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June  2018

East Bay Photo Collective

Featured Photographer

Pete Rossos

This month's newsletter features the photography of Pete Rosos, one of EBPCO's founding members.  Pete says:

“What something is depends more on when it is than anything else.”

“We have devised our own personal universe and lifestyle that is ruled by time sliced this way [hand gestures to demonstrate a linear model of time], but it seems just as feasible to me that everything is happening all the time.”

- A Person Who Was Once Famous and Still Kinda Is Among a Select Group of Older People Who Have Strange Taste

This is about forcibly smashing two separate moments in time together. The only relation between these moments is the choice of which moments to capture. Even then there has been no conscious effort made to purposely select and align any of the two moments. The intentional contrast of one moment being sharp while the other is blurred is used to augment and demonstrate the above stated notion that everything happening all the time. 

Summer EBPCO Events

We've got a busy summer ahead.  Here are just a sample of what's planned.  EBPCO events are great sources of photo friendship and inspiration.  If you shoot digital, film, phone, or all of the above, you'll fit right in.

EBPCO sponsors three events monthly, all are FREE.  


Thursday, 14 June 7pm  Monthly Social   Monthly gathering of photogs of all stripes.

Tuesday 26 June 7pm  June Show 'n' Tell  Share your current photo project!

Early July   EBPCO Super Summer Social!   Location and date TBD, so watch this space.

Tuesday, 31 July 7pm  Demo Night: Making a Photo Zine, with Mike Thorn

Tuesday, 25 September 7pm  Do-it-yourself Lens Building with Erik Mathy


Dear Photo Friends, 

May was another whirlwind of East Bay Photo creativity and camaraderie.    We've seen many new faces at our Social and Photo Walk events, which made these events extra special.

This month's Demo Night was a brief introduction to portrait lighting, led by yours truly.  Again, we had a terrific turnout, with some new members in there shooting alongside EBPCO warhorses.   Demo Nights are informal workshops where we share experiences and ideas.  I'm really excited about the next one on July 31st:  Punk photographer Mike Thorn is going to walk us through his process for creating his wonderful zine Razorblades and Aspirin.  (Mike both shoots Punk bands and is, himself, Punk).

And don't forget Photo Project Show 'n' Tell this month!  If you've been to one of these, you know it's fun, fascinating, and rewarding.  Open to ALL photographers in ALL formats!   Show us what you are working on and get inspiration from your fellow EBPCOs.

I'm sad to report that our project to build a photo community center (what we've been calling the East Bay Center for Photography) has slowed somewhat.  Life events have intervened and we are behind on our goals, but despair not!   Your stalwart EBPCO board members and myself are gathering breath to start this important project anew.  

Photographically yours,




Looking for a paid gig? This sounds amazing...


The wonderful First Exposures program is looking for a "Superstar Program Associate and Photo Instructor".  If you are looking to change lives through photography, look no further!   Many EBPCOs have been involved in First Exposures in one way or another and have found it super rewarding.   Here's the job description:

"The Program Associate/Photography Instructor position works directly with the Director to ensure the needs of the program are met, which includes curriculum planning, coordination of program activities, administrative duties, equipment maintenance and instructing a class. The position also plays an important role in supporting the mentoring program by interviewing potential mentors and mentees, creating goals and resolving issues that arise. The position also supports fundraising endeavors and acts as a public representative of the program. "


I know, right?  Get your resume together and get it over to as soon as you can!

Photography in the Bay Area


Shows (and more) of Note!!!!!

   Julia Margaret Cameron - June 11   
   Weegee - June 12   
   Margaret Burke-White - June 14
   Irving Penn - June 16

June 1 2018 - March 31 2019: This Land at Pier 24 Photography

April 7 - Septermber 16: Judy Dater: Only Human at deYoung Museum

May 3 - June 30: The Early Years: Ansel Adams & Edward Weston at Scott Nichols Gallery

June 4 - August 18: Bystander--Street Photography Exhibition at Leica Store Gallery

June 6 - San Francisco Photography Club Zine Launch at Photoworks SF

June 16: Vernacular Visions Final Show (found 35mm slides)

June 28: Expired Film Auction at Glass Key Photo

May 17 - June 30: Jane Fulton Alt: Return to Dark Waters at Corden Potts Contemporary Photography

June 15: Call for Entries Deadline - Faces: Mirrors of the Mind

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