January 2019

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Lumina is a series about how tech innovations challenge and shape the way we share stories, hosted by the Head of Curation at Tedx Sydney Fenella Kernebone. Across a dozen interviews, Fenella investigates topics such as the future of books, how interactive stories can be made for Smart Speakers, whether creatives should fear the rise of Artificial Intelligence and why Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for empathy.

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Tech News and Updates

4K, 4G, four bureaus and growing: With NDI®, Celebro makes sure broadcasters can have it all – over IP

Not many companies can claim to have been one of the first independent studios in the UK to be fully 4K-ready, and one of the first to be fully capable of IP live production.

Celebro Media can claim both.

While it’s clear the London-based production services provider stands squarely at the cutting edge of technology, don’t be fooled into thinking they do it merely for the bragging rights. The company’s tech-forward approach is strictly about maximising what it does best: running bespoke broadcast operations reliably around the clock, and serving clients with an international presence anytime they need it.

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Is your new years resolution to finally go IP in your live production workflow? Probably not... but hopefully its on the list of things to take a good look at!?

Before you start, get the glue ready. Make sure your networking infrastructure is up to the task of reliably moving a lot of low latency video around. The most common issue I find in facilities that voice concerns about the performance of their systems, is the configuration of their network. Whether their switches, routers and WiFi hubs are low cost, or simply interconnected inefficiently, facilities often underestimate the impact their network is having on the overall performance of the systems communicating over it. When it comes to a live event, you can't afford to cut corners and you can't take a simple 'plug & pray' approach. Call for a chat about Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. and how their managed, enterprise class network solutions can make sure you're IP Ready.

When it comes to reliable IP technologies for live production, you can't look past NewTek NDI - by far the simplest and most affordable platform to build a reliable video workflow around. The incredible ecosystem of products currently available with NDI ensure that you can scale up and transition in increments, gradually adding flexibility and power to your tools and environment. Many of the high quality tools you own and love can be brought along - upgraded, augmented and integrated into your new workflows.

Crucially, these technologies are within reach of small facilities and able to meet the demands of the largest.

Planning a technology investment this year?

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World First: Atomos unveils Apple ProRes RAW recording solution compatible with Nikon Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras at CES2019

"In simple terms, the camera outputs a stream of RAW data via a 4K HDMI cable to the Ninja V. This data is then repacked into the ProRes RAW format and recorded to a removable SSD drive in the Ninja V. When shooting is finished, the drive is removed and connected to a computer via USB. Footage can then be decoded (debayered) and edited in the highest possible quality. Using ProRes RAW format keeps file sizes manageable, easy to edit and future-proof. Additional details, including the release timing will be shared at a later date."

This incredible new technology will be coming soon via software updates and will be announced on all Broadcast Bruce social platforms so follow along if you want to keep updated.

Read the Full Press Release

Learn More and Order Ninja V

These videos form the official Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15 training series and have been developed with the help of certified professional trainers. 

To get the most out of these videos, and to follow along with the lessons shown, please download the example project and media used and get the latest version of DaVinci Resolve 15

The Training Videos Include:
Introduction to Editing
The Art of Color Grading
DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
Fusion VFX and Graphics
Fusion VFX in 3D
Fairlight Audio Production 1 + 2
Managing Media
Delivering Content

Learn More and Order Davinci Resolve Studio

Cinematographer Christian Herrera recently shot a New Balance commercial for World Cup 2018 in Costa Rica.  Find out in the above video how he got on using Litepanels Gemini, Astra, and Sola products together to get the right lighting effects.

“In addition to providing pure, full-spectrum white light, Gemini also gives us an extensive choice of control options for designing just about any type of light we might want for a shoot." - Christian Herrera, Cinematographer

Learn More and Order Litepanels Gemini

There is not just room, but a vital role to play for both cloud and tape in your data life-cycle...

“Tape storage has existed for almost 50 years and was declared “dead” about 30 years ago when disk storage was the leading technology. As an archiving and backup tool, tape is still prominent in the market with 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies still using a tape library. Tape technology continues to advance, with faster speeds, higher capacities, greater efficiencies and quicker retrieval times, all while outlasting the competition.”

Read the White Paper: "Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long Term Data Preservation"

Learn More About Spectra Logic

At some point you will need to think about migrating your LTO tapes to the latest generation to ensure that you can continue to read them on the current drives...

Did you know that an LTO8 drive can only read an LTO7 or LTO8 tape? Historically, drives could read back 2 generations, but this is no longer the case. It is now more critical than ever to have a migration plan in place.

The MagStor Inc. Migrate Thunderbolt 3 LTO Drive features both an LTO6 and LTO8 tape drive connected via a Thunderbolt™ 3 port as a convenient connection to your similarly equipped MAC or PC.

Read as far back as LTO4 and migrate to LTO 5/6/7/8 - Taking advantage of LTFS (Linear Tape File System), users can easily drag and drop files to and from an LTO5 tape and migrate up to LTO8.

MagStor Migrate will also work with your existing software such as: myLTO, StorageDNA, YoYotta LTFS, Third-Party LTFS-enhanced archive/backup software and Third-Party TAR based backup software.

Learn More and Order MagStor Migrate

Latest Case Study: TC Live Bets Big on HELO to Deliver Real Time Casino Lottery Streams

"TC Live employs a total of 16 HELOs, with four HELOS running concurrently for 24 hours a day for 3 days at a time, which are then rotated out for the next 3 days with the next set of four, ensuring continual 24/7 uptime. Three of the four units at any given time receive signals from cameras connected to three lotto machine feeds and the fourth receives a separate camera feed featuring a host reporting the numbers. Each stream combines the feeds into one window, offering multiple views of the lottery machine action. TC Live initially chose HELO to be able to adjust the bitrate for different video resolutions when streaming to other countries, and to also improve the quality of each live stream." Full Press Release

Learn More and Order AJA HELO

Technical Services & Consultation

Professional Video Solutions for Schools & Students

I am passionate about education. Training and skill development are a primary focus for Broadcast Bruce and I am always on the look out for opportunities to leverage technology to not just improve the effectiveness and power of an education platform, but to increase its reach and accessibility, enabling the delivery of knowledge to places and people previously denied it. Broadcast Bruce has a long history of delivering professional video production solutions to schools, as well as supporting students with access to the tools and skills they need to ultimately join the creative industries.

A number of the products and services offered by Broadcast Bruce may qualify for additional pricing support from the manufacturer if you are a student or educational institution. While the requirements and discounts vary, the expectation is generally that the school is recognised as such by the relevant state or federal authority, or that the student has an ID confirming enrolment in a relevant course, such as Film Studies, Media or Communications.

Student and Educator Enquiries
TriCaster Studios Built By Broadcast Bruce

Don't let technical frustrations get in the way of your creative process

Broadcast Bruce is able to provide fast response technical support services for creative professionals and businesses in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

Don't have in house technical people?

Head office and tech staff located in another city and you can't get them on the ground quick enough?

Need extra hands for a large project?

Maybe you just need a pair of fresh eyes on a frustrating issue?

Call. Have a chat. It can't hurt and maybe Broadcast Bruce can help.

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