

"I think it's important we really focus on diversity - especially around making sure photography is financially available to lower-income people (people of color, queer folks, etc.). Much as I love film and analogue process, the cost of materials is a huge barrier, and I'd love to see a focus on support for digital processes, intro courses, courses for youth, etc that supports people learning photography in as low-cost a way as possible."


East Bay Photo Center-To-Be


Get Ready for Summer Fund Raising!

The Photo Center Design Committee has been hard at work designing YOUR East Bay Photo Center.   


With the basic design and budget complete, this summer will see the launch of our major campaign to raise money to build our photo center.  This effort will require heart and soul from all of us, so stay tuned for the call to join the fund raising committee!

And don't be shy to step up!   If you have experience (or want to get experience) in fund raising, grant writing, social media, or event management, drop us a line at

Photography in the Bay Area


Shows (and more) of Note!!!!!


March 17 - June 10: The Train at SFMOMA

April 12: Imogen Cunningham's Birthday

April 13: Surrounded by Reality at Harvey Milk Photo Center

April 15: Call for Entries Deadline - Image Flow Alt Process Show

April 19: Dreams, An All-Woman Photo Show at Samy's Camera

April 28: Hayward PhotoCentral Spring Exhibition

May 6:  Palm Springs Photo Festival

May 14:  Call for Entries  Deadline - Tipping Point at Corden Potts Gallery

June 4:  Street Foto SF

Free Studio Sponsored by VSCO?????   Whaaaat?

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