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Featured Artist Steven Davis                 The Oldest Trees

Marching Toward Community!
East Bay Photo Collective Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation.  
To learn more about our mission and to donate, click here.
There are some amazing photo events coming up:

Tonight!  Monthly Social at Telegraph Beer Garden 

Friday!  Closing Party for RED at Grey Loft Gallery

Tuesday 27th: EBPCO Demo Night: Basic Portrait Lighting

Saturday, 7 April:  Live Polaroid Portraits at the Center for Creative Re-Use!

Dear Photo Friends,

I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of this creative community!   February was absolutely glowing with photo goodwill.   

A good example was this month's Show 'n' Tell event.  We never know who will show up so it's always full of surprises.  This month we saw Polaroids from Bianca, hand-printed photo postcards from Pete (from negatives reclaimed from instant film!  Did someone say workshop?),  moody cityscapes from Emil,  a fascinating presentation on concert photography from Karen,  8mm home movies of recent photo walks (by yours truly), and last and definitely not least, a reprise of Jenny Sampson's bookstore talk about her new book of tintypes.

Hovering in the background during all EBPCO events (and sometimes not in the background) is the question: when the heck are we going to have a real community space?  A photo center with darkrooms, digital lab, gallery, classrooms and a coffee machine?   The answer is becoming clearer as the EBPCO Board of Directors and the Darkroom Committee work night and day towards this goal.  There is more information below, but the takeaway is: it is up to us.   We will all need to pitch in with planning, promoting and fund raising.   

As we ramp up toward our summer fund raising and consciousness raising events,  EBPCO's Board of Directors want to update the results from the poll we took last year.   So here it is, jump in!   
CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE POLL!!!!!  Results will be announced in next month's newsletter.

The awesome East Bay Center for Creative Reuse has invited us to run another of our Live Portrait sessions at their shop in Temescal on Saturday,  April 7th.  We'll be shooting Polaroid portraits using a large format cameras, with a variety of EBPCO artists behind the lens.  Portraits will be $10.  This is a fund raiser for EBPCO, so spread the word!

Steven Davis is our featured artist this month.   Steven has a remarkable eye for the natural world.  His landscapes and wildlife photography take you there and beyond!

Photographically yours,
The Poll Returns!
As we ramp up toward our summer fund raising and consciousness raising events,  EBPCO's Board of Directors thought it would be a good time to update the results from the poll we took last year.   So here it is, jump in and tell us what you think!

                               CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE POLL!!!!!

Results will be announced in next month's newsletter.
EBPCO Events

For the moment, we are trying to follow a regular schedule for our events:
         Photo walk - First Sunday
         Social - First Thursday of every month
         Show 'n' Tell - Last Tuesday of every other month, alternating with
         Demo Night - Last Tuesday of every other month

You can always get the latest event info either from the EBPCO calendar, or from our Facebook Group calendar.

Thursday, 8 March: Monthly Social 
Tuesday, 27 March: March Demo Night: Basic Portrait Lighting.
Saturday, 7 April:  Live Polaroid Portraits at the Center for Creative Re-Use!

March birthdays!

Diane Arbus March 14

Edward Weston March 24

Shows of Note
Here are some upcoming shows and other activity involving EBPCO members and friends.

Looking Glass Photo is celebrating Women Photographers with 14 weeks of photos from superstar Bay Area women photographers.  There's some awesome work here, very much worth a look.

Diane Cook and Jen Jenshel speak at SFAI on Friday, March 9th, part of the Photo Alliance 2018 lecture series.

Jan Watten's Gray Loft Gallery  juried photo exhibit "Seeing Red" closing party is Friday, March 9th, 6-9pm.  Curated by bold-faced name Ann Jastrab. There are several EBPCOs are in this show, and Jan's events are always filled with photo-community goodness.

Here's the application for Glass Key Photo's Photo Gods Zine & Book Fair.   Applications are open until day-of but openings  are going fast. Here's their Facebook post about the application, and a link to the Facebook event:   Book Fair is March 24th, so get zining!

This large format-only show is looking for YOU (thanks Jan Watten for this tip):
Extending Tradition • Large Format @ Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Astoria OR
May 12 – June 6, 2018   Submission Deadline – Sunday, April 8, 2018

Telescope nut Trevor Paglen speaks at Minnesota Street Gallery on March16, courtesy of Pier24: 

Bay Area legendary youth photo program First Exposures has set April 18th as the date for their annual gala.  Your newsletter author is frequently bartender at these events, and you know what that means.  More info here.

The captivating Best Photo show is up at the Harvey Milk Center.  Many EBPCO members and friends are in this one!  Through March 22nd.

Time for more unsolicited photo advice from that Sultan of the Shutter, that Titan of the Tripod, that Lion of the Lens cap, Ansel himself:

Dear Ansel,
I got a bottle of Pyrocat MC film developer from someone who wasn’t going to use it. I've never used these two-part developers or Pyrocat products for that matter and I was wondering what type of film works best with this developer? I mainly shoot 4x5 and I develop my film in one of those Nikor tanks that hold 12 sheets of film (just in case that’s a determining factor in choosing a film).

Signed, The Gargoyle

Hey Gargoyle,
Didn't you write in last month?  Or was that a different Gargoyle, maybe Gargoyle Jr.?  Anyway: I love to experiment, but for some reason I've never got around to trying any of the various Pyrocat developers.  Many people love Pyrocat,  though.  

Pyrocats are compensating developers, and I know that the real Ansel Adams absolutely LOVED compensating developers for black and white film.  A compensating developer is gentle-acting developer that runs out of steam as it develops the dense highlight areas of the negative.  This gives very good shadow detail without blowing out the highlights.  Rather than a particular film, this developer is good for contrasty subjects, or just generally for getting the most out of your shadows.   Think of it as a slow cooker for film: everything gets well cooked but nothing burns.

A compensating developer works in somewhat the same way as stand development, which we discussed here a few months ago.  Using Pyrocat MC should give you the benefits of stand development with the advantage of a little more control over the overall developing process. (It's also considered a good developer for stand development).   Lastly, because it uses Metol instead of hydroquinone as a developing agent, it not as irritating to your skin.  The "MC" in Pyrocat MC, by the way, stand for "Metol" and "Vitamin C".


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